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Hello True Tail Fans!(And late night owls!),

We are pleased and very excited to present to you our FINAL True Tail concept. I am sure you all have a ton of questions about why we chose to rewrite our show and who in the world are all these new characters. Well, never fear young heroes we’ve got you covered with our brand new True Tail website.

Here you can meet the cast as well as find out more about the world. You will also notice that because the characters are a wee bit younger we are opening up voice auditions for the whole month of July. You can try out for our sweet bubbly Melody, the studious Doh-Li, the sassy Harper and the ever-favorite Viktor!

This has been a long road and we are so thrilled you all chose to stick it out with us. Look forward to more True Tail goodies in the next few days.

Much Love!

Allison and Zach

Feel free to check out our other social media sites below for more True Tail content:
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AngelicLoonatic's avatar
The only bad thing about True Tail is that the estimated time of the pilot is Spring 2021 or sooner. I would settle for this year or even 2020. I watched the trailer on kickstarter and now it's making me excited for the show/pilot to come out.
SkynamicStudios's avatar
Well we're actually aiming for Fall of 2020 or sooner. But we've publicly stated Spring 2021 just in case we need that extra wiggle room.
AngelicLoonatic's avatar
Ok, I'll make sure to watch the pilot when it first comes out whenever.
StreetHawk555's avatar
This series really has a LOT of potential riding on it, I could see Disney or Netflix picking this show up. :crossfingers: revision  I was bummed the early concept didn't come into fruition, especially with shifting on the character's ages & the story now being setup at a school, but I still have hope it will rise from the ashes if the show gets a second season because that would a great continuation of the story. This is the same instance when Disney's Zootopia's early draft of the script where Nick is the main protagonist & the story had a much darker tone where predators wore T.A.M.E. collars to keep themselves from losing their temper, & treated to a much severe degree. When they realized the story was too dark & unpleasant, they immediately reworked the story with Judy (who was going to be Nick's sidekick in the early draft) being now the main protagonist with Nick being her partner & the story getting a much more balanced story & a realistic modern approach on bigotry.

I'm still pulling for this series to get the green light, and I hope it soon! Viktor is my MVC (Most Favorite Character), a combo of Nick Wilde & Jack Sparrow just gets overwhelming praise in my book! 
EmperorRabbit's avatar
This version of the story fits perfectly
im like in true tail and im waiting until the tv series releases in nickelodeon
KVDude13's avatar
Going after the RWBY Crowd, huh...
YukiWolfZolo's avatar
So definitely watching this when it comes out! :D
BrutusBearBae's avatar
Question what happen to the characters Brutus and kanikus? :,,00  
SkynamicStudios's avatar
Don't worry. They are still here. ^^
spudman98's avatar
Apparantly, from what I've learned, the show has evolved from an adventure story, to more of a school setting, so maybe those two characters will be professors
BrutusBearBae's avatar
OH dang that kinda sucks :,( i mean don't get me wrong i'm gald that there still keeping the characters
but i can't say i'm fond of the new idea for true tails :,0 school settings are nice and all but i did like the adventure story far more better :0

sorry if that sounds kinda whiney qwq  
spudman98's avatar
Fear not, for this school is to be A HERO, GOING ON ADVENTURE'S TO OTHER LANDS, FIGHTING EVIL, and come on, RWBY has done this exact same thing for 3 seasons until the end where the story has now shifted to a journey, where danger is around every corner
BrutusBearBae's avatar
well you got point there XD 
spudman98's avatar
I mean, it's not the first series to have an academy to train heroes, the film Sky High, and the manga/anime series My Hero Academia come to mind
SHARK-008's avatar
Happy to see that project is still alive. :D

Interesting change ( plus look like a little comic project I had many years ago with a school of heroes hehe ).

I really like the new characters too.
Dynamiteboom12345's avatar
This is going to take some getting used to. I have nothing against this, but it just feels like a real intense 180 here. I still think it's going to be good though.
Tanukiforever's avatar
A different take on what was made before. But you know? I'm looking forward to this. I hope to see some great stuff in this show
learn2chillax's avatar
Good got hear form you guys again! (Well I did check your Facebook every once in a while for anything but still! XD)
But what you guys had to go through was an interesting tale in itself. While I'm a bit sad that the original concept is benched, I'm glad that you guys didn't get rid of your characters.

I personally hope and look forward to loving the next concept you have in store for us (and if you do get to show it on a network, like Nickelodeon), I'd be sure to watch it on TV when/if I can or ze internet! :dummy:
sweetymimy22's avatar
i kinda like the unicorn boy and the bird girl
JDE10's avatar
Wow! This concept is way different from before. This oughta be interesting! It's interesting to see Dooh Li and Viktor as kids! Can't wait for some videos! :D
DataFiox's avatar
Dang, the concept changed so much! :D gonna miss Brutus and Kanikus, oh well, looks fun anyway!
SkynamicStudios's avatar
Don't worry they are still there. :)
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