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psycho fox

Psycho Fox is an old Sega Master System game that came out in the 80's. This drawing is just an update of the old box cover for the game. I wanted to make everything look more "mean" while generally keeping the same composition.

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You made all the characters look so fearsome and awesome. =o Great work.
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Man, that is so much win! I really love this game, still have it here, it is one of the best master system game ever!
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Wow 0o this is totally Epic-F***in-Win!
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Awsome pic :squee:

It used to be my favorite game ^^
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Thanks. Mine too. It was the first game I bought.
NitroactiveStudios's avatar
Holy crap, this is awesome! You must have put a lot of hard work to make this!
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Thanks. Actually this one didn't take me a long as some of my other drawgings. Since the composition is the same as the old box art, all I did was redo the characters to give them a modern day look.
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This is really amazing! I love the original game aswell and really like how you altered the cover in a more dark way.
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Talk about awesome! I am a huge Psycho Fox fan and have to say you did one heck of a job.
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Thank you. The game deserves all the props. Great characters, music....great everything.
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F***ing Hell!! thats bloody brilliant HAHA
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Wow, thanks! Wish this game had been more popular. Changing to different animals, and birdfly as a weapon was brilliant back in the day.
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I think Psycho indirectly became Tails...!
Decap attack was the megadrive version of this game
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You could very well be right about that.
Played Decap-attack back in the day and although the game play was pretty much the same as Psycho Fox, I didn't like it as much. Didn't like the whole, mummy/zombie theme.
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Ha! Thanks. I wanted to make it "mean" looking. Looks like it succeeded.
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:wow: That is down right awesome and very grusome.
It definately has the potention to result in my fear of the first world boss to be reborn.
Definately unexpted, but excellent interpratation.
SkyFinch's avatar
Thanks. I might try a Wonderboy or Fantasy Zone cover.
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This is really awesome. There aren't that many Master System related drawings on DeviantArt, but this is one of the best I've ever seen. You should do more Sega Master System covers!
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Thanks. Fun drawing.
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