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I've been working on a new comic book series, and it launches June 15 wherever eBooks are sold.

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The last present is wrapped. Christmas now has my permission to come (not that it was waiting for me or anything).
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Star Wars finally debuted in glorious 3D a couple of years ago, and it was pretty spectacular. Each scene in The Phantom Menace is so rich. The 3D really helped to bring out the details in the background and the extras who were doing more than merely standing around.

One of the biggest complaints I hear about 3D is, "That's all there was to it? How disappointing?" The experience is lacking, especially after you've been to a Disney World style 3D experience. 3D isn't the next big thing in movies, because it doesn't go far enough. While I really enjoyed Star Wars in 3D, do you know what would have been even better? Star Wars as an immersive experience.

"What is an immersive experience?" you may be asking yourself. It's where all senses are used and not just sight and sound. If you've ever been to Disneyland, Universal Studios, or a similar fun land, you've probably experienced immersive movies, although they just call them 3D. These are the rides where you put on 3D glasses; you hear sound coming from all 720 degrees; you feel your seat rumble beneath you; you feel jets of air shoot across your legs, feet and face; you feel mists of water squirt in your face; and you may smell some sweet or not-so-sweet smell. Each of these movies is usually in a dedicated theater and the best ones have a mix of film, live actors, and animatronics to enhance the experience.

For a standard, commercial theater, you wouldn’t need to add all that much, just rumble seats, air jets, water jets, and maybe a few scents. These few things in addition to 3D glasses and surround sound would help the moviegoer feel like he was in the movie. And this would be a boon to movie theaters, because you’d be hard pressed to duplicate all of this in a home theater.

Now if only Hollywood can figure that out.

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Boy, I am SO glad retailers have their Valentine's Stuff out. I was really worried I'd have to ring in the New Year without all my Valentine's Day shopping done.

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One year, my brother commented how half of all Christmas specials involved Santa being kidnapped threatening to cancel Christmas. He pointed out the North Pole’s need for better security. Later, while watching Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas, I realized so many shows’ titles included the phrase ‘saves Christmas’. That got me thinking about what saving Christmas really means. Is it about rescuing Santa from the villain of the week? Do we need Santa for Christmas?

No, the real threat to Christmas is removing Christ from it. Christ is the source of the love and the compassion so prevalent at this time of year. Without him, we’d have neither.

Enemies of goodness and virtue know a direct assault would never work, so they attack from the side misusing a noble virtue as their weapon—respect. They claim we should respect those that don't believe in Christ by not mentioning him during the celebration of His birth. Respect is a good thing, but like all good things, it can be twisted into something bad, and this is an excellent example.

We should respect others’ beliefs. They should respect ours in return. Respect is a two-way street. Respecting their beliefs does NOT mean we hide our beliefs. That isn’t respect—that’s cowardice and ignorance.

This is Christmas, not ‘the holidays’. The only reason the season exists is because of Christ and the Light He brings. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging it. Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ does not force your beliefs on another nor attack their beliefs. Those are lies spread by those who don't like what Christ taught, because it makes them feel guilty for their bad behaviors they don’t want to change. They want you to change instead which does no one any good—it actually causes all parties harm.

So don't be afraid or ashamed to say ‘Merry Christmas’ this year; you will offend almost no one. And if someone says ‘Happy Holidays’ to you, don’t get upset—that isn’t what Jesus would do and doesn’t ‘save Christmas’.

Saving Christmas isn’t about rescuing Santa, but putting Christ back into it by sharing His message and doing what He would do.

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