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A Soft Place to Land by Skydazzle A Soft Place to Land :iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 4 0 New Year's Rise by Skydazzle New Year's Rise :iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 12 0 Merry Christmas 2017! by Skydazzle Merry Christmas 2017! :iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 2 0 ~ Project Announcement! ~ Natsuhi Crafts ~ by Skydazzle ~ Project Announcement! ~ Natsuhi Crafts ~ :iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 4 0 Blooming Galaxy by Skydazzle Blooming Galaxy :iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 3 3
September 2nd
Dear Love,
We drove you away today
through the heat that scorched the valley
To save you from it, and your other misfortunes
In the hopes that you may elsewhere live, another day
And many more beyond, perhaps
You looked the same as you did yesterday
When we pulled you through the neighborhood,
in a borrowed red wagon
Sitting there, you were content sometimes
But wanted to walk when we arrived at all your favorite lawns
And so you did,
At every single one in the neighborhood
And we laughed, for those few moments then, you seemed a little less weary
A little less frail and only a little worn around the edges
As if you’d been born again, young and boundless
Tearing up our grass and rolling across the mud
You cracked something of a smile, a crooked version of your old grin
And even though it was dark
You smiled as though the whole day’s light were before us
I think still, of all the people we passed that evening
Perhaps they saw the picture of a happy walk
They, and maybe you,
:iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 0 2
Glass Beach by Skydazzle Glass Beach :iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 4 2 Balloon Clownfish by Skydazzle Balloon Clownfish :iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 6 0 Along For the Ride by Skydazzle Along For the Ride :iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 8 2 Survivor by Skydazzle Survivor :iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 3 0 Love Will Find A Way by Skydazzle Love Will Find A Way :iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 3 0 Above the Clouds by Skydazzle Above the Clouds :iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 5 0
Twilight Flowers
(Debussy) The Bus Seat
My somber silence
Echoes across the acacia water
That grows somber still
In the dying light
For my somber state does run
Like frogs across stars
My somber mandates that my heart
Reflects the quiet things that are still
Is my shadow so immense
That it takes a violet color?
A hundred crickets quiet down, seeing
The light at the carnival
A light is born in my chest,
Reflecting the things I've acquired
And the stillness of my somber
Gazes wide-eyed at the sight
:iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 0 0
Galaco by Skydazzle Galaco :iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 8 3
The Poem of the Present
In which everything stands still
in time and space
Raindrops hang like celestial bodies in the deep galaxy
And everyone in the world is frozen in time
Still as the air
You go around to look
And see frozen strangers walking
Across the sidewalk, through the woods
Entering classrooms now filled with silence like a museum
They are standing frozen there, chatting, laughing, thinking about topics beyond this world of theirs
And in their eyes you see a loneliness you never noticed before
The present is unstoppable, yet
I see the frozen motions of seemingly friends
filling each other in on how absolutely great their weekend was
Conversation slowly dying down
Soon to revert to their regular day-to-day lives
that unfold separately, individually, until they cross paths again
Where their minds slowly return to their rooms
To their books
Amidst colorful posters and cheerful pictures to forget the frozen world of rain outside
They become students again
become brains neurons
synapses firing in a cog
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Pandy Bear by Skydazzle Pandy Bear :iconskydazzle:Skydazzle 5 2

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A Soft Place to Land
Slated to be colored soon. I’ve been a bit out of it lately, both in art and life, and I guess this is my way of trying to resurge and come to terms with them both. Hopefully the colored version looks even better~!

I am back~!...for who knows how long exactly. I'm glad to have been able to puncture my pseudo-hectic break routine I think I've fainted.  to finally post on here, and for those of you who have been able to do the same to read this, I love you all Heart There's been mild turbulence on my way to this new year, but I'm hoping that pulling myself together a little bit will help me buckle in to enjoy the ride. Since my sister and I both turn legal this year in some way, I know that no matter what happens, interesting stories will await by year's end regardless I am a dummy! 

As for what to expect this year? Probably more quizzical poetry, intriguing photogenic shots of scenery or objects, and if I have time, perhaps some sketches with a watercoloring or two here and there. There's a good chance I'll be going on a field quarter and study abroad program this year, so I'm definitely looking forward to those and all the amazing photos and stories I'll get from there La la la la 

Lastly, I really do apologize if I vaporize again and go MIA until spring or summer break Sad dummy  I wonder sometimes about the amazing souls who've made their mark on the world by publishing their work online, and how some form of regularity is key to their success. However, I also know that students are notoriously thin-stretched when it comes to time and money Meow :3  and that there could come a time when this may change for me (hopefully). I look forward to what may be when that time comes, and until then, here's to all the little moments in between where I find these spaces to share art and life Sun

~Katherine C.
Bullet; Red "Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right." - Oprah Winfrey

Bullet; Yellow "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." - Confucius

Bullet; Green "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." - Maya Angelou

Bullet; Blue "Change your thoughts and you change your world." - Norman Vincent PealeSun Sun 


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~Hello world~

My hobbies include doing random sketches, watercolors, photography, and music, and being amazed by the talents of those around me (^ ^)


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