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Gil Elvgren
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Anything with Naomi Watts, Jodie Foster, Ellen Page, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Sissy Spacek...ANYTHING!! Because I really admire these girls
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Big Bang, Breaking Bad, Simpsons
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Rachel Portman, Enya, Goldfrapp
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I devour true stories and autobiographies!
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Torey Hayden, Cathy Glass
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Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit
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Paper and a 2b pencil, Caran Dache,Gauche,, Photoshop,
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Aliens, Animals, Comic books, People, Psychology, Haunted houses, Romantic ruins...and cakes

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Sine I've never been able to get 'The Duck' to let me log in... I'm dropping this note here... Why is it that none of the other readers have picked up on one obvious (at least to me) thing?  Janey never stopped loving Sarah.
Yes, she cheated.  But Sarah helped make it happen, she pushed her away...  Sarah's own insecurity and discomfort with herself made her afraid to be open to expanding their physical relationship...  Janey tried to bring her along as she wanted to share EVERYTHING she could think of with Sarah, including as much intimacy as possible.  It was Sarah that said no, insisting on tight limits on what was and was not acceptable, even after having a wonderful experience 'outside her norm' she still wasn't willing to open up and in effect, pushed her away... Subliminally that plays on a person, 'They don't really love me...' kind of thing going on and all, after all, if I'm being this open and trying to express my feelings for her physically and she's rejecting me... Then... Perhaps she doesn't feel for me the way I feel for her?  Janey now starting to rekindle some of that isn't a 'cheat' or 'trick' or whatever... It's her true feelings coming out and Sarah, no matter what happens may still be too immature to have an adult relationship and that will suck, truly.
Just wanted to touch base after all this time of enjoying your story and well... With what's happening now, this seemed like a good moment to mention these thoughts.
Hi Buell, I hope all is well with you!   I know it's been over a year since you wrote this but I've always been so busy with fitting in the comic stuff that checking places like this just started to slide. In fact since joining DA many moons ago I totally forget the place exists until I'm looking for a a really nice stock pic. 
  Anyways I'm here today and cringeing at the pile of comments left over the past year that I've clearly missed. You wrote a lot though, so despite the amount of time that's passed I really felt I had to respond after reading it. 

     Firstly, WOW, this was such a lovely and passionate piece to read this morning and tbh it got to me a little. Firstly it seems so long ago now since Sarah and Janey split up that I'd forgotten just how strong the reaction was at the time to the affair. I knew I was treading on very thin ice as the majority of readers had a 'cheat one me and you're out!' attitude  in RL so it was expected to show through in the responses but like like you and a small band of others I felt there were deeper issues worth considering and the main being that Sarah always seemed to have more time for everyone else than she did her own g/f.  I never portrayed Janey as being perfect either and at times she did come across as pretty selfish too so I did feel and still do that given enough time to mature and experience more from other relationships the two would eventually realise they really had something special that few relationships ever have, which would eventually bring them back together with  amuch better appreciation of each other and a stronger commitment to integrity for a happy ending.

Thanks again for taking the time to write all this and I apologise for not having responded sooner.

Actually, go back to the pages concerning the cheating and read the comments. This topic is very hotly debated with some such as myself (Lunaris Victoria) and DarkVisor pointing out exactly what you have.
Sorry for the late reply hon, I rarely check in on DA any more so I'm always embarassingly late responding!!

I'm not even sure what this part of the conversation started from but I get your meaning :) Hope you are well! x
I love your comic Simply Sarah. I find it very easy to relate to.
Hi TandH,  I hope all is well with you!   I know it's been a few years since you wrote this but I've always been so busy with fitting in the comic stuff that checking places like this just started to slide. In fact since joining DA many moons ago I totally forget the place exists!!   Thankyou for your lovely comment though, it's still appreciated. :)
Your comic is awesome. Keep it up.