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July 25, 2011
Happy on the outside by *lukas-Z-walker. A beautiful composition, wonderful sense of scale and depth, unique and beautiful atmosphere which creates a sense of eternity in the heart of the observer...
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Happy on the outside

So happy on the outside...
...Artemedis, a charming beauty of the universe, is a very rare flower only few managed to see. With its ability to cure any kind of disease and considered as the most powerful fuel in the entire universe this species has almost reached the point of its extinction. The solar system Lori's Eye seems to be the last sanctuary, where you can see the magical flare it creates around itself while in blossoming. Due to a special Ion magnetic field of the asteroids floating around, interfering navigation systems and dwarfs deadly flares crippling engines, this and few other organisms remains hidden even from the bravest among explorers.

It’s a wonder something that delicate can survive on such a lethal place. But where would you run to when everything’s gone? The hope comes in many shapes. Sometimes in a shape you wouldn’t really expect but sometimes all you can do is watching it disappear slowly. It’s a year 4999 and something dark is about to come. All the hope is somehow fading away…

And this beauty is crying in the inside.

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Done with: Photoshop CS4, Terragen 2, Passion
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CamptonRaven's avatar
This is awesome!
Skylooks's avatar
^^ Thanks! Your comment too.
DragonmanCrick's avatar
I love outer space. This picture does a great job capturing its beauty.
Skylooks's avatar
I just love walking outside. Beyond the borders of our real world! :)
qstarfire's avatar
A stunning view of space. Very pretty. Clap Heart 
Skylooks's avatar
Thank you mate!
qstarfire's avatar
WhoopySnoopy's avatar
Wow! Spectacular!
hankered-waistline's avatar
this is stunning, I love the flowers/plants they are a nice touch
KomradApex's avatar
This is achingly beautiful. Simply fantastic.
ChaosOfGods's avatar
Awesome! Love the composition.
Samijabrothers's avatar
Like.. Like awesome!
Skylooks's avatar
Thanks.. Thanks a lot!
Samijabrothers's avatar
You are most welcome, Sir.
Renezinha's avatar
Pretty amazing, nice work =)
flameshaft's avatar
this is-- i have no words for this
Skylooks's avatar
Thank you...lets is just a true story.
flameshaft's avatar
Many times we hide our true feelings. Some do it because they want to keep them hidden. Some do it so they don't worry their loved ones. But it is human nature to not reveal everything about oneself. Just a thought.
Skylooks's avatar
Do you think so? I believe in this age... many things are changing, with the growth of giant communities like Facebook, google+ etc... its different. And scary as well. But you are right that it is very important to keep sort of distance from the outside.
flameshaft's avatar
I know that some people -- unwisely -- reveal EVERYTHING about their lives. I do not think it is right. Even though people may post their most sensitive things on such online "communities," it is not... how should I put this... recommended to do so. Especially if privacy measures are not enabled in the right way, anyone could use any piece of information against you. And even with the privacy settings... who knows...

I still keep to my argument that nobody really, completely, reveal everything about themselves. I believe that even if we were not, somehow, compelled to maintain a level of privacy, we would just plainly be unable to publicize everything.

On another point, I believe that relationships between people also keep people from letting every emotion show up on their faces. If the person I am in front of is a loved one, I would not want to worry them by showing sadness. Or anger them by plainly showing dislike or some such feeling. I don't know if you understand what I mean. It's hard to convey into words.

I wrote so much~ I'm embarrassed, now >.< But all this has led me to think more about this. Maybe I'll write an essay about it if I get the time. I'll let you know if I do?
Skylooks's avatar
Sure you'll! And maybe it's strange, but I completely understand you and have the exactly same opinion. And yes it is hard to express it in words. Sometimes words are just not enough and if, it is impossible to generalize some final solution or explanation. But I think the majority of people don't even realize that anyway and yet it is inside everyone.

Well, maybe now you don't knpw what I mean as I've put it in kinda difficult way.
flameshaft's avatar
I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by "generalize some final solution or explanation," unless you mean everyone agreeing on some matter or the other...?

Words are just a limited way of communicating that us "puny" humans have come up with. But they do not compare with the myriad of processes our minds cover each second.

It is not strange to understand and agree. But it is a relief to know that there are others who also think in similar ways as me. Sometimes I think I'm too odd.

Well, anyways, I must thank you for this "debate" and "brainstorm." It's been a while since I had such a conversation with someone, especially in English.
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