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Retro Circle Brushes

Ahh.. My first uploaded brush pack..

Hope you find them useful! :onfire:

Select a color and just press, hold and *retrocirclebrushblast!* :D :D

Feel free to download.. ;) And oh if you like 'em and used 'em please feel free to comment here.. :)

UPDATE: 4 brushes were not included (I don't know why). I have updated the brush pack please re-download. Inform me if brushes are missing. Thank you.
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Amazing!!! I love it!
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pano yung different color sa isang circle?
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hey there, sorry for the late reply. I updated the brush pack coz when I loaded it back to Photoshop I noticed it only had one brush. :(

Try re-downloading it and see if it has 5 brushes. One of them seems to be monotone or a two-color brush of which you can choose a color.

I'm not sure if I answered your question though. Coz I'm thinking that you may want to change the color of a specific circle? The brush generates colors randomly (through jitters). You may want to fill that area with other colors instead as a quick fix..

Pasensya na po kung hindi ganun kagaling yung brush na ginawa ko.. :ninja:
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na figure out ko na haha thanks for the brush :)
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May I use these. :)
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Sure.. Use them anytime... :)
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yeah.. looks nice~ sana magamit ko to~
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lol.. magagamit mo talaga yan.. instructions included yan.. :D :D
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looks nice ^^ thx ^^
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