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Power of life

I know a way to something much better
Hold it inside me
I know a fairytale that's longer
Than anyone will read
I know a way to something much higher– Keep it inside me
I know the way to touch the sky

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grace of universe by Skylooks

Done with: Photoshop CS2, Vue 6 Infinite, Wacoom Bamboo fun
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© 2008 - 2022 Skylooks
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Amazing work! I especially like the sky and the cities on the ringed planet.

A couple of things for a critique:
I like the way you write a poem to compliment the image.
Interesting choice not to have a lens flare from the sun.
The asteroids in the sky look plastic.
The ocean in the foreground looks out of place.
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thank you ! Like your critique because even now it is essential for me to look back at mistakes I've done. Please feel free to write any kind of critique if you come across some of my pieces ! thanks :)
Thanks man, and feel free to critique my work (maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist because I think I'm a terrible artist)
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I like it. Love the land render:)

How is it youre not using CS4 yet?
Skylooks's avatar
too expensive to upgrade to every new version :D. But if you have learnt in CS's more or less the same... just some new features added :)
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The power of awesomeness is a pleasure for the eyes !! :thumbsup:
Skylooks's avatar
Thanks a lot !
SuperSmurgger's avatar
You're very Welcome ! :huggle:
CML-ish-I's avatar
Man... where do you learn to do this stuff!? This is god-like.
Skylooks's avatar
I always try to do my best... to improve even a little bit with each new work.
ticor's avatar
Jo tak tohle je pecka rek bych ze tvoje nejlepsi prace :)
Skylooks's avatar
Děkuju ticore :)
FrantisekSpurny's avatar
velice pekná práce :-) Existuje nejaká wallpaper vercze ? nRád bych si to dal na plochu ale neci ripovat :-)
Skylooks's avatar
Bude v Novém wallpacku...zase ve všech rozlišeních :) nějaký spešl požadavek ?
FrantisekSpurny's avatar
Jj , rychle sem s ním =D
CrZyJ0E's avatar
i'm sorry man but compared to your other insanely awesome work this isn't close to what you usually bring to the table
Skylooks's avatar
Maybe... Thank you for the critique anyway ! :)
CrZyJ0E's avatar
well the space part is awesome but my only problem is the terragen terrain. It seems low quality and it takes away from all the awesome you did in the sky
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Tak to je mazec..
Scortis's avatar
Chtělo by to ještě trochu víc zapracovat na terénu ale jinak supr.
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hm díky :) Já vím že není dokonalý, ale mě se líbí takhle jednoduchý.
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the sky part is nice ;)
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