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Leandro S
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I am a Cuban-Born American Artist who likes to draw creepy stuff and people with swords or other weaps. During my freetime I either draw, play video games, write, or do witchcraft. I like touch cat flesh with my bear hands, because cats are cool, even though my own cat doesn’t let me touch his cat flesh. What a traitor. Currently working on my webcomic: “Porcelain”

Lurking by Skyhornet

A cursed girl, Isabelle enters the ancient and magical world of Oculig, a land frozen in time, it’s inhabitants petrified, but with her very presence she brought life, time, and change to the world. But change comes at a price, for no one know what lurks within the unknown.

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I was challenged by my friend Lizzysky to write 8 facts about Isabelle. And so I will because she is a pretty cool person so yeah. :P

Isabeth by Skyhornet

8 Random Facts:
Isabelle Quellkin Agnes

There are much more interesting things of Isabelle which I cannot speak of here because of spoiler.

1) What Is Isabelle?: Isabelle is a "Linker" an Ombrim (Which means mankind, which includes humans) which acts as a key between worlds. Whenever she sleeps, she brings change to the magical land of Oculig and she would get a dream of them before they suddenly appear in the world. By bringing change, she brings purpose to the land of Oculig, which at first, was frozen in time when Isabelle entered, however... not everybody wants to change.

2) Clothing Style: Isabelle's golden marks (which will be reworked) are actually completely attached to her skin, meaning that she is literally naked when you see her with them. Isabelle does not like her linker powers and is really self-conscious about it, so she covers her body from head to toe, with the exception of her face. 

3) Childhood: Before she became a Linker, and when Isabelle was just 12, Isabelle got extremely sick from a terrible plague which was spread by toads. She survived it but a ton of her peers, friends, and family members died from it. She was one of the few survivors, and it wasn't without a cost, due to the stress that was put on her body, she is only able to live up to nineteen years. In an attempt to escape from this reality, she left her world and entered Oculig instead. Luckily, due to the magic-sensitive nature of Oculig, she is able to live a bit longer. But the consequences of her decision will come back to haunt her.

4) The Pink ribbon: Isabelle's ribbon which she ties to her hair was given to her by her parents. It is the only thing she uses to remember her family while in the land of Oculig.

5) Home: Isabelle lives with Amora, Kriemhild, and Oculin (King of Trempetum, I've never drawn him) in the Vog of Trempetum, which is the HUGE ships which carry castles which can be seen in some of my artwork. She occasionally goes with Amora and Kriemhild, on their private Regal Vog to find some of the new things that appeared in Oculig through Isabelle's Linker magic. Amora also teaches Isabelle magic, and they would occasionally go to the marketplace in Navelwood to get goodies. She was welcomed by Oculin to stay with her daughters because Isabelle brought change, and he cherished change, especially after Oculig was frozen in time and stone, which was his own fault...

6) Social Skills: Due to her traumatic experiences of her childhood, it is really hard for Isabelle to make friends. She isn't socially awkward or anything, but she fears attachment to other people because she fears to lose them just like she lost her family. However, in the first part of the story, Amora is the only one who she is really friends with, even though she sometimes tries to separate herself from her because of her fears. Later in the story after a bunch of spoilery things which I cannot say happens, she begins to cherish friendship as she meets others.

7) Fighting StyleIsabelle is very flexible and later becomes really good at acrobatics but isn't that physically strong and must fight with wit and cleverness. Her sword, the Oculadion, is extremely light and very sharp (so sharp that a line of light traces the tip of its blade) which is perfect for her fighting style. She later gets other weapons which I will not speak of yet. She would occasionally use magic, however, her magic insight is very limited for a large portion of the story. Finally, she is able to open void doors in the air, allowing her to teleport from place to place, a power which is connected with her Linker status.

8) Etymology: Isabelle's middle name, Quellkin, means "Source Child" or "Cascade Child" which is fitting for her role as a Linker, who brings change and is the source of change in Oculig.


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