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unicat breeding batch 3 (open 2/4) by skyfeather0066 unicat breeding batch 3 (open 2/4) by skyfeather0066
so this is a breeding between my Damian and :iconryescreates:s anxiety

bunny- triple/bunny mix- mine dawn♀
bat- triple/bunny/hell/snow mix - RyesCreates uxi ⚥
food bowl -triple/bunny/hell/snow mix- 120Points
beetle - hell/snow mix - 100Points

Unicat Rules
 You have to give your Unicat a name and gender.
 You may alter their gender/cutie mark/colors/styling/general appearance, but in either of their forms you will have to keep the rainbow horn, the unicorn tail and the kitty ears.
 Cross-breeding with other species is not allowed.
 This species is CLOSED and owned by mouldyCat and unicorngirl1.
 Once you own 2 UniCats and gain permission, you are allowed to breed your own UniCats or with other people's Unicats.
 Each PAIRING cannot have more than 4 kids! (however, you can pair up your Unicat with as many other Unicats as you wish)
 If you decide you don't want your Unicat anymore, you may resell it for 20Points as stated in this journal.
 Credit me as the designer of the Unicat in your herd page.

Once purchased,  give your kitten a name and gender and let me know what you've picked.
♂ / ♀ / ⚥ / o (left to right: male, female, genderfluid, genderless/-neutral)
mouldyCat Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017  Professional General Artist
same about the mane and snowcat eyes as mentioned on your other breeding goes for this one.. and the sharp teeth are specific to the hellcat subspecies, so the 1st kitten here shouldn't have them. ;)
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July 18, 2017
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