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Published: October 4, 2011
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A simple re-code of one of my favorite skins' media interfaces. I took ~jamien-price's Taboo Vision and re-modified it to work with the now playing plugin. I put the title right-aligned, mostly because I prefer it that way. Anyway, make sure you have the latest Rainmeter to take advantage of NowPlaying.

Original from Taboo_Vision

:iconeditplz: Fixed a minor issue with long artist names colliding with long song titles. Please let me know if it happens to anyone else.
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the buttons not work help me :(
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only need 1 button for play/pause and volume control would be nice too, otherwise love the look!
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Does the Song titles, duration, and artists name not work with Spotify? I'm new to rainmeter and have been reading through the comments trying to figure everything out but I can't seem to figure out how to get them to show up. Is it because Spotify is only partially supported?
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There is a Spotify DLL to help with this (…) but I think the skin has to use it explicitly... so yeah, without that, you only get partial information...
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Loving this skin so far! The only thing I can't seem to fix is the "0" that shows up between the time signatures. Here is an example

If you can point me to wear to fix this that'd be amazing! 
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just noticed that both time reading have leading zeros, how would i remove them?
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Why won't this work with iTunes?
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go under "edit skin" and any instance where you see "PlayerName" replace that with itunes
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hey theshickness, I was reading what u were saying but I couldn't find edit skin. where is it?
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I tried doing that but with JetAudio (typed jetaudio instead of itunes).
Example: PlayerName=jetaudio
It's not working. Am I doing something wrong?
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I don't mean to thread bump, but that's not a supported player. These are the only supported players (and their PlayerNames):…
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Whenever I link it to Spotify, all of the buttons work, but the song names, artists, and timers don't show. I can't figure out how to fix that. It works fine with iTunes, but not for Spotify.
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It is a semi-sportive player. It can be used by the buttons, but it can't get the song names, artists, and timers.…
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Sharky96Student Filmographer
Name of song playing doesn't show up ?
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to everyone who wants this to work with different players, try editing the skin, specifically find the player name line ( "PlayerName=" ) the name codes for the players can be found at…
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Does this work for VLC?
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I have Foobar2000 and it still doesn't work. I'm fairly new to Rainmeter so if you could help that would be great :D!
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xBubStudent Digital Artist
Does it work with MediaMonkey?
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Is there anyway for it to play an online radio station? I got one I want it to play (…
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Could you please guide me step by step how to really use this? its my first time using rainmeter's skin. i installed rainmeter and also installed this skin. but i am lost i dont know what i should do now and i want to make it compatible with "Window Media Player"
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Hi! I'm new to this whole Rainmeter system and I have one question. I just loaded this cool skin, but it doesn't display on my screen. Do you know what I did wrong? I'm pretty sure that the fault is in me, but if you know something that might be helpful, I would be very grateful (:
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