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GOA Background and Races

Thu Dec 31, 2009, 8:53 PM

Races:    The Masa & Symbiosis

The Masa are beings that have a exotic humanoid  lycanthrope like appearance and often have an otherworldly aura about them.
They can come in a very wide variety of generally similar forms due to their generational abilitys.
Like a number of lifeforms in the GOA world, the Masa have some remarkable long term biological abilities.
It is believed that these abilities are due to an ancient symbiotic organism and that is present in some of GOAs creatures in varying degrees and forms.
( Some cultures view this entity as being assort of spirit.
Individuals who have this symbiosis are often viewed varying degrees of    Suspicion, Awe, Fear.  or even as impure abominations)
The Masa are able to use this "Symbiosis" to slowly & subtly change their form and biology over time .
According to Masa Lore, over the generations the different Masa Kiada (clans) adopted different markings, shapes, abilities. Originally taking inspiration from there environment and the life forms in it. Perhaps this is why humans that first encounter them, think of them as being werewolf like or resembling different creatures in some ways.
Some ethnic clans seem more werewolf, fox or cat like and such, still others seem so mixed and exotic they may not immediately resemble any one creature.
Yet despite the diverse forms and abilities between different Masa Houses, the Masa are if fact one species.
Different individuals possess more or less skill in harnessing the abilities of "Symbiosis".
Some have a very weak link to it and seem to have no ability.
On the other hand there are myth and legends of those who can tap in into so strongly, so much so that for a time they seem like a different person. Their demeanor and state of mind alters. Their eyes may become more slited and take on and unnatural shine. Older masa clans believe the skilled can use a form of meditation to gain a greater connection and understanding of "Symbiosis"
GOA ConceptWork -Gennonra-01 by SkyerFox GOA Gennonra Armor LineWork by SkyerFox GOA Gennoray wip by SkyerFox by SkyerFox GOA Gennonra4 ImpactFalls by SkyerFox by SkyerFox

Races:   The Gennonra

Race notes by Lt Shion
Hard data on this race is very difficult to come by and often seems be contradictory leading to questions of its authenticity. It seems the original Gennora fractured in to various factions a very long time ago.
Some of these factions seem to be either be allied ,rivals or involved in hostile maneuvering against each other. Their relationship can be difficult to pin down. It may be that they are biological differences in the psyche between them as well.
There is certainly big physical differences between them. It is known that they possess some of the some most radical form altering abilities. They come in all sizes and variations of there basic avian form.  The symbiotic entity that lives in a number of lifeforms is believed to be responsible for this.
They most resemble utahraptors, avians, dragonics or griffin like beings.
Some seem to have outright hostile intentions. Others seem to be helpful, supplying tidbits of information at just the right time. Often you get the nagging feeling they're not leting on everything that they know. Maybe it's just there culture or the way their hardwiring works… or perhaps we are all being manipulated, perhaps it's something larger.
I'd say they're generally secretive and private, more so than anyone. It must frustrate the hell out of the scholars.
In spite of their size and power, most of the time they prefer using proxys in whatever dealings they're involved with, manipulating, plotting, maneuvering behind the scenes.
But then again this may just be another nonhuman stereotype.
However it is said that when they do feel it is time to come out and confront each other directly the earth rocks.
GOA Project ConceptWork HM by SkyerFox GOA Rough Helmet Concept by SkyerFox GOA Poster City by SkyerFox

Crossroads City State

The City of Intrigue.
It is a massive urban city and industrial area that is more or less run by a number corporations.
It has survived current crisis by trying to make itself invaluable to its clients, making itself a center point for research, technology and trade. Most journalist types will never see past Crossroads infamous air ship docks.
It has its own sometimes rival internal and external security forces and agency's, each with their own hardware.
Some are tasked with preventing outside infiltration by hostile powers such as spying, sabotage, terrorist acts and the like. Some are responsible for policing and keeping the peace and stability between rival Corporations.
Surprisingly there seems to be a small nonhuman presence here as well. They are one of the few mainly human cities where people are not totally unaware of the existence of non humans. A place where a nonhuman can go to and not cause an outright shock. Thought non humans seem to have some interest here, Crossroads City is well known for keeping their clients identities and activities anonymous.  Little word of this reality gets out and is normally treated as just one of many exaggerated urban tales when it does.  
Like UFO's and such, there is a stigma about investigating this type of thing and so it is seen as beneath reporting by what few media sources there is.

[possible hazards; often complicated internal politics, hired private security or mercenaries (legal or otherwise), criminal groups, underground movements, espionage, rogue projects.
[notable Industry; R&D, robotics, AI, Vehicle manufacturing, Air shipyards. tech trade, military Walkers.] 
GOA Jet Concept Work Version2 by SkyerFox GOA ConceptWork AirShip by SkyerFox

Repulser Substances

Though not widely understood, different forms of this substance are used in a number of applications to seemingly make things lighter, such as Airships and heavy class VTOLs. Airships use a refined form of this substance which is energised to allow them to hover ,giveing off  a glow on the energized part. Older cultures used this substance as "runes" placed on weapons and armor to make them lighter and to psyche out the enemy.
Sometimes enabling the user to carry a larger weapon.
When a life form that can use spirit symbiosis (see masa) takes in certain forms of this substance, it becomes  possible for them incorporate it into their bodys.
Creatures that have done this can use it to make themselves seemingly lighter at will.
It seems this is how it is possible for something as large as a Gennonra to fly without haveing to have impractically large chest muscles. Some organism can refine this substance and then release it back in to the ground when they expire or are eaten.
GOA S.M.A.U slideing down hill by SkyerFox

Rift Canyons & Scablands

These are massive geological features that are prevalent on GOA.
At some points they can be more than 3 miles deep ,if measured from the highest to the lowest part and wide enough at some convergent points to easily fit whole cities. They form a complicated stair like terraced structure. Sometimes converging to form what seems like open plains, pierced with intermittent pillars of rock.These canyons tend to impede ground travel from one area to the next. In hard times cutting off one civilization from the other. Some of the lower zones are filled with things like toxic spore woods filled with exotic glowing life as well as other mysterious and hazardous areas. Hot spots of abnormal electromagnetic interference  can totally disrupt communication and guidance systems.
It is theorized that these deep rifts may have played a part in the evolution and history of many of GOA life forms.
The Gennonra my have adapted to have wings in order to glide from one ridge to another, and to get access to the canyon floor.
White Cliff canyon is one such example. Gennonra and Masa have adapted themselves to live in some of these zones.
There all sorts of tall tales from locals who venture near the borders of such places. Foklore of strange lights, glimpses creatures.Missing research expeditions.
There are even wild theories that some of thises areas mays serve as some sort of a shared space
where two dimensions occassionaly merge.
In the current crisis gripping most of the civilized world, people are far too busy just trying to survive, to go looking in to crazy tales and silly storys that occasionally drip out from some far off land.
Story Bord Awakened 1-5 by SkyerFox GOA Clan Hinta Masa WIP by SkyerFox 

Masa general Description, Clans, Culture.

Notes by Lt Shion
To the other races they seem to have the aura of something that is somehow supernatural.
Even after dealing and being with them for a number of years, as part of the new human expatriate Kiada there council has granted us, one finds oneself often wondering what really goes on behind that alien face, those eyes. And though they share a number of things in common, each clan (Kiada) is different. Moves in different ways, has a different accents and so forth. Often a Kiada or family will become known for some skill or trade etc. and then tend fill that role in society.
Ordered and exotic the masa move with an unnatural grace and mesmerizing ways;
You can see it form powerful and frightening, shadowy movements of one clan's special forces, to the beautiful, hypnotizing movements of the lady dancers in another clan.
GOA Outsiders Working On by SkyerFox Outsiders Concept01 by SkyerFox Outsiders Concept05 by SkyerFox        

Disasters, History and the Shaping of civilization.

There have been a number disasters and events in the past that have shaped GOA civilization into what it is now.
Though many of these events may have been relatively small by themselves they had a cumulative effect over time.
As One thing leads to another there is a chain reaction of events called the grate collapse.

However there are those who believe that there are groups who have use thees disasters to further there own agenda.
An intentional act of sabotage to push there enemy's over the edge and topple the dominant civilizations of the time.

One such even was ENC Aurora:
What are believed to be similar polarity Solar storms burned out technology vulnerable
to EMF such a communication and power.
This has a ripple down effect and results in a lack of certain resources such as fuel, food and water.
Many economies are put in jeopardy.
These events and the chaos that they causes brings tensions between factions to the breaking point. Some knowledge is lost and
forgotten. This sets certain technologies back, while the necessities of living in such a world cause others to advance.
People tend to live in what are generally referred to as colonies, large city states where there are better resources provided and where there it is better protection from the hazards of living outside.
hazards, such as piracy from raiders ,rough groups doing illegal research, terrorist hideouts,
and zones like forest that can be toxic to humans.
Communication can be difficult and unpredictable without access to a hard line.

There have also been other events such as impacts & natural climactic cycles, that have altered history of GoA . The off size class of the world, it's terren, land distribution, climate and its position in the solar system have also been influencing factors.
GOA Zasel Speed Pant Concept by SkyerFox Rough Story Bord, abbreviated version by SkyerFox   

Masa. Gennora. Human.  Contact  &  Relations.

Like the history of many things on GOA, the history of the Masa's interaction, with the outside world has been obscured by a number of things; Politics, Conflicts, Hazardous terrain such as  toxic spore woods,GOA atmospheric difficulty with communications, Collapsing civilizations, Government Restrictions & Crackdowns, Opposing Hostile Faiths, Natural Catastrophe and an often seemingly chronic lack of curiosity by the public that is just trying to survive the chaos at this point in time.
It is now believed by some that the text of older cultures do refer to them, however people had always interpreted this as nothing more than ancient myths and legends.
In more modern times tech dealings and trade had been done almost exclusively with places like Crossroads. However these places can be very insular & secretive for there own "reasons" leading to a number of conspiracy theories about them.
The tense Iron Curtain / Cold War political climate that exists between these colonies and their neighbors only adds to this.
knowledge of the Masa is inevitably but slowly becoming more widespread, though few people in the outside world have ever witnessed one in the flesh. In order to secure a Masa homeland, the leaders of joint Masa clans have set a very fast pace to secretly modernize and equip the mainland clans. The Masa have never had great numbers and are thus very rare.
A Similar situation exists with the Gennora. when spotted at a distance they can be confused with other large avians and so sightings outside the toxic spore zones tend to be dismiss by skeptics.

GOA Story Bord Shot 7 by SkyerFox

Industrial wasteland

These are zones that consist mainly of seemingly near abandoned rundown dystopias and have forgotten industrial areas. They're often farther out from the major defended tech colonies.
MI3 is one such example. This zone runs mostly along the coast on one side and a small semi toxic infected woods patch on the next.
Sector MI1 is more on the desert side of the cliff hills region of Crossroads point and so it is somewhat protected from spores and bad air.

Areas like these have all sorts of hazards, odd incidents and urban legends associated with them, sightings of bizarre creatures in the dark and such.
Sometimes an investigation will bring a hardened law agent here to follow a lead, but generally law enforcement has the least presence here if any at all.
[Terrain:] Industrial,derelict buildings, old shipyards, power plants, railroads, underground projects, etc. often abandoned or take over by "locals".
[inhabitants:] very small population if any; gangs, hobos, workers.
GOA -Gennonra- Concept 02 by SkyerFox GOA_Heavy_Class_Gennonra by SkyerFox GOA quick concept sketches 01 by SkyerFox 3D Zasel WIP 02 by SkyerFox GOA ConceptWork -Guns01- by SkyerFox GOA -Gennonra-TR-RUN by SkyerFox 3D Zasel WIP 03 by SkyerFox GOA Rough Zasel 3D Concept by SkyerFox

Spectre City

Some referred to as Crossroads failed sister city.
it is completely abandon, for reasons that are still unclear.

Rock Trees Woods

These are towering semi organic forms.
Similar life forms are use in construction and semi or " post organic" fabrication" by some groups.
Closest Earth analogy is hard coral like life forms left by colonies for polyps and stromatolites form by bacteria along the Australian coast.
GOA Outsiders Concept 05 by SkyerFox


A  slang term used to refer to what some consider to be a  sub species of  humans, or any human that has been sufficiently altered in some way.
There are a number of on going controversies involving them, such as the potential fracturing of the human race into separate species, and into the  genetic haves and have nots.
Eugenics, illegal and unethical research, and attempts to merge simbiosis with humans via one method or the other.
It is rumored that in Union they form one of the upper class, governing elite, dubbed nobles, and thus are a part of Unions murderous policies.
Such as allegations  that Union is engaging in systematic mass democide against its own people in order be rid of ethnicity and classes deemed to be inferior, and an obstacle to a new one world  human utopia  
Because of this Tubers in Union opposed citys they can be viewed with some suspicion makeing  it more difficult for them to find regular work. This sometimes leads them to seek employment in black opp agencies and the like.


This journal was coded by LineBirgitte - graphics by xyphid


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