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moomin1990: modern traveler

i have a feeling that snufkin will just walk or use a regular bike than use a motorcycle because he's earth-friendly person :)

snufkin from moomins 1990
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He... is ... hot!
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Maybe he uses biodeasle fuel 
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This is amazing, and so cool :D haha...

Say, you don't make requests or art trades? ^^
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but this is awesome! amazing work! 
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Bicycle would've been better, but Snufkin looks so bad ass with the motorbike :P
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Snufkin and a motorbike - brilliant combination!
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This is the best Snufkin fanart I've ever seen. :XD: Oh, Snufkin, you're such a hippy... I love you for this. :hug:
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Listening "motorbike is motorbike" when I saw this : D
He does look cool with the motorcycle, but he wouldn't have a use for one, not just because he's earth-friendly, but because he doesn't carry any material possessions other than what's in his pack and his clothing.
hmm, that is a good point. I'd think that he'd feel that zipping by people on a motorcycle would defeat the purpose of him traveling at all.

I still adore this picture though Xd
It's a very good picture, and along with the point you're making, there is also the fact that Moomins takes place on an island, which would make it difficult for him to use a motorcycle to travel.
Hmm, I didn't know Moomins took place on an island! If it does, it must be a rather large island, considering all of the 'farther off' lands it mentions people coming from.
(Also, isn't it called Moomin VALLEY?)
It probably isn't too big since the lattitude and longitude given in one of the books points to a nonexistant island off the coast of Finland, and yes, it is Moomin Valley, so in order for it to be called such , the island would have to have mountains as its border, which it does(the Lonely Mountains).
Hmm, that's very interesting! I wonder where Snufkin travels off to then? I can't imagine him getting very far on an island- and on foot. Perhaps he's more of a sailor then I thought? XD
The only thing Wikipedia said about Snufkin's travels is that he travels south every year in late fall, returning in early spring. And I think he'd have to be a sailor in order to leave the island since I think the topography and possibly size of the island make air-travel near impossible.
Air travel? That's an interesting thought, but I assumed that moomins would take place before they invented any sort of air travel- considering how excited the group was when Madien's brother (forgot his name XD) started building his Flying Ship.
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Awesome!!! He looks so cool with his bike ^^
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Nice i Like alot!!! ^^b
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You love Moomins too???


Snufkin looks really cool updated :D I agree, I think he would use a bicycle as well.
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so nice! feels so like snuffkin ^^
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The coloring is amazing~<3
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