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How to Make Flutter Wings Tutorial

By SkyLocket
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Here is a tutorial on how to do G1 MLP flutter wings. I am not responsible for anyone burning themselves or setting their house on fire trying to do this tutorial. This aside, not every flutter wing comes out perfect; sometimes the tin foil, tissue paper, fantasy film, and mold do not a line right. Sometimes the mold isn’t pressed hard enough into and the shape is not right on the wing. Some wings will just not come out right every time, but most do. This tutorial is a bit of trial and error, not to mention some acquired skill. However, as long you keep these things in mind, you should be well on your way to creating your very own flutter wings. Enjoy!
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Beautiful! Their iridescence reminds me of an abalone she'll.
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Just leaving another message to say thanks for this! Tried it today and my flutter ponies all look great now~!
BethMcBeth's avatar
Wonderful! Thank you can't wait to try this! :D
kaikaku's avatar
Oh, man, I've been trying to figure out how to do this for ages. THANK YOU.

I might finally actually use the Fantasy Film that I bought years ago after looking over this... have always been so intimidated by it! But I've got flutter ponies who need wings!
vlower's avatar
Pretty wings ^.^ nice job on the tutorial :D 
Ketokultasiipi's avatar
I'm sorry! My Ipad went crazy for a moment... What I meant to say was: thank you for the amazing tutorial!
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    Hello :wave:
    You've been featured in my weekly Tutorial Poll.
    Have a nice day :dalove:
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Thanks for the feature : )
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Nice work! So the beads are pretty much for to heat the film and nothing more?
SkyLocket's avatar
Yep, you got it. I know it looks like they should have more use, but that is their only purpose.
DreamCrystalArt's avatar
well it's a good purpose XD

How durable is the wings? I've never touched Fantasy Film so I don't know how it really works other than what I've seen with custom wings
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They are very durable, much more durable than other reproduction wings out there or so I have been told. They are very flexible and will only break if your extremely rough with them.
DreamCrystalArt's avatar
ah, well I might have to give this a try... just need to find some wings and film lol
SoldierofTwilight's avatar
Awesome! Thanks dear!
heartcease's avatar
Thanks for posting, I've wanted to give this a try, but had no clue how to go about it.
lovelauraland's avatar
great job, thanks x
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