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Codename: Ed's Next Door

This is an idea art crossover of my two old favourite childhood Cartoon Network shows, Codename: Kids Next Door and Ed Edd n' Eddy, the Ed's find a mysterious device that can't open but Eddy got some ideas to sell it, and the adult villains of Knd showed up in Peachcreek and attacked all the kids around the col-de-sac that Ed's ever scammed and they were no match for the villains, and they want to take it from them but Eddy refused to let Mr Boss and the other villains take it because he thinks he could be rich if he shows it off, and the Knd Sector V save them and the Ed's need to help Numbuh 1 and the team to save the world from an evil threat Mr Boss planned.

The main Protagonists:
Numbuh 1
Numbuh 2
Numbuh 3
Numbuh 4
Numbuh 5

The main Antagonists:
Mr. Boss
Crazy Old Cat Lady
Common Cold
Grandma Stuffman
Mr. Fizz
Count Spankulot
Mega Mom & Destructo Dad
Mr. Wink & Mr Fibb
The Great Puttinski
Cuppa Joe
Soccer Mom 
Soccer Dad
Robin Food
Edna Jucation
Ice Cream Men 
and all the other adult villains.
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the Eds know about the KND (see KND/Grim adventures crossover) but in the show al but Sarah and Jimmy are about 12 to 14 years old but i'd like to think that the Eds are former members of the KND who were kicked out for their scams and Double Dee made something that protected them from the decommisioning machine and the Teen Ninjas learned about their scams and decided not to recruit them
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I know you he Billy and Mandy and KND crossover plus this is different this is what happened before the grim adventures of Knd or just they forgot about that