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I FOUND IT!!!!!!! by skymonkeycaleb1 I FOUND IT!!!!!!! :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 2 0 Murder Mystery in the Kunai party by skymonkeycaleb1 Murder Mystery in the Kunai party :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 3 285 Saiyantober by skymonkeycaleb1 Saiyantober :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 1 0 Happy Anniversary Nintendo by skymonkeycaleb1 Happy Anniversary Nintendo :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 1 0 Happy birthday Wia by skymonkeycaleb1 Happy birthday Wia :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 2 4 RIP Rew by skymonkeycaleb1 RIP Rew :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 0 145 Caleb vs Rew (The Final Showdown) by skymonkeycaleb1 Caleb vs Rew (The Final Showdown) :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 1 0 Aaron Zankman by skymonkeycaleb1 Aaron Zankman :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 5 18 Ask the Vampires by skymonkeycaleb1 Ask the Vampires :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 0 0 Me and the Millennium Puzzle by skymonkeycaleb1 Me and the Millennium Puzzle :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 1 0 The Nine Tailed Fox (Kurama) by skymonkeycaleb1 The Nine Tailed Fox (Kurama) :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 1 0 The 3rd eye Sharingan by skymonkeycaleb1 The 3rd eye Sharingan :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 1 4 Sasuke hates DJmasterghost by skymonkeycaleb1 Sasuke hates DJmasterghost :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 3 154 Caleb in Space by skymonkeycaleb1 Caleb in Space :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 2 0 Rew Fangbite by skymonkeycaleb1 Rew Fangbite :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 2 0 Me and Naruto hates DJMasterghost by skymonkeycaleb1 Me and Naruto hates DJMasterghost :iconskymonkeycaleb1:skymonkeycaleb1 4 208


Anime by JoshStudios Anime :iconjoshstudios:JoshStudios 4 9 Merman Wolf Mike by freaks-heart Merman Wolf Mike :iconfreaks-heart:freaks-heart 7 108 1000 POINTS GIVEAWAY by dailygiveget 1000 POINTS GIVEAWAY :icondailygiveget:dailygiveget 436 354 RU2: Revenge by MobiusLabs RU2: Revenge :iconmobiuslabs:MobiusLabs 39 6 Art trade Reapersgold by Paumol Art trade Reapersgold :iconpaumol:Paumol 170 37 Ralts question 4 by Mushy-Sugar-Chan Ralts question 4 :iconmushy-sugar-chan:Mushy-Sugar-Chan 8 1 Two Berries and One Huge Belly (REQUESTS) by DankakaTheCat Two Berries and One Huge Belly (REQUESTS) :icondankakathecat:DankakaTheCat 13 0
Requests Unleashed Chosen!
:iconww07kid:: Zero
:iconThatPuffySkunkie:: Scuba
:icontheZandroid01:: Zander
:iconBrandonTheCanine:: Experiment
:iconparis696:: Lucky
:iconFoxGamer13:: Infinite
:iconTOMSMANGA:: Milkshakes
:iconAlexanderGantt:: Unlikely Duo
:iconTheautisticonenamedm:: Perci
:iconskymonkeycaleb1:: Revenge
Thank you to everyone for your wonderful ideas! I'm incredibly excited to work on these requests for you all! ^^
:iconmobiuslabs:MobiusLabs 2 12
No more father... (RP STARTER) by DankakaTheCat No more father... (RP STARTER) :icondankakathecat:DankakaTheCat 18 24 Zedd (2018 Reference Sheet) by RioluFan1987 Zedd (2018 Reference Sheet) :iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 17 4 Many. by ParnistukisE852X Many. :iconparnistukise852x:ParnistukisE852X 7 24
Nelson and the Taffy Factory Story
*Story begins at town where it's cold and snowy.*
‘Orihime is walking in the snow while she’s wearing her winter inflated jacket’
Nelson: Hello there.
Orihime: Hey there. My name Orihime. And you are?
Nelson: I'm Nelson Arthur Lopez, I'm from that house over there. *Points Orihime to the old and wooden house.*
Orihime: Oh. I see. Can I come to your house if you don’t mind?
Nelson: Sure, my mother won't mind. *Takes Orihime there.*
‘Nelson and his new friend Orihime going to his wooden house’
Nelson: *Got inside.* These are my parents and my grandparents.
Orihime: Nice to meet you both, I’m Orihime!
Grandpa Will: This thing is amazing.
Nelson: I know it in town.
Orihime: Nelson? What’s it that you’re looking For?
Nelson: You and. *Pulls out a Laffy Taffy rapper.* This.
Orihime saw a golden taffy as she’s never seen a golden taffy.
Nelson: This is a Golden Taffy, there my favorite.
Orihime: I see.
Then a news appears on the TV.
:iconjonwii:jonwii 4 0
to be honest here people. by Dragontoy67 to be honest here people. :icondragontoy67:Dragontoy67 11 45
happy birthday skymonkeycaleb1s brother!
happy birthday skymonkeycaleb1 brother!Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too 
:icondestructorrobo:destructorrobo 2 15
My request box and list
After I finish those commission comic, the request is open again!
So I make the request box and list in this journal, to make sure I'll not forget one of them.
So if you want to request, leave your request in this journal.
List of the request pictures
-G3 & G4 Spikes get fat and inflated (hotmail12345678 )
-Alex from Spongecat1 and Kadae from paintartestdarkstar stuffed from My OC (paintartestdarkstar )
-Rainbow and Toxic Oilman get fattening (alinh1296)
-Bookcast having tea with Toxic Oilman (hotmail12345678 )
-Rosie inflated from animal crossing (Reynights13 )
-A sequence of Little Phoenix Glowing And Then Transform Into Speeding Cheetah Had Gain her Speed And Reflexes (TeslaFurry )
-Aquamarine with inflated pants (RAYquazaArts )
-Galaxies pants inflated (Galaxie-The-Fairy )
-Flanfy the Red Floaty Mouse puff herself up like a balloon, allow her to fly in the sky (micaloon )
- theh
:iconart-of-gameland:Art-of-Gameland 5 80
Ask Shiny and the pokemon gang #54 by Firehunter397 Ask Shiny and the pokemon gang #54 :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 7 0



Golden is OK, and will return around tomorrow.

I FOUND IT!!!!!!!
I found Markiplier's Warfstache!!!!! I am so happy, to bad he doesn't use it anymore, but I found the Warfstache, AMAZING!!!!!!

Warfstache belongs to Youtuber Markipler
Murder Mystery in the Kunai party
A Murder Mystery is perfect for the horror experience until Halloween.

Caleb and the Z Fighters: Me

Kara and Team Eeveelution: ParnistukisE852X

And Rafael and the Shinobis: SpoderLink

are invited in a dinner party at Kunai's Mansion, the owner: Kunai Hintsu, was in the kitchen, when a bullet mysteriously hits Saber (ParnistukisE852X OC) the dinner guests thought that Kunai killed him, but as the lights powered out for 30 seconds Kunai was found stabbed in the chest, Rafael, Urpiea, Kara and Caleb found the body.

Caleb: If Kunai isn't the killer, it means, it's one of us!

Rafael belongs to: SpoderLink

Kara belongs to: ParnistukisE852X

Urpiea and Caleb belongs to: Me
84 deviations
Inflation: When I was in 1st grade, I watched the 1971, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Movie, and seen how Violet Beauregarde turned into a Blueberry, I looked in the internet about it and there's more than just that, there's many others.

Vampires: I read the novel, Twilight, when I was 10, I didn't know what it was about until a year later, when I watched the movie, it was about Vampires, so I gave myself a thumbs up on it.

Mermaids: When I was 5, I watched the Disney film, The Little Mermaid (Originally from the author, Han Christian Anderson), That made me very happy at the time, I keep on watching it until I was 12, I'd stopped watching it until a month ago, and remembered the good times that I had when I was little, good memories.

That's all, Thank you.


skymonkeycaleb1's Profile Picture
Caleb Justin Sky Walker
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I am a Youtuber named Caleb Skymonkey.

What I like to draw:

I roleplay
Legend of Zelda
The Pokemon Game
I don't care if I draw inflation
And Anime

What I don't like to Draw:

The Pokemon Anime
Adult Inflation
And Obesity


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40 / 4,000
This is my first donation, My goal is 4000 points, give me as many points as you can.

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Inflated Anthro Pokemon
If you want your anthro to inflated, request the commission and II'll draw it.
Blueberry Sequences
If you want to turn yourself into a Blueberry in sequence, help yourself.
Coke and Mentos
Coke and Mentos inflation, is the cheapest.
Fruit Inflation
If you want your character to have a fruit inflation, ask me, give me the point, and I'll create the thing you wanted.
This is a random commissions page.


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I forgot to tell Bfulmore that I can't draw good.
skymonkeycaleb1 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I see, we'll have to tell him that tomorrow.
ParnistukisE852X Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018
Okay. He's blocked me though.
skymonkeycaleb1 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Don't worry about that, we'll see if things go better or not.
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skymonkeycaleb1 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I understand how that feels.
Even worse, She owns Darkma, who is cousins with Kara. How is Kara going to talk to Darkma if Dolly10200 blocked me here? Also, about Frostlight; She's been dead for 7 months and still hasn't came back, which is not right at all. Also, Banner the leafeon has now gone insane and can't control himself anymore, and there's now no one tough enough to calm him down at all.
skymonkeycaleb1 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Have you ever heard of SnivyShyLover?
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skymonkeycaleb1 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I see that my friend.
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