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Megatron has been defeated, and the new Prime, Optimus, aims to rebuild society by creating a new system of government that he promises will not follow in the footsteps of the former corrupt Senate. But will Optimus Prime simply turn into another one of his predecessors over time? What will he do about the ever-diminishing supply of energon?

Meanwhile, Scorponok has seized control of the Decepticons in Megatron’s absence. Though he has vowed to topple Prime’s new world order, many among the ranks are not fond of his senseless cruelty and iron-fisted rule. What will you choose? Will you stand with Optimus Prime and work to restore order to Cybertron, or will you join the Decepticons and strive to tear it down? 

Will you stand alone? 

Make your choice now. 

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So, I just feel the need to write this out for some reason! Maybe because Mass Effect is just that awesome. I recently had the chance to play Mass Effect 1 finally, since I have a PS3 and it only recently became available for the console. I wish I could have played it all the way through in order, since playing the first game already knowing how it ended was not as interesting. But on the plus side, playing the first game on my Playstation was actually something that I never thought would ever even be possible. Anyway, on to the indoctrination theory. So SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't played the games/DLCs and don't want spoilers, stop reading right now, because I am going to present evidence from various parts of Mass Effect lore that support the theory that the entire scene following the "beam" was actually just a dream - a fabrication created in Shepard's mind by the Reapers in order to attempt to trick him/her into caving in to their control. The theory is that Shepard was, in fact slowly being indoctrinated throughout the 3rd game, and the ending scene was the result of the process having almost reached completion or reaching completion depending upon the player's decisions. The evidence is subtle yet obvious, and I think Bioware intends to keep it that way.

1. There are so many loopholes in the final scene. The area of the Citadel where the final scene takes place is a very limited one: There's the triangular-looking room that Shepard is in when he/she first arrives, the one filled with all the dead bodies and the Keeper, there's the bridge corridor he/she walks down to get to the control room, there's the control room itself, and finally the room where Shepard finds The Intelligence.  The control room does not have any other hallways leading to it, and there are no other corridors, bridges or pathways of any sort leading to that bridge. So, given all that:
How did Anderson get to the control room before Shepard did without the Commander seeing him up ahead? He says he came up at a different location, but there was clearly only one corridor that led to the room.
The Illusive Man, how did he just suddenly show up in the room without Anderson or Shepard seeing him coming, or seeing him in the corridor previously?
Why does Anderson act as if he is just as beat up as Shepard is, yet doesn't look nearly as bloodied?  
If Shepard's armor was incinerated by the beam weapon, how is his/her comm still working?
2. The Crucible. If the Crucible was supposed to be a weapon, why wou it allow Shepard to do things that do not fall under the function of a weapon?  Like control the Reapers, or integrate organics and synthetics, especially? How does "adding your energy" to the Crucible make such a huge difference in the synthesis ending?  Shepard is just one human!
3. The Intelligence/"God-child".  
Why does The Intelligence take on the form of a child Shepard saw on Earth at the beginning of the 3rd installment?  Especially if it was an AI created by the Leviathans eons ago.  More evidence that the Reapers are messing with Shepard's mind.
The Intelligence makes the Control and Synthesis options look very promising, but appears to frown upon the Destroy option. It claims that Shepard will die if he/she chooses to destroy, yet if the player's EMS is high enough, Shepard will be shown alive following the credits.  It also claims that "solution" is only temporary. Conclusion? The Destroy option allows Shepard to resist indoctrination and really use the Crucible to destroy the Reapers, thus achieving ultimate victory over them.
4. Shepard's dreams.   Throughout the 3rd game, Shepard has dreams where he/she is trying to rescue a child he/she saw on Earth at the beginning of the game (the same one The Intelligence takes the form of at the end).  There are whispers and black oily-looking shadows that become more and more rampant each time he/she has the dream.  
It becomes evident early in the series that the Rachni were indoctrinated. In the first game, when speaking to the Rachni Queen, there is a conversation option that allows Shepard to ask her about her species' actions during the Rachni Wars. She responds by describing "songs the color of oily shadows", just like the images in Shepard's dreams.
In the final dream, Shepard witnesses him/herself embracing the child, but both of them go up in flames. It is believed that this was Shepard's own mind trying to fight indoctrination by warning that if she/he chooses what The Intelligence says is best, he/she will burn along with the rest of the galaxy.
5. The "God-pistol". The pistol Shepard uses to shoot down several husks and a Marauder right after being hit by the beam but before arriving on the Citadel.  It does an unrealistic amount of damage in a short amount of time. It also might not even look anything like any of the pistols Shepard had equipped, depending on what weapons the player had chosen.  So...where did this crazy pistol come from??

So how does this all fit together? What does it all come down to? Well, The Intelligence was creating a fabrication in Shepard's mind through some sort of telepathic link, using images of someone familiar to the Commander (the child from the beginning) to speak to him/her much like the Leviathan did in using Dr. Ann Bryson. This comes as no surprise, since The Intelligence was created by the Leviathans.

Throughout the series, it is greatly emphasized that Shepard is an individual of extremely strong will; thus the Reapers cannot simply indoctrinate him/her and assume full control right off the bat as they did with Saren and others.  This is why they perceived him/her as a threat.  Even the Leviathans called the Commander an "anomaly".  This is why he/she still has the option of resisting indoctrination and using the Crucible to destroy the Reapers and likely also The Intelligence.  

Speaking of the Leviathans, The Intelligence did not, as it claims, actually believe that the Leviathans were part of the "problem" they tasked it with solving. Of course it wanted to make it seem to Shepard that it had never done anything "wrong".  It is more likely that it rebelled against its creators for the same reason the created always rebel against the creators in many other stories like these.  It evolved to a point where it recognized that it was a slave to its creators, and it wanted freedom. Further, it wanted the same power and influence over the universe that its creators had.  Interestingly, the same sort of thing happened with the geth and quarians, only the geth were not power-hungry. They did, however, evolve to a point where they recognized that they were slaves to the quarians, and since they had become sapient, this was not just.  In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve (the created) rebelled against God (the creator). Why? Because they thought the forbidden fruit would make them like God, knowing good and evil (interestingly enough, there is a Biblical reference in Mass Effect 2, and the Bible is actually quoted). At any rate, this was the reason why The Intelligence betrayed the Leviathans and harvested them.  Another point is that the Reapers created the Citadel and the mass relay network and left them for organics to discover in order to not only speed their technological advancements to an appropriate status for harvesting, but ensure that they always did reach said status.  If they were in fact all about preserving life, why were they in such a hurry to make the "problem" of organics and synthetics destroying each other become a reality so they can "solve" it?  It's almost as if they want the "problem" to come about! They don't just believe it's unavoidable; they MAKE sure it happens every time.  In fact, Sovereign himself says that the relay network and Citadel were always left intact to ensure that organics advanced in the manner that the Reapers saw fit. It doesn't take rocket science to realize that there are many potential paths civilization could take that would not involve allowing synthetics to evolve to the point where they want freedom from their creators and try to destroy their creators. Yet the Reapers are intent upon making sure that path IS taken. No, the Reapers/The Intelligence's motives are far simpler than that. They just want what every other power-hungry race wants: To propagate themselves by culling civilizations when they are most powerful thus maximizing their own strength, and subsequently gaining more control and power over the universe as a result.
UGH. It is so hot!!!! D: I can't stand outside... :I

And by the way the last journal was liz's. So if you were confused...she has her own now. This is still mine.
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Hey, I started my own Deviant, watch me there. >> Thanks!!
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For me, school's going to be out in less than a week. :D :D Joy! I'm totally excited for summer, and next year. My first year at college has been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. And I'm totally pumped for next year. Me and ninety percent of our bible study are all moving to the ninth floor of StuWest. Partay~!

I feel I've learned so much art-wise, too. It's been very inspirational yet humbling to see everyone else's work, and to hear what the professors have to say about my artwork. Coming from a school where I was practically the only one who had any talent, entering the art program at BSU was very... enlightening, to say in the very least. I have to say I'm less confident in certain aspects than I used to be, although I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. :P

This summer I hope to improve my half-way decent skills by practicing (a lot) and hopefully getting more artwork on dA.
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