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Earth 2088 Home



So, after few days of fighting the Photoshop I come up with this new piece. I thought that it will be really fast work (haha, well means couple of days in SA) but I couldn't stop adding more and and more details and now here it is. I hope you are at least half satisfied as I am now. I tried to do much more detailed texture and stars and... well... everything. So enjoy it !

With this piece a new space-chronicle begins...
Story part1:
Year 2088... Finnally, one of the human scouts from the Pegasus galaxy has reached the Milky way and found out the way to their home-world Earth which 10 years before, had lost a contact with. They didn't know what happened, why does not the Tauri (Earth as they call it) respond through their stargate, so they've sent scouts to find it and re-establish the connection with their green mainland. As the ship come out of the hyperspace,there weren't detected any lifesigns on the surface whatsoever. What the Hell is going one? Where is everyone? Captain of the scouting ship starts the landing procedure to find out the terrible truth...

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Technical parameters:
- used Adobe Photoshop 9 CS2, Wacoom Bamboo fun, Anim8tor, C4D
- Spacecraft is rendered with a permission from Celestia Motherlode

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This is so awesome.
i love the space 8D! my first fav place X'D.
and you did this all yourself? beautiful, anything of this pic is beautiful.
very,very amazing job!