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The foot on the left seems a little off. I think it twists too far up compared to the kneecap. You could move the knee left or roll the...



Jazzie #drawthisinyourstyle
Miss Jazz Dafunk on Facebook wanted to see her character in everyone else’s style. It was a fun little challenge.   
Jazzie belongs to…
I've been playing a werewolf roleplay game with friends for the last few months. This is my character. There's a few japanese words in here. I used Google to translate them so, sorry if they're waaaaaay off.

Character Description:

    Val'scor is a member of the Stargazers tribe. He knows sign language and Japanese. He can often understand others through their actions and tone when language barriers arise.
    Val'scor is an unusual Garou. His breed form (lupus) has many characteristics one would expect to see in a fox, not a wolf. Most noticable is his small size. He is just bearly larger than a coyote and has an equally light build. His ears are larger than they should be and he has a long bushy tail. His ever watchful eyes have slit pupils instead of round.
    Val'scor's appearence compliments his fighting style or perhaps directs it. He perfers to use cunning, speed and stealth, not brute force. He observes and studies every detail of everything around him in an attempt to use any advantage he can find. Even the behaviors of packmates is part of his analysis. He'll use any opportunity that presents itself to get inside someone's head. If he's watching, you can be sure his planning and he is always watching.

    Val'scor is familiar with many martial arts and eastern melee weapons. His main focus when fighting is to disable/subdue his opponent. Killing is only an option, not a goal. He finds the savage nature of Garous unappealing. This philosophy often leads to strife with others, so he usually remains silent on the matter. Being a stranger among his own kind is nothing new.

It Begins:

   I am the one always watching. As a cub I was alone in a field, watching the wind move the grass in slow waves. How I got there and why, I do not know. All I knew was my name: Val'scor. That is how he found me; Sensei.
    I never fit in with my pack. The younglings mocked me for my appearance. The Elders...they ostracized me for it. They didn't have time for a small wolf who was so far behind his peers, or so they would say. They forgot however, these large ears did more than distort my face. I knew they didn't approve of my presence among them. "Totsuzen", they called me. First when my back was turned. But their tactfulness was short. The Elders would have been rid of me if they could, but Sensei wouldn't allow it. He was respected or perhaps, feared by them. His bazaar behavior kept everyone off balance. More than once I suspected he kept me around merely to anger the Elders. They would argue with him often on matters of all kinds. He too had earned a nickname,"Kurutta". He would laugh madly at the sound of it until the Elders would turn in disgust. Then he would wink an eye at me and whisper, "Kitsune no yō ni".

    The other younglings progressed quickly. One by one they learned to shift. After they had, their training increased. They were so proud of their new "power". They learned to use their "hands" to master many weapons. They scoffed at me as I watched them move through their many fighting forms. But I had no time for their hazing. Every move, every stance, every block, every parry, every strike, every mistake, I watched them all. In my mind I practiced each endlessly. I would be ready when the time came, when I changed. Then it would be my turn to hone these skills.

    Our pack needed to begin a long journey to a distant land. The Elders wouldn't say why, not even Sensei. It was something of great importance. I could see the concern in their eyes. We passed through the land "Toshi", a strange place infested with "Monkī" and the "Norimono" they road upon or within. We eventually arrived at "Umi", a vast lake that reached from one horizon to the other. The smell of salt filled the air. I had heard stories of it but never believed them to be true. There was little time to stand in awe of it. We quickly boarded a great metal beast called, "Fune". It became our den for many weeks. The rooms we hid in were always moving making it difficult to stand. Beyond the cold metal walls I could hear the sounds of rolling thunder in a endless rhythm. Finally we reached the far side of Umi. My relief was short lived. Our metal den was moved to the back of "Ressha". This great metal serpent carried us deep into this new land. The familiar odors of stone and metal, that filled Toshi, were here as well. As Ressha slithered through the land, these scents faded with each passing arc of the sun.

    Our journey at last came to an end in a place called, "Montana". This land was so foreign. The trees, mountains, even the horizon itself, everything was different. Only the stars remained the same. Prey was plentiful. The forest was endless. The air was so clear a single breath gave the strength of ten.  All my doubts about the Elders' decision to embark on this journey soon faded. This land was new to me but I quickly considered it home.

    This euphoria was short lived. It was midday. Sensei was teaching me the "Rite of The Questing Stone". My paws were to clumsy to be of much use, so I could do little more than watch. From outside Sensei's tent came an alarm howl.  We rushed out to see several dark Norimono charging into our camp. Their rolling feet tore through the grass, kicking up a wall of debris in their wake. The moment they stopped, Monkī armed with "Raifuru", burst out like hornets. The Elders tried to hold them, but there were too many. The crack of the Raifuru filled the air as my packmates fell to their invisible bolts. Sensei shifted to his greatest form, towering above me. I stood ready to fight and die by his side. But then he grabbed me by the back of my neck. Wrenching me towards his menacing maw he howled, "Īe, kore wa anata no mokutekide wa arimasen!". He then spun, throwing me far towards the treeline.  I heard him growl, "Hashiru!", as I hit the ground and rolled to a stop. As I tried to get up, I felt a sharp sting in my side. Before I could look to the cause, two more struck on my other side. The world began to blur and fade. My legs failed me and I fell again. The last thing I could hear was the mad laughter of Sensei amid the thundering cracks of Raifuru fire and the screaming Monkī.

    I awoke in a strange room. Its walls are clear like those I had seen in the land Toshi, but these are too strong to be broken. There are others here, prisoners like me. Some wolfs, some not. For now there is little I can do but wait and see what will become of me. Until then, I'll keep watching, always watching.  


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