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Bite-Sized Treats Halloween Unicorn Raffle!

It's the week of HALLOWEEN and I have some treats for you! I try to do a free Unicorn raffle at least once a year near the end of the year, and this year it's a big raffle for little Unicorns! I recently made a "bite-sized" unicorn base for this purpose (I might make more for sale later) but for now have your fun-sized Unicorns in a variety pack! RAFFLE INFO: Sign-Up period: Sign up with the included form (see below) between Oct 24th-28th to be included. You must agree to my Nicky Unicorn Adopt Rules so make sure to read them! Raffle Start Date: Oct 29th! It will likely run for a few days, as explained below. How the raffle drawing process will work: Everyone's raffle entries will go into one big pool and I will draw a number one at a time (via a random number generator). That person has 12 HOURS to respond with the adopt they want before we draw the next winner. The next winner will have the remaining adopts to pick from, and so on. If you miss your 12 hour window, you can


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Page Deco

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Things for Me

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Landscape/Background Tutorial


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Free Aesthetic boards

I made some mood boards some time ago to help me with getting ideas for customs etc, but I never used most of them, so I wanted to share them with you guys >v< Because I do not own the images themselves, you do not need to credit me or anything if you do use them~ Though if you wanted to in order to avoid confusion / multiple people using the same then you can do - its up to you! Feel free to use them for anything that you like I want to add, I knwo not everyone is comfortable with aesthetic adopts - but please, when referencing them, use them as you would any inspiration, drawing inspiration but  


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Free Clip Studio Paint foliage brushset


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P2U Pumpkin Base Set


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Art Fight 2020 Spice Template


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Commissions: currently closed

---please see featured comment below to claim a slot --- Hello! Thank you for your interest in my commissions! All payments are in US Dollars, via paypal. ALL MY COMMISSIONS ARE FOR PERSONAL, NON-COMMERCIAL USE. Please see any of the linked documents for lots of examples and for my “Important information” which includes subjects and characters I will not draw. Thank you! Current price list and some additional details (read each "read me" for each type for info and examples): Full Body (full color, no bg): $45 one character, $60 two characters together. Please ask about upgrading sketches I've drawn for you in the past to full color. Read more about my full body artwork here! ACEOs: $15 full color one character (can put two ACEOs together for a couple, $30). $10 for a 2-color ACEO (can put two aceos together for a couple, $20) Read more about my ACEOs here! Sketches: Full body: $12 for one character, $18 for couple. Half body: $8. Busts: $5 single, $8 couple, $12 trio. Read more

Commission Info Etc

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Art trades! OPEN

OKAy Commissions are great but I'd also love to get some art of my bbys too <3 So I'll be taking a few art trades (though I will go one at a time so I don't get overwhelmed! So I may still approach you for a trade later on if you're up for it!) What I'm offering: CHIBIS or BUSTS <3 Trade conditions: -We will be trading same for same! So if you want a chibi, I'd get a chibi for example! -I'd like if we were on at least similar-ish levels of art to be fair! -I prefer digital art, traditional art would have to be scanned, no camera pictures! -We will only exchange files when we're both finished! We can show previews, but the full im

Trade Journals Etc

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Introducing! Crystal Knights!

They're here! Crystal Knight companions for your Animamate! You've been teased with Jun, Bryce and Galen, but now they're officially open to all! Cost to buy a Knight: 25 Crystal Points To submit your Knight for approval, send a NOTE to the GROUP with the title "(your gemstone) Knight", along with the STASHED image of him, and a tally of any points you have used to create him. Once approved, you can then submit them to the Group's "Knights" folder. Prerequisites: ~ You MUST have completed your first senshi's reference sheet ~ You MUST have completed at least Five (5) Group Side Quests (These do NOT include Flash Quests OR Events/Story Quests) ~Must have completed at least 3 Story Quests, including the Knight Introduction Quest: "Story Quest 13: Revenge and Reinforcements" in order for them to be canon within the story! Find it here: Rules ~ You must have a completed reference


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Dexette - Hybrid trait sheet

----------------------------------------------------------- Please refer to our new digital guide for ease! ALSO NOTE: We have scrapped the following traits for Dexettes Lockette Collars Lockette weapons Lockette chains Dextroluma regions Dextroluma color rarity Dextroluma Necrosis trait * There is nothing stopping you from adding a collar just for matching, same goes for weapons, matching colors and giving them black eyes! ----------------------------------------------------------- Traits  COMMON The basic needs for a Dexette RARE Detailed alterations, leaning away from basic design ADMIN Available only for use from admins  MUTAT


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Kagiana Academy Jackets


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Kamitsune Nose and Eye type Examples


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Witch Bone Welcome Sign

Ved'ma Kosti

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It will be a free unlimited -You can only receive one .Please do not claim for others NO rare traits available for this time around♥ ♥Make sure to join the group♥ #GuardGoilz ( (♥ If you have any questions, make sure to read through the group QnA and INFO to see if its been answered)♥ THERE IS NO TIME LIMIT, So take as much time as you need for designing♥ The MasterList: (Be aware...thats its just lil ol me running my masterlist rn , So it might take a second for everyone to be in there, but I promise you all will uvu~)(I will be doing my very best to answer everyone within a reasonable time as wel


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Ocean Soul Unicorn

Dream Designs

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Haunting Beauty Unicorn Auction CLOSED

Gorgeous Babes

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after fifty-fife years it's nice to know


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Dextroluma Features | March 2020

The features for the month of March! Dextroluma of the month | March Belongs to SoiLotus ( ♥ Art created by Lunathyst ( ♥ Original design by Chixerii ( :thumb831414505::thumb828471422: Syndra is a beautiful Dextro with a wonderfully compelling story surrounding her. Since she was created shes received a wonderful amount of love and care. We loved picking out this Dextroluma to be featured and shown off to the community. Her wonderfulyl unique design and her beautiful story, shes a well loved Dextroluma that deserves to be given the spotlight <3 Rewards: If you draw this Dextroluma you will gain 30 Crystals! Admin Dextrolum

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Broken Heart

Art of My Designs or On My Bases

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