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Easel In The Forest

This was my first manip in a very, very long time.

[Download for better resolution]

I was honestly just messing around with Gimp (which I just re-downloaded) and story scene idea in my head that this is based on. I might use this as a future Wattpad book cover (aka... why it is not cropped more, I know I know without text it looks quite awkward) but 1) I need to ask the stock owners for permission 2) I might practice more at making photo-manips until I get a little better then make a new one for a cover. Now I need to start practicing my equine, wolf and mountain lion manips because dang, I have really missed making equine manips even if all my past ones weren't the best I want to improve you know? Not doing any isn't going to get me anywhere.

Time: 3ish hrs
Layers: 13
Tools: Asus laptop, trackpad, Gimp 2.8.20
Music: Sarah J. Maas's Empire Of Storms Spotify playlist [LINK]


Stock Credit: thank you all so, so very muchHeart 

Forest Background:
Sed-rah-Stock DeviantArt  [LINK] 

Stock-by-Dana DeviantArt  [LINK]

Skye-Studios DeviantArt  (I haven't uploaded it yet but if anyone is interested in it just let me know!)


Please don't steal and claim as your own, if you wanted to use this for something just send me a quick message and wait until I ok it since I'm not really attached to this piece I will probably say yes but please, no stealing! :)
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