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Journal Entry: Mon Oct 11, 2010, 7:27 PM
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Alright, I'm a few days late with this. I would like to feature the people that were kind enough to stop by my baby shower (dA chat) last Friday! I had a lovely time, lots of laughs and silly games.. what's not to love? It quite made my week, as it had been a pretty rough one for me. It's amazing how the gestures of friends can really turn your world upside down. So thank you to all of you, and even if you couldn't make it, I promise my feelings weren't hurt. Life is busy! :reading:

Firstly I'd like to feature the lovely :icondani-the-naiad:, as she put together this entire thing, it was completely her idea. I can't fully describe what her friendship means to me, so I'll feature her as a way of expressing my gratitude.

Some of her lovely work:

Crazy Gentle in the Way You... by Dani-the-Naiad Childish HeartsChildish  h e a r t s,
       flawless and whole,
run  b a r e f o o t
       without any cares
They  p l a y  with the night
       through storm-cloudy dreams
flying in and around
             s o m e w h e r e s
F a s t e n  me
       to my childish heart
with  t h o s e  little
                pieces of string
And lift me through
        love's  w i n d y  caress
over the moon to go
                  s o a r i n g
Tie my  s w e e t  lovey
Doughnut Falls4 by Dani-the-Naiad Bubble Grins by Dani-the-Naiad Stay a While by Dani-the-Naiad Shadows of the SunFairy jewels
glint upon the
emerald blades below
where shade and sunlight
dance in grace
a waltz, beloved and slow
Pink frosting
blooms above and
melts within Her heat
where dreams awake
and fairies dream
in shadows at Her feet
Curious Cat by Dani-the-Naiad Whispering through EternitySuddenly I felt like my entire life was insignificant. I was standing near the edge of what, to me, appeared to be the end of the earth and the beginning of something else...could it be heaven?
I stood in awe, silent and reverent, humbled by the magnificence that surrounded me. I was so small. What purpose could I have on this big beautiful world? What significance were all those worries I had earlier today. So what if my mother lost her wedding ring yesterday. So what if my purse ripped today. So what if my wallet ran out of cash. I had the sudden urge to throw it all...everything...right over the edge. For what meaning did it have? Next to everything else, what was the point?
The wind picked up and lifted my hair from my shoulders, cooling my neck and brushing the heat from my forehead. I closed my eyes and breathed in the clean dusty scent wafting into my face and something within me began to glow. Tears sprang to my eyes before I could stop them and I didn't feel insignificant anym
Awaiting the Rose by Dani-the-Naiad Sharing by Dani-the-Naiad Falling into Faith
Darkness evades my focus
and I find myself wandering
along the broken edges of my thoughts,
clinging to the cracks
and clutching the concrete
but the rocks seem to cast me off
and I fumble with my grasp
on the facts
               or are they fable?

upon seeing the iridescent pools before me
i suddenly believed there was something else-
a place other than the one i know so well-
this place that i cannot get to
is there right before me,
and others cannot see or believe
even when the information is there-
right there in front of them
The glassy surface of water surrounds me
and my resolve begins to dissolve
into fairytale truths that carry me under
to suffer in the silent sound.
But then I feel something sever
within my soul
and my faith is free.
It breaks through the cold
and captures me up again.
After a quiet moment of self-censure,
I find that I can see
what strangely
I have always seen.

such a c

And the attendees of the baby shower:


Almost... by BeyondMyTouch89 this little piggy.... by BeyondMyTouch89 The AwakeningThis is the Awakening,
Of a pain that has run very deep.
A small child
With alabaster skin
And eyes of hazel.
Never smiles,
Or says a word.
Her lips are sewn together
With invisible thread.
Locked away for years,
For protection I think.
And as she stands in front of me.
Her body frail and shaking
I wonder
Is it because of fear?
Is it because I'm so near
To forgetting it all and moving on?
Is it because of me?
Is it because of the things I never said?
Is it because maybe this life isn't for us?
The small child keeps her eyes low,
She trained very well.
Years of pain have taught her that.
Don't look into their eyes,
And don't let them look into yours,
That way you can hide
Your soul
Their lies
And you don't have to face
The darkness that they hide.
Our world and lives intertwined,
Proof is when I ask her name
All she does is point at me.
So I take her hand
And tell her everything will be alright.
I will protect the secret that you hide
Deep down inside.
We walk away from the dark cell
only one by BeyondMyTouch89 Summer lovin by BeyondMyTouch89


RUNWHILEYOUCANTHISSUCKS.I can't blend with anyone but you,
Really, be mine every bit, every strand of hair.
Go, Is it a love or die?
Let's try that icy breath of yours,
Turn it into a hot flush of passion.
Tonight, Love, or die, on the bed that of a corpse that smells like fresh blood.
Falling into a rich and delicately formed tragedy.
If I'm not satisfied, satisfy me.
Ah, you get it?
Ah, let's get rough in this forbidden game!
Dreams and NightmaresThe night before last,
When I slept for some four hours,
I had a dream about making a cake.
It was soft, fluffy, white vanilla cake
with white icing and pretty decorations and
strawberries cut to look like hearts.
I made a cake for Nadine, brought it to her house
and we ate cake in her room, laughing.
Then we went dressed up in costume and ate another slice of cake.
Since then, I've had a sinking urge to bake a cake and
bring it to Nadine so we can talk and hang out,
because we haven't seen each other in a while.
I liked that dream.
~. . .~
Last night, I had a dream,
or possibly a nightmare,
that I had my nails painted a bloody red,
and I had my hands around someone's throat.
I was sitting on their chest, feet on their arms.
They were choking, trying to scream...
Coughing up blood as red as my nails and
soaking the white shirt they wore.
When I let go of their throat,
and stood to see the face of the person I killed
I stood to see that the person I had murdered
was none other
For Ms. JessicaTo you, Ms. Jessica, with lots of affection and adoration!
You're truly a strong lady, from what I know of you.
You're inspirational, you're strong, and you're willing to help others.
Not to mention, you're also very beautiful, inside and out.
You offer kind words and help to those that need it,
You're willing to share your story,
You're kind and wonderful.
Coming from someone who's never met you in person-
I honestly look up to you.
I admire your strength.
You're truly an inspiring person, you really are.
I wish you the best in life!
Happy Birthday, Ms. Jessica!
OC: Vanyushka by Kasami-Kat Yellow Rose by Kasami-Kat


I Can't ForgetNo matter how hard I try
I won't be able to forget you
The way you used to be
With bright eyes and golden curls
And a laugh that could melt hearts
No matter how hard I try
I won't be able to forget you
The way you used to hold me
When I'd cry
You used to tell me everything
Would be alright
No matter how hard I try
I won't be able to forget you
The way you used to look at me
You'd tell me you knew I was lying
And I'd apologize
And you'd forgive me
No matter how hard I try
I won't be able to forget you
The way you always used to sing to me
And hug me for no reason at all
But just knowing that you loved me
Made me happy
No matter how hard I try
I won't be able to forget
How he ruined all of that
And destroyed those memories
Of how you used to be
The memories I have
The good ones
I hope they never fade
Because I will always remember you
No matter how hard I try
To forget
I love her
But you're not her
Sleeping Beauty by Masqued-Mistress Night Goddess by Masqued-Mistress Sleeping Wonders        My dreams of you were so wonderful. And as I look down upon your sweet face as you dream away, I wonder if you dreamed about me too. I imagine you did. You recognized my voice as soon as I spoke to you and you seemed to know me immediately.
        "It's a boy!" They exclaimed. I was so happy to hear that. I was also excited to hear your strong lungs let out a healthy cry. My little girl would have a brother.
        You are so wonderful and perfect. I feel like I am dreaming still as I stroke your full head of hair and kiss your plump cheeks. It's time for you to sleep soundly and as I set you into the bassinet, I rejoice that you stay asleep. It already seems you'll be easier than your sister was. I don't wish to leave the room, but a mother's work is never done and your sister is having nightmares.
        I had so ma
Sensory JunkieI love:
cool Summer rain on my face
  grass under bare feet
   warm sand between my toes
    my daughter's soft skin and her sweet kisses
     my husband's caress
      plunging my hand into uncooked rice
       ice on my shoulders on hot days
        snow hitting my nose in Winter and crushing dry leaves in the Fall
         my husband's soft lips on my forehead
          that first glass of cool water in the morning
           clothes fresh out of the dryer
            the heat of fire in the Winter
             satin on bare skin


:thumb178530577: :thumb163517113: :thumb163733875: :thumb163162886: :thumb179353708:


fluid. by Agent-Angel slabTen years he'd slaved, with pick in hand,
O'er the ice cold slab of stone.
He painstakingly labored to carve from her
Each curve, each sense, each bone.
He's lost his wife, his sanity,
In search of her perfection,
Which always lay beyond his reach,
Taunting him with defection.
So he chiseled and carved and ate at her skin
to polish out her seams.
Day after day after torturous day,
She was callous to his agonized screams.
And he cursed her and begged her to end his pain
And he chiseled and buffered and sanded away
'Til at last, at his feet, all that remained lay;
A pile of dust, shattered dreams, and dismay.
joy by Agent-Angel pieces by Agent-Angel autumnI started at the sound, my heart hammering against my sternum as I watched the window, waiting for the source to burst through the glass.
My ears perked, straining to hear the slightest sound.
Something skittered across the eave...
I gave a sigh of relief.
A leaf. Just a leaf…


Dear MomDear Mom,
[I know this really isn't a letter like I promised, but you should be used to me giving less then I say I will]
I'm going to feel bad, throwing you into the ocean.
I'm going to have to clench my teeth, close my eyes, and grip my hip [because you're there, forever; in jagged scar tissue with upside down mountain capped M's and a blocky O, you're there, forever.] to keep myself from diving in after you and gathering you back together with the finest cheesecloth, molding you back together and filling you with all the beautiful things you've been drained of. I'll jam sea glass in your eye sockets and replace your weak bird bones with coral, I'll fill your lungs with saltwater [because oxygen obviously never worked; I almost miss that respirator keeping me awake at night] and wrap you with seaweed to hold you together again.
And I'll let you speak by jamming the truths to all my lies I've told you down your throat. I will whispersobconfess all my dirty deeds. I will tell yo
Don't Even TryYou don't need to understand me.
You don't need to bore into my eyes and look past my old, smudged lenses. Don't push your way through my murky irises of swampland hazel and throw yourself down the rabbit hole. There's no point it tip-toeing on my wire-thin nerves and crawling across blood vessels. Because once you reach my oh-so guarded brain, make your way around terrifying gun fire and through fields of barbed wire, dig your way around my mass of delusions, lies, and fog of medication; there's nothing.
At least, nothing you can understand. My brain is a jumble of computer codes and endless data, and I do not know the password. It's a jumble of pointless knowledge, sick desires, and unbridled truths. I am this, this is me, and yet I still do not understand it.
And if I can't, you never will.
Just be there; open armed with a warm smile, and listen.
Please, just listen.
Porcelin SupernovaThe rose blossoms into a beautiful
contradiction, its petals an explosion
of twenty thousand rosy fairy fingers
reaching out to grasp sunlight.
Like a star, it's born from a supernova.
A burst of honey-golden anthers and
stigmas, alive for only a few days
before they bare the scent for their
Own funeral, petals falling to the
ground and curling closed; golden
star-bits fading to scruffy white
dwarves that blink out and fade
In the wind. Harsh, needle-sharp
thorns are all that remain among the
olive leaves, themselves nothing in
a universe that once held stars.
ChildhoodI am a child again.
I am playing hide-and-go seek under
my bed covers, kissing my pillow and
singing the sweet song of asphyxiation
with a scarf tight around my neck.
I am popping pills like dime-store candy
but getting no sugar high, just a low
and chasing it all down with bitter amber.
I am playing Daddy's little girl ("Little Miss
Anorexia", now), writing angry, scrawled
notes instead of carefully drawn birthday
cards and messy pictures.
I am sitting at the table, playing the great
game of life; but my piece has toppled over,
the cardboard world upside down atop of it
on the cold, wooden floor and I can't help
but cry.
I've lost the game so, now, I guess I'm
Drowning in the RainThey're standing out there, on the street, two girls frozen in place, frozen in their bodies, and the people walking by find it kind of hard not to stare.
The one girl's called Eleanor, and her makeup's smeared so badly it looks like she's been crying, and she probably was. Her hair looks like an oil spill clinging to her neck and her eyes like rusty sunk-in nickels and she looks tired, really fucking tired.  The cover up's running, too, and it almost looks pretty, like a tattoo; the scar tissue stretched across her skin.
She's a mess, a beautiful disaster, a train wreck that everyone seems to have no trouble ignoring.
The other girl's a lot smaller, younger, and her name's Ellie.  Her skin's pale like the rain soaking down her clothes, and it's heavy; the weight might just crush her.  She has this thing about her, when she looks at you, you really can't keep looking, and they say you can't do that with the prettiest of things.
She's been called a lot of t

Thank you all for being the amazingly beautiful people that you are. :tighthug:

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Dani-the-Naiad Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
:tighthug: It was a blast! So glad we did it! :dance: I'm excited for the adventure to begin - and thanks so much for featuring me!
skyeconnelly Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010  Professional Photographer
Likewise girlie!! :D
AlloenDreams Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010
Thanks so much for the feature. :heart:
The baby shower was awesome! :aww:
skyeconnelly Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010  Professional Photographer
You're quite welcome dear, thanks for coming! :D
shadowgirlphoenix13 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010
Thanks for the feature! I appreciate it(:
skyeconnelly Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010  Professional Photographer
You betcha!
Kasami-Kat Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010
Whee~ I got a feature!
Thank you! c:
skyeconnelly Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010  Professional Photographer
You're welcome!
darth-chunky Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry I couldn't make it... Just in a slump right now, it was probably best I didn't bring people down. I think you're going to make a brilliant mother, you're baby is a lucky soul :)
skyeconnelly Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010  Professional Photographer
You don't need to explain! Thank you for your kind words though,
dear friend.. :tighthug:
darth-chunky Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Not a problem at all :)
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