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Assassin summoned from the hell to do the richs' bidding. The last thing the targeted one sees...

More work here: [link]

Some incredible writings are done on this painting. Do check it out, [link]
by shadow260
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Very dark, brooding, and mysterious. Great job!
Has a grim reaper type of vibe
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Awesome! You made him/her seem amazingly unflinching without even showing a face :O

I hope you don't mind when I use it on my blog? ( Of course all the credit will go to you ;)
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Hi there, I'm here representing Troll Magazine.

I'm working on an story saga working with assassins. This image is perfect for one of the characters whose POV chapter is featured this month.
I'd like your permission to use this. In addition, I'd also like to advertise your profile in our magazine so you can get more referrals. We're still a small magazine, but having talent like this will definitely help us. We aim to tell awesome stories. Feedback has been that our stories are strong... but we're lacking in our art department. So hopefully, we can use your skills (if only for one month), and advertise them in our magazine, in exchange for your permission to use this picture. 
We can also conduct an online interview, if you'd like, and have you as a featured artist.

You can check out our site here:…
The stories are called the Kill Sessions

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which program did you used for this? i really want to know
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wow this is amazing! :D
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Hello, I work on an ezine about roleplaying games. I'm asking you permission to use this image in it (with credit).
The magazine is online and free : [link]. Thanks.
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hoods, swords, and epicness. how could i resist?
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This is only so slightly awesome that I must favourite it ;P
Plutonian-Frostmonky's avatar
do you hnow the guy that runs this website? [link]
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Not very sure. But I did give a few people the permission to use my work as long as they keep my signature at the lower right hand corner. It's there, so It's alright! Hey, thanks for the heads up! Appreciate that! :)
Plutonian-Frostmonky's avatar
Welcome! It's an amazing piece!
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Love the light against the black cloak makes the picture way cool :o
Very creepy feel but awesomely done! :clap:
KillianSilvaCarlson's avatar
this is just plain awesome :)
That's soo cool !
Nexus31907's avatar
Beautiful, love it :D
DROWLYN's avatar
Wow, looks amazing.
Evocative. I agree with the hand/sword problem, but otherwise a great piece!
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I feel so intimidated. The lighting adds to this piece's feel perfectly. Impressive.
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