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Beauty is a Beast

Hello True Tail Fans!

We've got another great GIF animation to share with you all tonight! This is our first one featuring Lyra, a sweet kind-hearted Bard who is a werewolf halfbreed, and a part of Elder's gang. But when she loses her temper, things can get a little hairy!

Much Love!

Allison and Zach

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Wait, how do werewolves make sense in a world where everyone is a humanoid animal? 
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Kind of a concept similar to Marvel's Hulk, which also beefs up, when losing his temper.

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lyra so cute she get piss off at viktor
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Victor and Lyra would make a great couple I see! 
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So, pardon me if I missed this, but is True Tail now going to be a completely independent web cartoon or are you still wanting to pitch to networks? Somewhere like Netflix might be good if you were.
Great fig though, the animation has been really good in all these, Lyra will for sure be a fan favorite.
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We're going to go the independent web cartoon route and are planning to Kickstart a pilot episode here soon. Perhaps after animating the pilot episode, we might consider pitching to networks again, but for now we're fine with animating it ourselves.
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Sounds good, so wait, Kickstart a pilot as in a kickstarter for the pilot? Or just, have the pilot ready for the kickstarter? Well, either way, I am comfortable waiting for this, I am amped for what you guys end up making. 
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The Kickstarter will be for the pilot (we'll still have some nice animation to release with that Kickstarter though, so stay tuned!).
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I have been tuned in for years now lol, I don't plan on going anywhere haha.
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I love everything about your work! 
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lol this is awesome
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I like seeing Lyra getting her spotlight, she was the last who hadn't appeared in a gif yet (until now).
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Again, cannot wait till episodes come out! Will binge-watch this! X3
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OOh! I was hoping for some Lyra soon!!! She's very pretty! I think I'm gonna like her. XD
But Viktor is still the best. Love 
Does Lyra have a last name?
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Lyra Wolfsbane is her full name.
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