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Dante revolution

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DMC5....Maybe I was a bit late to know this news= =
feeling so dissapointed after finish the trailer(But I'm not gonna state any negative views here~)

Arhhhhh......I hate colouring!!!!
I think I prefer lineart more then colour version
I actually plan to made some oldies effect, bold line and a bit desaturated colour. But is mostly.....Fail to do that,
I'm so sorry~~

this pic was inspired by Michelangelo's work "Creation Of Adam"
New Dante as Adam , and DMC 3 Dante as God,
Still remember DMC3 cutsceen on Mission 19. Dante insult Arkham true form and said that he is a.....good looking guy...LOL

We know that Dante keep changing his personality, from quiet and serious guy til funny and cocky guy. what happen when they meet up with new Dante~

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The only caveat I have is....Why would it be the half human half demon version be in God's place? You'd think a half-demon half-angel would be league's more powerful... I can hear the angry fans typing in rage already
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Depending if you take in consideration that the Nephalem race shown within other games to have extraordinary power. DmC Dante has potential to be above Classic Dante, but Classic Dante is still vastle stronger, more durable, faster, and has more weapons and hax at his desposal where as DmC Dante doesn't have any hax except healing, and gravitational manipulation. However DmC Dante has potential to become far stronger than Classic Dante as Nephalem race is capable of reality warping, resurrection, twilight manipulation, and far more abilities. However, Ninja Theory won't make another DmC game as their working on other projects. So the chances of DmC Dante becoming stronger than Classic Dante is highly low.
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it's a quit funny to see all these Dante!Psyco 
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Comic Book!Amanda Waller: "May you please take the shot, for the sake of the world?"
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Though to be fair, I both like the Cambion version, and the Nephalem version of Dante. Both of them. Although I could be wrong, but it DOES make sense that the Nephalem version of Dante lives in an alternate dimension in the DMC modiverse, compared to the other Dante who is a Cambion.
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Nah, Dante is not God. Steven Quartz Universe Emote 5 
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hehehe love it^.^
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All together now, open fire.
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*starts playing fitting music*
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I have played the game, and all of the hatred is justified. Not only was the story of the original series NOT FINISHED, but the remake came out way too soon after Devil May Cry 4. The happy-go-lucky attitude and sense of charm of the original Dante was replaced with this emo douche-bag that lacks a job and a sense of wit, resorting to cursing like a sailor rather than saying anything clever in the story.

The story took the mythology of the previous games and replaced it with this pretentious commentary on capitalism that feels really out of place. Imagine if one of the really bad fanfics from My Little Pony suddenly became cannon. The demons looked absolutely nothing like demons, and resembled mutants and aliens instead. I could not recognize a single enemy in the game based off of any mythological creatures from times of old. 

What made the game even worse was the 30fps bullshit that took the fast pace fighting of the old games and limited the sense of speed to a crawl. But the worst part about the game is the MOTHER FUCKING BLOOM EFFECT. For literally four-fifths of the play through, I had to struggle with the use of bloom and strobe lighting that would lead me into a seizure. I actually had to stop playing in multiple sessions and had a friend beat the stages with the shitty lighting effect for me. There is no other game in existence that has ever accomplished this feat.  

I do believe that this is the worst remake of another game second only to Bomberman Act Zero.
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Pull the trigger, DO IT! 
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I love DmC reboot with a passion but I saw this and I was like "funny and beautiful" keep up the work
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I love how the other Dante(s) hold DMC3 Dante XD

Note: I don't have any problem with the Reboot!DmC :3
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pull the trigger, pleas!
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This is pathetic.
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Dante 3: This ends NOW!

british  dante: or what? yo0ur not a neplim like ME!!!!!

DANtE 3 : i can still kick you butt!

british dante: *said the line*

dante 2: are you kidding me?
Dante4: yeash , even the kid don't throws fits THAT much
dante 3: this a disgrace!

dante 1: im hugging your leg now ^3^
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Donny won't be smirking for long when all four Dantes get their hands on him and slaughter him to pieces. When even DMC2 Dante facepalms you then you failed so much that you deserve to be eliminated.
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You are even more pathetic Blacksun67899. And so are the rest of the people here in the comments praising Ninja Theory and Capcom's butchering of the Devil May Cry series .
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DMC5 Donte was like : I don't give a shit.
Dante sure pissed cause that Lol.
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Uccidi quell'idiota!!!
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ahahahahahah nice one ! :D
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I know this may not be the place, but have any of the people that are hating actually played the game? I respect your opinions, but seriously giving critiques by ignorance is the worst kind. I think that if you are going to be a hater then at least do it properly and have an actual opinion of the game and not only of the looks of the "new" Dante or the trailers 'cause that is just really lame. 

Personally I love the "new" Dante, I had high hopes on the game from the start (and I'm a DMC fan from the first game okey?) Ninja Theory really took the story, the characters, the world and relationships to a new level and is really dissapointing that people have created a judgement without even playing the game.

I think the point of this is don't be so judgemental just because you want to hate something. This is another DMC, is a completely different thing so don't take it as the same game, as you're judging by comparison which should not be. Honestly DMC and DmC are two completely different things. Take it as something different and new and just try it.  

Sorry for the ranting, but jumping to the piece, I really like the Dante's expressions, they seem very in character and is really funny. Also the coats are really well done! The fabric looks great! 
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