Pumpkins, Scarves, and Random Deinos

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:bulletred: Warning: This RP is mainly dialogue. :bulletred:

Casel was wandering around in Subseed a few days after the first Tasks. He was gathering leaves for Kochak (no idea why), when he noticed a small Castform a few yards away from him.

Casel: ?
*watches from a distance*

???: *is floating around aimlessly*
QnQ “I am lost…”

Casel: ??? *seems confused and walks over*
"You're lost?"

???: *jumps, scared* O.O
“You scared the living day lights out of me! Yes, I am lost.” QnQ

Casel: *looks perplexed*
*points to the left*
"But Andalusst is right there... You can see it through the trees..."

???: ^^; “Oh....y-you’re right....I well...I am not from here. I lived somewhere else, but I moved here.”

Casel: "...I see. Do you live in the town?"

???: “Well, I moved here, so yeah...” ^^;
*changes to Rain Forme* “Oh, it is going to rain soon!”

Casel: *muttering under his breath* “Well how was I supposed to know if you lived in the town or the forest?”
*looks up at the gray sky*
"So it is."

???: *hears whispering coming from somewhere behind it*
*turns around* “Huh? What was that?”
*whispering ceases*

?!?!: "Probably just a Bug Pokémon."

Formio: *shivers* “Eck, I don’t like bugs. My name is Formio, by the way.”

Casel: "Pleased to meet you. But who said anything about bugs?"

Formio: “You said it, didn’t you?”
*it starts to rain* “We should get inside.”

Casel: *shakes head*
"I didn't say anything."
*walks under a tree*

Formio: “Hmm. Okay then.”
*goes under the same tree*
“And what is your name?”

Casel: “Casel.”
*watching the rain*

Formio: *smiles* “That’s a very nice name. Hey, if you stay under me, I can bring us home without you getting wet.” :D

"I don't mind the rain."

*there's a crash from behind them*

Formio: “WHAT WAS THAT!?” O.O

*fog suddenly covers the clearing*

Formio: O.O *is a little scared* “W-what is going on here?”


*random Deino falls from the sky*

Casel: "What the?!"
Formio: *screams, scared* *turns into Hail Forme and charges up Ice Beam*


Casel: *uses Assist and begins to charge Ice Beam*

Deino: "AAAH NO! IT'S NOT ME!" *ducks the Ice Beams*

*the Ice Beams freeze everything in their paths, even the falling rain midair*
*mini hail pellets hit Deino*

Deino: "Ow ow ow"

Casel: *slaps him in the face with Pursuit*

Deino: "OWWW!"

Formio: *approaches Deino*
“That’s it. I will finish this now.”
* becomes colder and charges up a final Ice Beam*

*flees into the brush and out of sight*

*as the beam hits the ground, the ground instantly freezes in a radius of a quarter mile*
Casel: *backflips and lands in a tree*

Formio: *floats over the frozen ground* “D-did I do that?” O.O

Casel: "Yes you did."
*seems a bit impressed*

Formio: O.O “Wow…”

Casel: *starts jumping through the trees*

Formio: *follows* “What do you think that was?”

Casel: "No idea. As far as I know, Deinos can't use Mist."

Formio: “Oh, okay, I see.” –o–  “I still feel all stiff from the Ice Beam.”

Casel: "Are you cold, or are you exhausted?"

Formio: “Both, actually.” ^^;

Casel: "Makes sense."
*starts collecting sticks and leaves*

Formio: “What’cha doing?

Casel: "Making a fire."

Formio: :? “Shouldn’t we go home instead?”

Casel: “I don’t have a house. But you can go home.”

Formio: “Oh, really? Well, you could come over to mine and stay the night.” :D

Casel: “…”

Formio: “Did I say something wrong?”

Casel: “No, you didn't… I just wouldn't want to impose."

Formio: “Oh no you don’t, come now. I have plenty of space~” :D

Casel: *hesitates, then reluctantly follows*

A few minutes later…

“So here we are, home sweet home!” :D

Casel: *glances around*
"Nice home." *seems uncomfortable*

Formio: “Thank you~!” :D “So what can I get you for dinner?”

Casel: *seems startled* “N-nothing! I-I'm fine."

Formio: :? “You sure? I have Basculin and everything.”

Casel: *shakes his head* "N-no, but thank you."

Formio: “Okay then, your call, but I will eat some eggs and bacon.” *floats out of the room*

Casel: *looks out the window* *thinking: “...I guess he doesn’t know that’s illegal here...”*

Formio: *returns with food* “You sure you don’t want any?” *starts to eat*

Casel: "I-I'm fine. Thank you, though." *continues watching rain*

Formio: *eats up* “Mmm, that was good. Hey, is everything okay? You look concerned.” :(

Casel: "I'm just wondering where all that fog came from..."

Formio: “…I don’t know…”

Casel: "Me either, I'm pretty sure Deinos can't learn Mist, so it couldn't have been him. Although I do wonder what he was doing..."

Formio: “Dunno, but we scared him off.” :D “Ehehe, he will never bother us again~”

Casel: *smiles* “True that.”

Formio: “Good. Then, if ya wanna stay the night, you can have the bed, I’ll sleep on the sofa.” :D

Casel: *seems startled* "St-stay the night!! I couldn't!"

Formio: “Yes you can~”

Casel: "I-I appreciate your offer, but--"

*Kochak flings open the door*

Formio: “WHAT THE HECK?!” O.O

Kochak: "Sorry…Th-there was... a Gengar." *panting*

Formio: “WHO IS THAT?!”

Casel: "Sorry, this is Kochak." -_-‘
*faces Kochak* "What were you THINKING?!"

Formio: *becomes Sunny Forme* “Oh, nice to meet you!” ^,^

Kochak *suddenly perks up* "Hi there! I'm Kochak." :D

Casel: *sighs*

Formio: “I’m Formio!” :D

Kochak: "Hi Formio!! Why do you have a pumpkin on your couch?" :?

Casel: "?"

Formio: “Heh? Wut?” :?

Kochak: "There's a pumpkin!" XD

Casel: *looks* "There's no pumpkin."

Kochak: *seems confused* "Yes there is."

Formio: *turns towards Casel* “What is he talking about?”

Casel: "I have no idea."

Kochak: "There's a pumpkin! You guys don't see it?" *seems very confused*

Formio: “Dude, I think your snaky friend is crazy...” ^^;

Casel: *seems worried* "He's normally not like this. Something might be wrong."

Formio: “He seems confused.”

Kochak: *ducks nothing* "Pumpkins everywhere!!!" :o

Casel: "I think you have the answer, Formio. He's confused."

Formio: “Okay, wait a moment, I have something in my chest.”
*floats over to my chest and gets berries out*

Casel: "He needs a Persim."

Kochak: *stops* "I'm confused?"

Casel: "Yes, you are."

Kochak: "I bet it was the Gengar!"

Formio: “I know, I know.” *gives a Persim Berry to Casel*

*a sudden bright light flashes*

Formio: @.@ “I looked directly into it, argh my eyes!”

Casel: "Looked directly into what?"

Kochak: *bites A PUMPKIN*

Formio: :iconfacepalmplz: “The light flash, I looked into it.”

Casel: "What light flash?" *seems worried*

Kochak: *staring at a pumpkin*

Formio: *rubs eyes* “Nevermind. Also, I think the Berry didn’t work.”

Casel: "He hasn't eaten the berry yet, he seems very intent on staring at the floor."

Formio: *notices a pumpkin on the couch*
O.O “There IS a pumpkin!!”

Casel: "Where?!" *looks at the couch*
"I don't see it..." *seems nervous*

Formio: “But there is!” O.O

Casel: Casel: *sighs* "Then either I or you are Confused also."
Formio: “Well, I dunno. Well then.” *uses Rest and falls asleep*

Casel: "Um.."

Kochak: *suddenly sits up straight and looks around* "No pumpkins!!" :boogie:

Formio: *still asleep, snoring loudly*

Casel: "The confusion must have worn off then. Now we just need to figure out if I'm confused, because if Formio had it, it would have gone away when he used Rest."

Kochak: "Good point. If you have a sudden urge to fling yourself into a wall, don't."

Casel: *looks at Kochak like 'seriously?'*

Formio: *wakes up slowly, recovered from confusion*

Casel: "You ok?"

Kochak: "No pumpkins!!" :happybounce:

Formio: “He’s right, no pumpkins!”  =D

Casel: *looks around* "Well, I'm not seeing any pumpkins either, so none of us are Confused. Good."

Kochak: "No pumpkinssss~" :boogie:

Formio: *searches my chest* “Ah here they are, Persim Scarves!”

Kochak: :squee: "SCAAAAAAAARRRRRRFFFFF!!!!!!!!!"

“Yep yep, here you two go!” *gives Casel and Kochak Persim Scarves*

Casel: "…thanks."

Kochak: "YAAAAAY SCARF!!!!!!" :squee:

Formio: “No problem, they are very warm and so cozy~”

Kochak: "Scarrrfffff~...." :love:

Casel: "Why are you so obsessed with it?"

Kochak: "Because it's a scarrrrffff~...." :love:

Formio: “He is quite the odd one.” ^^; “Still, I can’t blame him.”

Casel: *shrugs*

Formio: “Wanna have even more scarves??”

Kochak: "Nooo, I have a scarf..." :love:

Casel: "Ignore him. Sometimes that's the best thing to do." ^^;

Formio: ^^; “Heheh, yeah. Oh well. Now let’s find out what that Confusion was all about.”

Casel: *walks outside and glances around*

Formio: “…seems to be nothing here...”

Casel: “Hm. At least the fog is gone.”

Formio: “that is very true... Still, I think we should stay awake for tonight... In case someone tries to attack.”

Casel: *nods* "Seems like Kochak might stay inside, though."

Formio: “Alright. I will do the first guard for tonight.”

Casel: "No, you sleep. I'll watch."

Formio: “OKAY then, if you say so.”

Casel: "I'm a night owl. Go sleep."

Formio: “Okay then... Be careful and wake us up if something happens.”

Casel: *nods*

Formio: *goes inside again*
*falls back on his bed* “Geez, what a day...” *asleep within seconds*
*wakes from sunlight. The night has passed.*
*streches* “Oh man, such a deep sleep~”
*sees Casel speaking to Kochak outside.*

Casel: *notices and waves at Formio to come here.*

Formio: *smiles and gets up, floating outside to them*

Casel: “Well, no one came last night. And the fog didn't return.”

Formio: “That is very good to hear.” :D

Casel: *nods* “I have a feeling they won't be back for a long while.”

Formio: “Thank heavens~”

Kochak: *suddenly looks up* *eyes grow wide*

Formio: “What is it?”

Kochak: *eyes still growing wider* “I... I think....”

Casel: “Great.” *facepalm*

Formio: “You can do that?”

Casel: *turns towards Formio*
*sighs* “I guess this is goodbye for a while.”

Formio: “What?”

Kochak: *snares Casel with his tail* TAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*shoots away, dragging Casel*

Formio: *waves slowly as they leave*

Casel: *gives an annoyed wave back as they disappear into the city*

Only then did Formio notice that they had forgotten the scarves.
This was an RP with my dear friend :iconomnisubwave:~

Team Celestral:…

Formio the Castform belongs to :iconomnisubwave:~
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