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Blank Mass Effect Character Sheet by Skyflower51 Blank Mass Effect Character Sheet by Skyflower51
Here's a blank version of the Mass Effect character sheet I created. A filled example is here:…

The space at the top is to write your Shepard's name. I added in a quote from my character as well. (I used the font Berlin Sans FB Demi for this, in italics.) The space in the bottom right is for a picture of your Shepard.
As you can see, because I don't have Kasumi, Zaeed, Morinth or Javik, they're not included. If you want to edit this to add them, go right ahead. The font used is Arial Narrow, in bold, white with a transparency effect added. If you're having trouble editing to add them, just get in touch with me and I'll edit it myself to add to add the appropriate squad members (though for complicated reasons, if I have to fit more squad members in, I'll have to shrink the image.)
Since I made this in Microsoft Word, I added a glow effect to the appropriate words in the 'background' section, but you'll probably have to underline them or something.
As for filling in the bars, I just made little black rectangles and enlarged them to fill them in as I wanted. If you're lucky enough to have photoshop you may have a more sophisticated way of doing this, I don't know. I know it would be easier to have the boxes blank, but it would have been much harder for me, because of microsoft word fiddliness.

I hope this isn't too complicated to fill in. I know it's not the best, but it was all I could really do with my limited software. If you do use it, please credit me and link back to the original.

Mass Effect © Bioware
Template © Skyflower51
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December 19, 2015
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