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Date Joined: May 26, 2014
Current Funds: 3 St

Merits: 1
Strikes: 0


Species: Purrloin
Nature: Serious
-Characteristic: Alert to sounds
Gender: Male                    Age: ???
Ability: Unburden

Strength: 2                  Agility: 3
Intelligence:  4             Charisma: 2

Total Points Left: 1/10
Type Bonus: Dark -> Intelligence

Fury Swipes
--Casel simply scratches the opponent over and over at a high speed.
--Casel’s hands glow blue and he is able to use any of Kochak’s moves, or other allies if there are any near.
--Casel’s tail becomes cloaked in darkness as he whacks his opponent with it.
--Casel’s eyes glow blue and he slowly hisses, somehow making the opponent unable to use the same move twice in a row.


-Emb Vest
----Description: Casel’s vest which he customized using an Accessory Voucher from Task 1.

-Apricorn Ocarina
----Description: Casel received this from Gavina after completing the search for the Subseed dungeon. Playing it allows him to use Grass Whistle, although he can play it without any special effects.

----Description: Blank spot.


Species: Seviper
Nature: Jolly
-Characteristic: Hates to lose
Gender: Male                    Age: ???
Ability: Infiltrator

Strength: 3                  Agility: 2
Intelligence:  3             Charisma: 2

Total Points Left: 2/10
Type Bonus: Poison -> Intelligence

--Kochak snares the opponent with his tail. He usually hits them on the ground rather than squeezing them, although it is unclear why he does it in this way. He also uses it to quickly drag Casel around, much to Casel’s protest.
--Kochak narrows his eyes and gives is opponent a harsh glare, his eyes red. This temporarily paralyzes the opponent.
--Kochak lets out a harsh cry that startles the opponent.
--Well duh. He bites them.


-Riol Glove
----Description: Kochak’s glove that he customized using an Accessory Voucher from Task 1.

-Template Scarf (Red)
----Description: Kochak’s scarf which he bought after Errand 10.

----Description: Blank spot.

========== WRITTEN TEST ==========

"Hey... New, are you?"

The Purrloin and Seviper stop as they hear this question. They turn to see a pretty Servine leaning against a wall, her snout down so that her hat shades her eyes from the bright afternoon sun. "Hmm, stupid question. ’Course you are, I saw you sign in. Admittedly I'm not great with this meet and greet stuff, so how about exchanging names to start things off? You first."

The Purrloin seems a bit confused by this sudden prompt, but the Seviper quickly heads over to meet this inquirer. “Hi there! I’m Kochak!” His fanged mouth spreads into a wide grin as he answers the Servine’s question. He turns his head towards his partner as he calls, “Hey! Casel! Come here!”

The Purrloin walks over to stand beside his partner. ”Hmm, Casel, is it?” The Servine asks with an indifferent manner. The Purrloin nods lightly and responds, “Yes. I’m Casel.” He still seems a bit wary of this stranger. "Ahh, that's great. Yeah, when you said your name just then, it had that... that ‘zing’. It means you're serious about this, yeah? As for me, my name's Teresa. I'm what you'd call a Guild Assistant, which makes me your Serperior." she responds with a grin.

“Ha ha! Great joke!” The Seviper laughs as he responds. Teresa just barely blushes and grins as she says, "You know, you don't have to be so polite. I don't really care about rank and file, but I do care about honesty. If I tell a joke and it sucks, feel free to roll your eyes." The Seviper shakes his head and says, “No, it was good!” He keeps grinning.

Teresa grins again and asks, “So what brings you here, anyway? You from out of town, or...?" The Seviper grins wider and replies, “I came here to join the Explorers! Ever since I heard about them I’ve wanted to!” His eyes fill with awe and determination. “Luke is so awesome. I want to be as good as him someday!”

“And what about you?” Teresa questions, facing Casel. The Purrloin turns his head away as he says quietly, “…no reason.” Teresa seems a bit curious. Not wanting to offend Casel, she asks, “Touchy subject, eh?” The Purrloin does not respond.

Still seeming a bit curious, the Servine says, "Cool, cool... Well, whatever the case, you've got a name in mind for your group, right? I didn't get a chance to check your papers, but I do want to get more familiar with our rookie members when I have the time. I'm kinda new to this whole assistant thing, honestly."

Kochak seems happy that Teresa is interested in their Team and replies, “We’re Team Celestral!” Teresa cocks her head and says, “Don’t you mean ‘Team Celestial?’” The Seviper responds by shaking his head and saying, “No, we’re Team Celestral. Lotsa Pokémon think we’re Celestial. But we’re Celestral.” His smile still goes unwavering, even through Teresa’s mistake.

“Team Celestral.”  The Servine grins. "There's that "zing" again. Feels good to know we've got Pokémon like you joining our Guild. I guess Cassidy wasn't exaggerating when he said the standouts just keep pouring in. Just don't get cocky - confidence is good, but overconfidence in a dungeon is a quick way to get yourself in trouble, along with everyone else in your party."

They nod, Kochak’s nod far more obvious than Casel’s slight nod. “You got that right,” Kochak agreed seriously. “Of course,” was Casel’s response.

Teresa seems to remember something and asks, "Oh right, this is very important - why did you want to become an Explorer, hm? Just curious..." Kochak grins wide again and says, “Luke has always been my idol. I want to be strong like him and my brother.” Casel says with a careful manner, “I joined because Kochak wanted me to.” He cocks his head slightly and asks, “Why is it important?” The Servine seems a bit embarrassed as she responds, “I’m supposed to ask all rookies these questions. Part of being a Guild Assistant, I guess.” Casel nods. “Ah, I see.”

Teresa seems to notice something behind them and begins talking faster than usual. "...Because ultimately, the people come first, yeah? There's lots of food in the dungeons, and materials for clothing and medicine! When we go out and find that stuff, it means everyone here gets to have dinner. I mean, you know that, obviously, but just don't forget!"

Casel and Kochak seem a bit caught off guard by this minor outburst. “Y-yeah.” Kochak stammers. “O-of course.” Casel responds, a bit confused.

The Servine clears her throat.  "N-not to sound standoffish, but what exactly do you do, anyway? What skills or talents do you have to offer the Guild? Everyone's good at something, I think."

“Uh, we-”  “Um-”

Teresa quickly interrupts. "I can just feel it, you do what you do and do it with everything you've got. 'Cause in this guild, when a giver gives, then the giver gets... gotten... gets give-- eh, well you get what you give, or something. Whatever, it's written down on that big plaque in the Guild hall. Just do your best and come see me if you need any help."

The Servine walks briskly away. She turns back, giving them a little wave. She goes quickly to another group of new recruits nearby, no doubt asking them the same questions. The life of a Guild Assistant must be a busy one.
Their drawn application is here :D:…

(seh-LEST-rull) "rull" rhymes with "bull"   ///  It can also be pronounced (seh-LEST-RALL) "rall" rhymes with "ball"

Note: We're NOT Team CeleSTIAL. We are CeleSTRAL. XD

The song that best describes them:…

This Team is free for cameos, but please give me a link here if you do. :D


Purrloin, Male
Casel is a quiet Pokémon, who doesn't say much unless asked his opinion, or if he is insulted. He is the type that doesn't take trash, and always stands up for his opinions. He originally wanted to be a Hunter.
Casel keeps his past mostly secret. He wandered into Andalusst from the fog to the west.

Seviper, Male
Kochak is a jokester, making quirky comments even in serious moments. He isn't much of a fighter, but if he sees a mission he wants to do, he'll do it, dragging Casel behind if necessary. He is a very determined Pokémon that wants Team Celestral to be famous.
He has never spoken about his past.


:bulletred: Missions :bulletred: NOTE: The ones with * beside them are drawn, not written.
Mission 1: (Team was not formed yet)

:bulletpurple: Tasks :bulletpurple:
Task 1 : Part 1:… *
             Part 2:… *

:bulletgreen: Errands :bulletgreen:
Errands 1-5: (Team was not formed yet.)
Errand 6:… *

:bulletblue: Other Stories :bulletblue:
Intro Story: Has been postponed due to the announcement of Task 1.

:bulletyellow: RPs :bulletyellow:
Scarves, Pumpkins, and Random Deinos:…


Rewards: Apricorn Ocarina (Task 1, Part 1)
               Accessory Vouchers x2 (Task 1, Part 2) USED
               1 Star Coin (General Task)
               1 Star Coin (Errand 6)
               1 Star Coin (Errand 7)
               1 Star Coin (Errand 8)
               1 Star Coin (Errand 9)
               1 Star Coin (Errand 10)
               Template Scarf (-5 Star Coins)
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