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cold hands, warm heart
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Misc Emoji (Happy Birthday Bunny n Bear) [PMotes] by Jerikuto
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Happy Birthday! Have your cake and eat it too
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Happy Birthday!~^^
May all your wishes and dreams come true.Eating Collection.6 
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Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true :star:
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hi Nysha :) How have you been these days? 
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Copied and pasted to as many ppl as possible that I love. Yea.. hiatus is actually real this time.- Hey you are amazing and thanks for being a great friend to me on DA <33 I will be leaving da for a bit but I'll never forget any of the memories I've had with any of you. This site actually is bringing me a bit of sadness because I spend too many hours helping people online and putting peoples needs before me plus I will be involved in alot of clubs in college that involve helping people as well as going to first year of college and helping out alot in the community and pursuing my love of activism and helping others and teaching people to love life and be kind and diversity and acceptance and inspiring offline more like I did before. I used to only use da and help people with my Motivation positivity Wellness page as a side thing yet its a huge part of me. Now I act like its the only thing that makes up me and its not. I'm more than just a happy colourful optimistic hyper spiritual hippie dork . I won't delete my account I will be back someday just not very soon I'm so sorry. Bless you all and u hope you are all safe and happy enjoying life. If you need to add me ass me on Skype : eleni.Stefanidis or faxebook: eleni Juliette Stefanidis whwre i post most my community outreach and ways of helpjng people tgings and posts about diversity love and coexisting or subscribe to my YouTube channel at livelovelifeeleni for updates and this inspiring YouTube project I'm pursuing as being a director in college . I've come to the point where I compare MYSELF to people:-( and seeing other or actually more people who like to help others or are positive.. Since I was 13 I felt this has been my thing too..I just feel not so unique or special now either and my anxiety causes me to check da almost everyday. At 16 I was living my dream helpin people of all age feeling this amazing high..getting fanart and now I kindakinda now just feel like a robot. The kind person is still me but I need to find something new to be passionate about that involves helping people. Please don't be sad and keep on trying to make the most of life and help others and be happy thata all I want .in your everyday life I hope u can apply the actions of kindness and compassion onto others and not just be nice on DA but offline too. Da may be gone one day. Anyways I'll always remember this account. I won't deactivate it tho .you to be the change and help.people and yourself I love u all so much. See you soon <3-love, eleni 
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hi sweetie!
i am so sad to hear that you are leaving!! you have been such a wonderful presence on DA and such a lovely friend to me, i will miss you dearly. you are always so bright & happy and it really has made a difference to people (and me!) so please don't feel sad, that's the last thing you should feel :-(

i love you girl and if you ever come back make sure to say hi okay!
otherwise, i wish you the best, don't lose your personality you are the best sweetie!