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Haruhi and Casanova by SkyeWall Haruhi and Casanova :iconskyewall:SkyeWall 52 4
ZW 2012: Day 4- Whimsical
"So, how did you like your first day in the South Pole, Zuko?" Katara asked as they walked together, alone for the first time in days.
"It's very bright during the day, with all the ice and snow. The people are nice. The food is… interesting," Zuko answered.
"What, you don't like the blubbered seal jerky? It's very valuable around here, you know," she said, putting her hands on her hips and feigning offense.
"I didn't mean that," Zuko said, looking away.
Katara frowned at his tone and grabbed his arm to stop him from moving forward.
"Hey, what's wrong?" Katara asked.
"I'm sorry," he said, looking at her guiltily.
"Zuko, it's okay. Blubbered seal jerky is an acquired taste," Katara told him, squeezing his arm.
"No, I'm sorry for what the Fire Nation did to this place," he said gravely. "I'm sorry that we destroyed your defenses. I'm sorry that we took away your families. I'm sorry that you all have so little and that giving me seal jerky was a sacrifice for your family," he said, l
:iconskyewall:SkyeWall 11 7
ZW 2012: Day 7- Seasons
Katara ran into one of the servants, Aiza, in the hallway.
"Aiza! Good morning! How are you?" Katara asked, glowing with youthful happiness.
"Uh, I'm doing quite well," Aiza answered uneasily.
She was one of the oldest servants in the Royal Palace, and she just wasn't quite used to the new Fire Lady yet.
"Aiza, would you happen to know where I could find an empty basket?" Katara asked.
"Yes, I will go get one for you, my lady," Aiza answered, starting to shuffle toward the kitchen.
"Don't be silly. I'll come with you," Katara said, walking beside her. "And just call me Katara. It's my name, after all."
Aiza surely wasn't going to just call the Fire Lady by her name, but she could almost appreciate the sentiment, in a weird way.
Once they were in the kitchen, Aiza quickly found a basket and handed it to Katara.
Normally she wouldn't question the Fire Lady's intentions, but since she was curious and Katara insisted on being so nice…
"May I ask what you will be using the basket for,
:iconskyewall:SkyeWall 11 0
ZW 2012: Day 6-Faded
It hit him—how much he loved Katara—just before the lightning hit him in the chest.
And just like he couldn't redirect his feelings for her, as much as he had tried to push them down, he couldn't redirect all of the lightning that Azula had sent at Katara. It was too strong, too sudden, and fueled with some awful wayward passion.
After defeating Azula, Katara collapsed onto the ground, exhausted and battered. The smell of blood mixed with the smell of singed hair and flesh, overwhelming her to the point of almost making her vomit.
She lifted a shaking hand to heal herself of her battle wounds, but it fell back down just as quickly. She had nothing left in her.  
"Zuko," she said desperately, nearly choking on his name.
She crawled.
In what felt like the longest moments of her life, she weakly dragged herself along the ground to Zuko, one measly inch at a time. It was all the effort she had, but somehow it wasn't enough.
When she was just a few feet away from his ter
:iconskyewall:SkyeWall 12 7
ZW 2012: Day 5- Heartstrings
Sokka came up behind Zuko, who was obviously staring at Katara as she practiced her waterbending.
"What do you want, Sokka?" Zuko asked before Sokka was even in sight.
Sokka crossed in front of Zuko, who was sitting on the ground. He purposely blocked Zuko's view of Katara and crossed his arms as he looked down at Zuko.
"I see you're not even trying to hide it anymore," Sokka said, jutting his bottom lip out in disapproval.
"I suppose it's not necessary anymore. Everyone knows it," Zuko sighed.
"Well, my sister doesn't seem to know about it, and I'd like to keep it that way," Sokka said, flexing his muscles a bit and leaning forward so that he would seem more imposing.
"You don't have to worry about that, Sokka. I'm pretty sure if I followed her all day and stared at her, she wouldn't notice," Zuko said lethargically.
Something in Sokka's instincts made him feel a little sorry for Zuko, and he rolled his eyes and took a seat beside Zuko.
Zuko's eyes immediately went back to Katara.
:iconskyewall:SkyeWall 7 7
ZW 2012: Day 3- Transcend
While traveling with Zuko, Katara learns a lot of things about him that she hadn't exactly expected from the banished prince.
She picks up a fact here and there, sometimes from talking to him directly, sometimes from conversations he has with the others, and sometimes even from the things he says out loud to himself.
He can easily sneak up on almost anyone (not including Toph), and he enjoys doing so.
He was trained to play the tsungi horn from a young age and is good at it, but he doesn't like to play in front of people.
He gets annoyed at how crazy his uncle can get about tea, but he actually does happen to enjoy a steaming cup of ginseng tea once in a while.
He is particularly fond of turtle seals, turtle crabs, and most of all, turtle ducks.
His favorite color is blue.
He is afraid that he will become like his sister.
He wants to find his mother again, more than anything.
In addition, Katara learns some even more unexpected things about Zuko by observation.
He can be awkward and do
:iconskyewall:SkyeWall 10 3
ZW 2012: Day 2- Momentous
"It's still beautiful," Katara said, looking up at the ornate exterior of the building.
"It's been far too long," Zuko said, leading Katara up the steps with his arm around hers.
The sun was setting on Ba Sing Se, casting a golden light over the Jasmine Dragon. The people of the Upper Ring smiled warmly and bowed when they saw the royal couple passing by.
"Watch your step, Katara," Zuko warned as Katara waved to an enthusiastic young earthbender.
Katara rolled her eyes for about the hundredth time that day.
"You don't have to be so overprotective, Zuko," she told him. "And neither do our guards!" she added loudly so that the royal guards who were hiding in various spots behind them could hear.
Katara had not wanted the guards to accompany Zuko and Katara on their trip to the Earth Kingdom because she saw no need for it. The guards, however, had a sworn duty to protect the Fire Lord and his wife no matter what, and they could only be called off by the Fire Lord himself.
They did take Ka
:iconskyewall:SkyeWall 9 4
ZW 2012: Day 1- Serendipity
"Katara, why are you staring at me?"
Katara shook her head to clear it, having spaced out while looking at Zuko from across the campfire.
"Sorry, I was just thinking."
Without saying anything, Zuko stood up and came to sit beside Katara. He lifted his hand and brought the dying fire back to life in case Katara wanted to talk for a while.
When he was done, Katara began to speak as she watched the flames reach desperately toward the sky.
"I was just thinking… that so many things had to happen to get me to where I am now, to this very moment. Thousands of things have happened to me that have set the course of my life, and if certain ones of those changed, I could be in a completely different situation, maybe even be a completely different person."
"I disagree," Zuko interrupted.
Katara looked at him in surprise, but before she could ask for an explanation, he gave one.
"I don't think anything could make you a completely different person. I think no matter what happened, you would alw
:iconskyewall:SkyeWall 12 5
Kaoru and Hikaru by SkyeWall Kaoru and Hikaru :iconskyewall:SkyeWall 38 0 Creative Writing Class by SkyeWall Creative Writing Class :iconskyewall:SkyeWall 7 9 She's So Cute by SkyeWall She's So Cute :iconskyewall:SkyeWall 44 4 Megumi Kanoya by SkyeWall Megumi Kanoya :iconskyewall:SkyeWall 34 30 Zutara Week 2011 Drabbles by SkyeWall Zutara Week 2011 Drabbles :iconskyewall:SkyeWall 16 2 Unicornmobile by SkyeWall Unicornmobile :iconskyewall:SkyeWall 8 5 Kringles by SkyeWall Kringles :iconskyewall:SkyeWall 5 2 You Are Beautiful by SkyeWall You Are Beautiful :iconskyewall:SkyeWall 71 15

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Zutara Week - Day Six - Faded
Katara woke that day and began her morning like any other. She dressed and brushed her hair, pulled the blankets back up over the Air Temple mattress. Sunlight streamed in through the window carved out of the rocky wall. She could see it illuminating the crags and cliffs of the great canyon that housed the upside-down buildings. A warm summer breeze was blowing.
Smiling to herself, she left her room, walked down the hall and joined the others in the courtyard by the large fountain where they usually gathered in the morning. To her surprise, everyone was already awake. And eating breakfast.
"What the..?" she stopped short of the circle they were sitting in.
"Morning, Katara!" Aang called.
"Morning," she answered uncertainly, "Which one of you cooked this?"
They exchanged glances.
Sokka spoke. "Um…" he mumbled hesitantly, "…Zuko…"
The smile left her face immediately.
"What?" she asked sharply.
"He gets up when the sun comes up," Toph said.
"But you don't," Katara
:iconmoonchaser:MoonChaser 11 11
Zutara Week - Day Seven - Seasons by MoonChaser Zutara Week - Day Seven - Seasons :iconmoonchaser:MoonChaser 143 25 Listen to the Melon Lord! by Ceshira Listen to the Melon Lord! :iconceshira:Ceshira 16,020 1,788



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