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Alaisiagae western bridle

Ooo, I found a leather brush :) not as fancy as most of what I've done, but I matched the color exactly to her eyes and added stitching and the leather texturing by fudgegraphics 

Western bridle for BrowncoatWhit's 963 Remuda's Alaisiagae
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Beda took 1st place (in a class of 1, but still -- w00t!)
Remuda Livery RNG Invitational - 1st Place by Rachel-Vardys
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That leather texturing is really nice!   ANd I love that bridle!

I had a friend who used to always try to use one of these styles on her Tennessee Walker.  I got so I refused to go on trail rides with her until she changed head gear, because her gelding was a classic Walker -- he'd settle into his gait and every step would be with this little headtoss, and eventually the bridle would just pop off his head! :) 
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thanks :) 
XD I've only ridden a Walker once (last ride of summer lessons in VA was a trail ride, and my instructor suggested we switch horses so I could get the experience. Her stirrups were so long I gave up and let my legs sit free but still in form), but I could so picture that happening