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Weapons-Grade Satellite Parenting


Weapons-Grade Satellite Parenting

The constant, steady, rhythmic hum of machinery of the Groundbreaker was all around. It was comforting, in its consistency. And no longer threatening to cook everybody aboard, which was a bonus. And much unlike the constant, pressing, unnerving rattling of the Unreliable, before they'd put her down in the massive colony-ship-turned-station's docks, once again. “Ha!” Fen barked, happily, as she found what she was looking for, under the rear starboard thruster, and thrust in the wrench. She was laid on her back, on a wheeled trolley, surrounded by toolboxes. Teeth gritted, twisting the offending bolt for all it was worth. Fenell
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I'm a very not random and very not unique specimen, who strives to supply kinky fan service to many gamer bois (and grills) around the universe.

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Katana Zero, Devil May Cry, Witcher 3
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Why, PC of course.
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The things you would look at and say "Kinky."



It appears the fine folks that run this website have decided to add yet another ambiguous line of text to their TOS, which specifically requests people "refrain from posting fetish or sexual fantasy material which involve situations which are non-consensual, unsafe, illegal, or otherwise objectionable. Prohibited sexual fantasy content includes rape, asphyxiation, disfigurement, permanent bodily harm, execution, murder and other similar themes." All this nonsensical and vague attempt at unnecessarily moderating their site even further (likely for the sake of drawing in more advertisers) does is provide us with their perspective on their own platform, and that perspective seems to be wildly out of touch with what people actually use their site for, much like the semi-recent incidents with Tumblr of which caused much of their userbase to completely abandon it. I understand that, yes, as a business, they are free to moderate their own site however they see fit, and are obliged to

Would you be interested in purchasable art packs (such ...

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I'll be uploading cropped versions on DA and full public versions w/ alts on my patreon. This site bad lol

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Hey, is there a full art version of your profile pic?

Could you do widowmaker hogtied, gagged with a pacifier in her bikini outfit

Thank you for the watch
Lol you're welcome, I liked your comment 
Thank you so much for the favs, I really appreciate it especially these days!!!
Thanks for watching
When another request week is coming? (please awnser)