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Skyrim Stamp 3 by DemoniumAngel:thumb280968822: Skyrim Stamp 2 by DemoniumAngel Then I Took an Arrow in the Stamp by Sotkettu

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Written Stories
DWOAH: The Hero of Kvatch vs The Ashen OneDeadliest warriors of all historyThe Hero of Kvatch vs The Ashen OneSaving their world from a fiery demiseThe Hero of Kvatch info:Height: 6 feet (Roughly)Weight: 190lbs (Roughly)Weapons: Akaviri Katana, Dawn/Duskfang, Sword and Mace of the Crusader, Volendrung, FrostwyrmArmours: Imperial Heavy Dragon Armour, Relics of the Nine, Madness Armour, SpellbreakerMagic: Destruction, Restoration, Conjuration, Mysticism, AlterationStrengths: As the player character of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion the Hero of Kvatch is arguably the most powerful player character in the entire series thanks to their feats, Demi-Godlike strength (Can carry around hundreds of pounds of items with ease, Can harm the likes of Daedra, Atronach’s and even Daedric Princes), Godlike durability (Can tank attacks that can kill ‘regular’ beings instantly, Tanked Spells from Mankar Cameron, Mannimarco and Jygallag, Can physical hits from the likes of Agronak Gro Malog, Umarill the Unfeathered and Jygallag), Superhuman speed/FTL reactions (Can run at dozens of miles an hour, Can dodge Lightning Spells), Was integral in the defeat of Mehrunes Dagon the Mythic Dawn Cult, Defeated the likes of Mankar Cameron, Mannimarco, Umaril the Unfeathered and the Daedric Prince Jygallag in one on one combat, As canonically an Imperial in race the Hero can calm others thanks to his Emperors Tongue ability, Canonically completed and became the Leader of all the Guilds in Cyrodiil i.e the Fighters Guild, the Mages Guild, The Arena, The Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood, Is canonically a master of all forms of combat, Is canonically a master of all forms of Magic, Can heal via both Potions and Healing Spells, Became both the Divine Crusader Reborn and the newest variant of the Daedric Prince Sheogorath.Weaknesses: All of the Heroes equipment has finite durability and ‘charge’ meaning they must be routinely repaired and recharged to keep them at full efficiency, His Mana is finite and must either wait for his Mana to recharge or ingest a Mana Potion if he uses too many Spells at one time, His amount of Potions is finite.The Ashen One info:Height: 6 feet (Roughly)Weight: 180lbs (Roughly)Weapons: Uchigatana, Firelink Greatsword, Moonlight Greatsword, Dragon Tooth, Onislayer GreatbowArmours: Knight Armour, Iron Dragonslayer Armour, Drakeblood Armour, Kite ShieldMagic: Sorceries, Pyromancy, MiraclesStrengths: As the player character of Dark Souls 3 the Ashen One is arguably the most powerful player character of the series thanks to their feats, Demi-Godlike strength (Can carry every Weapon and item in the game without hindrance, Can harm the likes of High Lord Wolnir, Ocerios the Consumed King and the Soul of Cinder), Extreme durability (Can tank several attacks from some of Dark Souls strongest beings before dying), Superhuman speed/FTL reactions (Can run at several dozen miles an hour, Can dodge Lightning Spells), Can use any Weapon they pick up with masterful skill, Is canonically a master of all forms of Magic, Can heal via Estus Flasks and Miracles, Bested and killed each Lord of Cinder in one on one combat, Linked all of the Shrines to the original Flame.Weaknesses: Whilst they can carry everything without hindrance in their inventory if they equip Armour that is too heavy for their strength stat they will be weighed down, Their Estus Flasks are finite, As respawning isn’t a factor in this fight if the Ashen One is killed they will not respawn at a Bonfire to continue the fight counting as a loss.Battle begin!Sitting at the final linked Bonfire the Ashen One found themselves at a loss, they had won, every Lord of Cinder had fallen by their hand and they had linked every Shrine to fully rekindle the Original Flame and now there was nothing left, their quest was complete, they had won.Watching the embers of the Bonfire flicker and dance the Ashen One’s attention was then drawn behind them as they heard the sound of crumbling stone and what seemed to be the air itself tearing, turning around to see an Oblivion Gate opening before an equally Armoured being strode out of it, the new Warriors Imperial Dragon Armour being far more intricate than the Ashen One’s simple Knight Armour Set.As the Hero of Kvatch took a few more steps towards them the Ashen One rose to their feet, their hand moving to rest upon the Uchigatana on their side whilst ready-ing their Kite Shield, ready for one more challenge.Seeing the Ashen One reach for their Weapon the Hero did the same, drawing his Akaviri Katana and ready-ing his Spellbreaker Shield as the two stood facing each other, both standing near motionless and silent.A split second later they both moved attempting to strike first, the sound of clashing metal as the Akaviri Katana and Uchigatana met ringing out into the cold empty air of the ashland around them.Pushing against each other making sparks fly between their Katanas the two then broke apart, hopping back a step before starting to lash out at each other repeatedly with their Swords, clashing them against each other again and again making more sparks fly before they both readied their Shields and charged forward with them.Both of them grunting as they shunted their Shields together the Ashen One was quick to find themself getting forced back as the Hero of Kvatch ‘parried’ their Shield Bash, sending them stumbling back and leaving them open to a slash from their Katana.Reacting quickly however the Ashen One swung their Shield out to parry the Katana swing knocking the Hero back before reposting with their Uchigatana, bringing the Weapon down hard upon the Hero’s arm knocking his Katana clean out of his grasp.With the Hero disarmed the Ashen One readied their Uchigatana to run him through only for the Hero to Conjure a Daedric Dagger in his free hand, spinning the Dagger around into a stabbing position before driving it into the Ashen One’s wrist where the Armour was thinnest making them drop their Katana before Shield bashing them away.Rolling as they hit the sand the Ashen One seamlessly swapped their Knight Armour set for their Iron Dragonslayer Armour, drawing their Moonlight Greatsword as they did so and downing an Estus Flask to heal the damage to their wrist.Tossing the now empty Flask aside the Ashen One then quickly dove out of the way as the Hero of Kvatch dove at them swinging his Volendrung down, the Daedric Warhammer striking the ashen ground so hard that it created both a small crater and a dust cloud around them as the Ashen One rose and swung their Greatsword back at the Hero, cleaving across his back and carving a groove through the Cuirass of his Imperial Dragon Armour.Grunting as the Sword cut across the skin of his back and drew blood the Hero quickly used a weak Restoration Spell to stem the bleeding before swinging around to block another attack from the Moonlight Greatsword with Volendrung’s handle.As their Greatsword rebounded off of the Hero’s Warhammer the Ashen One retaliated with a Soul Arrow Sorcery, the flash of Magic striking the Hero hard in the chest nearly knocking him off of his feet before the Ashen One followed it up with a blast of Pyromancy, the Fire Orb near completely engulfing the Imperial leaving him open to a powerful thrusting stab of the Moonlight Greatsword, driving it to his Cuirass over and over until the piece of Imperial Dragon Armour outright broke.Staggering back as the Ashen One readied for another lunge the Hero repelled him with a powerful Frost Spell, both stopping the Ashen One in their tracks and slowing them down giving him ample time to swap his Armour, know donning the Relics of the Nine to take on the image of the Divine Crusader reborn, swapping Volendrung as he did so for the Sword and Shield of the Crusader.Slamming the Sword to his Shield a few times the Hero then raised his Shield to block a downwards swing of the Moonlight Greatsword, the ground cracking slightly beneath his feet as he withstood the blow, the Hero then casting Holy Aura upon himself to further increase his skill with his Shield allowing him to fully shunt the Ashen One back leaving them open for a strike from his Holy Flaming Sword.Recoiling as the Sword of the Crusader carved across the chest the Ashen One used a weak Miracle to soften the wound before swinging their Moonlight Greatsword again, clashing it against the Hero’s Sword before both Weapons rebounded off of each other making both Warriors stumble.Quickly recovering the Hero of Kvatch swung back at the Ashen One only to be struck by another powerful Fire Orb Pyromancy, the blast knocking him off of his feet and making him drop his Sword, his Weapon getting stabbed into the ashen ground as he replaced it with the Mace of the Crusader and downed a Health Potion to numb the burning of his now overheated Armour.Tossing the empty Potion bottle aside the Hero raised his Shield to block another strike from the Moonlight Greatsword before outright hitting it out of the Ashen Ones hands with a powerful swing of his Mace, sending the Greatsword spinning through the air before he knocked his opponent back by slamming the hilt of his Mace to their Helmet to daze them.As the Ashen One staggered back the Hero of Kvatch swept at their legs with his Mace knocking them off of their feet before Shield bashing them hard sending them several metres away.Tumbling as they hit the ground the Ashen One rolled before righting themselves into a kneeling position, drawing their Onislayer Greatbow as they did so before notching and firing an Arrow at the Hero of Kvatch as he charged at them, the Arrow striking him hard in the shoulder making him stumble but not stopping his charge.Notching and firing several more Arrows at the Hero who blocked the last one with a Barrier of Alteration Magic the Ashen One then fired a volley of Homing Soulmass which the Hero blocked again with Alteration Magic, this time having to stop in his tracks to hold the Sorcery back giving the Ashen One time to swap to their Dragon Tooth Hammer.Winding up the Tooth the Ashen One then swung it at the Hero of Kvatch as hard as they could, the Hero in response readying their Shield to block it only to be knocked clean off of their feet by the blow, his Holy Shield unable to withstand the sheer force behind the Dragon Tooth causing it to dent out of shape and forcing the Hero to take the majority of the hit from it.Landing hard on his back the Hero looked up just in time to see the Ashen One bring the Dragon Tooth down upon him, creating a crater beneath him as he was forced into the ground by the blow, his Holy Armour becoming more and more damaged as the Ashen One repeated the process again and again slamming the Dragon Tooth down upon their opponent over and over.As the Relics of the Crusader broke one by one the Hero waited until his opponent raised their Hammer one last time before striking out with a powerful Shock Spell, the blast sending the Ashen One staggering and giving the Hero of Kvatch enough breathing room to rise to his feet, using a strong Restoration Spell to heal his wounds before swapping his Crusader Armour for a full set of Madness Armour, his body now clad in jet black with several images of screaming and laughing faces decorating his Armour clad body.With the Ashen Ones body still spasming and rigid from the powerful shock they had received the Hero of Kvatch used the time to draw his Frostwyrm Bow, notching an Arrow and firing it at his opponent scoring them in the abdomen.The Ashen One’s body stiffened up further as the Frost enchantment of the Bow made the Arrow colder than Ice, giving the Hero a chance to land a second Arrow in their wrist forcing them to drop the Dragon Tooth.As the Ashen One staggered back pulling out the Arrows from their wrist and abdomen the Hero of Kvatch reached back for another Arrow before stopping, instead choosing to swap the Bow for Dawnfang, the jewel emblazoned Sword shimmering with its Fire enchantment as he then waited for the Ashen One to pull out and down another Estus Flask.Seeing that their opponent seemingly intended to end it with a fair fight the Ashen One couldn’t help but feel grateful, swapping to their Drakeblood Armour and Firelink Greatsword before taking an honorable bow, a motion the Hero returned via running the tip of Dawnfang’s Blade in a line through the ash as both Warriors prepared themselves.Seconds later they both rushed at each other again, the sounds of clanging and clashing metal ringing out as the Firelink Greatsword and Dawnfang met again and again, both Weapons rebounding off of each other as the Hero of Kvatch and the Ashen One recoiled and spun around with every Weapon swing, each landing narrow glancing blows on the other every other attack.As they fought day slowly began to creep into night to which the temperature running through Dawnfang fell until the Fire enchantment because Frost, Dawnfang changing into Duskfang sending powerful chills through the Ashen Ones body with every hit causing them to slowly stiffen up and slow down.Feeling their body stiffen up the Ashen One tried to use a Pyromancy to both repel the Hero and warm themselves up only to suffer another blast of Shock Magic from the Imperial, their body tensing up even more before they recoiled from a powerful Shield bash from the Hero’s Madness Shield, the Imperial then using the chance to thrust Duskfang forward.At first the Ashen One felt nothing for a couple of seconds before a blistering rush of cold coursed through their body, the Blade of Duskfang having impaled them clean through the chest and out the back as a pale aura began to emanate from their body, the Ashen One silently looking the Hero of Kvatch in the eyes as they then fell back off of his Sword to disappear into nothingness, leaving only a small glowing orb of Souls behind.Winner: the Hero of KvatchNow this was a match up that had my readers split a near even 50/50 but let me explain why I sided with the Hero of Kvatch.Yes the Ashen One has done some amazing things during their Quest to return the Lords of Cinder to their thrones and relink the Shrines but even though they are easily the most powerful being in the Souls Universe they haven’t done anything close to becoming a literal Demi-God like the Hero of Kvatch has.So whilst slaying the Soul of Cinder which was the most powerful being in the Souls Universe is an incredible feat it unfortunately pales in comparison to the Hero slaying Umaril the Unfeathered who was a near perfect match for Pelinal Whitestrake and killing Jyallag, the Daedric Prince of Order who controlled his own dimension in his Plane of Oblivion meaning that whilst the two might have been relatively well matched in most categories the win would have gone to the Hero of Kvatch sooner or later.
Hel of Volkihar | 5 by Amaliedraws
Stormcloaks by Majdf
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PS4 Faye by SpiritAmong-Darkness
My art wall by Championx91
I Wanna Be Where the People Are (MerMay!) by Foolish-Hearts
First Contest - Daedra
CE: Boethiah by Sikharnius
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Fate-Darknu-Dragoon Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey yall, wanted to apologize for my lack in posting the other chapters of Champion of Devils. Needed to revise bit at the end to better clear up the gap between the first and second book, and have fallen behind on editing the previous chapters.

I'll be able to post some more here shortly though, I promise.
Fate-Darknu-Dragoon Featured By Owner Edited Oct 27, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Heyo, I've got a lengthy story I've been working on for a long while. I plan for it to be a three book series, and I already have the first book written out. I have the first three chapters on my profile that I could share here if anyone would be interested. ^^

The books about a character who becomes a champion to one of the many Daedric Princes. Its strictly a fanfic, and while it has some correlation to a couple of the main game titles of Elder Scrolls, the character is not the main character of either those. Essentially a different story from someone else's perspective of the events living a different life.
Trigger Warning: Its a dark read, and has many violent and gory scenes throughout the book.

Edit: I have the first three chapters shared in the Written stories folder. If you guys like what you see, I'll go ahead and post the whole first book, as I am still making edits and revises to it.
Foolish-Hearts Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What do you do if your art has more than one race depicted?  My story is in the Skyrim timeline and there's no specific folder for Skyrim art or OCs of multiple races without an NPC present. Do I put it in the Misc folder?
(I already submitted a drawing a while ago with a Breton and a Falmer into the Elves folder since I was at a loss as to where it would go. lol)
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Im working on skyrim chapter series stories I haven't posted them yet i'm still editing them 
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Hello everyone!
I'm planning on writing my own stories about my oblivion and skyrim characters and I'm in need of help! 

I can't use skyrim or mods for it on my computer so I can'tget good screenshots to represent my characters' appearances and that's where someone with a good enough computer comes in! 

If someone could make a character of my description and take a good enough screenshot of them for me, I could pay them in points (like 300 points or so).

Or if you know someone who could draw them for me, that would be even better! though I don't have much points or money so the screenshot option is the one I'm looking for most.

Please help me and thank you x)
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