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iOS 5 Notification Growl

iOS 5 style notification, includes rotate and rotate out animations just like on the iPhone.
Both White and Black versions are included in the download.

Animation Preview: [link]

Instructions: set the Growl notification duration to 5 seconds to view the roll out animation correctly.

Last update: 16/11/11, longer text lines are now cut off with ellipsis instead of wrapping around.
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Hi skyjohn! can you give us steps  how to do this that work in windows please? thanks..Super like it!
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I didn't know you could get Growl themes on this site.
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Could you make this theme work for Growl for Windows? [link]
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Sorry I don't use Windows, but any is free to use anything i've made to update it for other applications.
Hi SkyJohn, nice idea. I've made a slightly cleaned up version (mostly css and html) with one important alteration, I've removed the '-webkit-perspective declaration' which was making the text blurry. This new version is nice and crisp: [link]
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is it possible if you could make this work on the ios 5 iphone device?
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what mono said. good work though!
Thanks for the updates. Keep up the good work, and ignore the haters!
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animated .png? that doesnt work
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Excuse me?

This theme only uses .css
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Great job! I've only one issue with Growltunes that shows me dots instead of names, but maybe it's a growltunes problem! thank you!!!!
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why the theme white notification, the text is kind of blur ???
nicely done works great. thx also to cultofmac for the link
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Thank you, and cultofmac on youtube. cause that's what brought me here. great animation thanks for the graphics
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Thanks for the time invested on this. Awesome.
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the sharpness is very horrible on my macbook pro. can you fix it?
Fantastic Style!
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Brilliant theme. Love it :D
This is by a clear mile THE superior iOS 5 Growl theme, and I've tried several. In fact, it is one of the best Growl themes, period. Outstanding work, John.

One little issue. I'm using this theme with a RSS reader (Socialite). Often, article titles are two lines long. When they are, this theme clips off the bottoms of letters with low stems (like "p" and "y") on the second line. It's a small issue, but since this theme is otherwise perfect, I guess more glaring.

Perhaps you could handle those instances the way that iOS 5 does (if memory serves)? Limit titles/bolded text to one line, using an ellipsis to mark a line to be continued. That would allow a second line of unbolded, "body" text; you can use an ellipsis to mark a line that continues beyond that second line, too.

Or, would Socialite have to send it to Growl like that (I know next to nothing about this kinda stuff)? I understand that even if it IS implementable, it might entail too much work for something that you give away.

In any case, please know that even as it stands, this is my Growl theme of choice. Thanks.
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