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September 28, 2012
[Stock & Resources] With emotive lighting and great characterisation Skydancer - Odin - Stock 9-12-12 20 by =skydancer-stock brings Odin to life in another great reference series
Featured by Elandria
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Skydancer - Odin - Stock 9-12-12 20

My deepest appreciation from myself and all my collaborating models, muses and artists for this recognition of our work, Thank you most kindly for the Daily Deviation and the many wonderful creations that are created from our "Theater of the Stock"

Please do not use for work that disrespects or exploits people or animals. Dark Art is acceptable, just try to be artful about it. Lots of gore and body parts is not art unless your name is Frazetta. You may use this stock for creating prints assuming you actually put some work into it and do not just run it thru a filter or apply a few effects. I do not care where you sell or post your art as long as you show me the work. IF you are going to use it commercially other than your own prints, ie a bookcover, cd cover, sell the art to a greeting card company, then you must contact me first with your proposal. In most cases I will approve the project and will be willing to fill out a release which most publishers require anyway.

Art Reference, Figure Studies, Stock. May not be used for Gore, or Sexual images. We support the use of our work by the art student, the traditional artist, for studies, sketch work, developing skills and anatomical studies. Fantasy in the vein of Frazetta, Vallejo, and so on is fine.

All rights reserved © 2012 Dragon's Chyld Studio and Marion Z. Skydancer

Helm by *InKibus Phoenix Scarf by ~flufdrax Spear by Kit Rae
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Image size
3104x4672px 7.78 MB
Shutter Speed
1/30 second
Focal Length
55 mm
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Date Taken
Sep 12, 2012, 3:09:23 PM
© 2012 - 2022 skydancer-stock
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FranJardiel's avatar

Thank you so much for this stock.

I used it here:…hope you like it. 

aryundomiel's avatar
Hi! used your stock here!
KangTengri's avatar
bnolin's avatar
Well-deserved! Congratulations!
vanderwolff's avatar
Moody and penetrating---makes the mythical loom up-close and personal; great work.
skydancer-stock's avatar
Thank you. Elder Spear by Kit Rae.
Piky's avatar
I used here: [link]
Thank you! :)
VAMPSTOCK's avatar
Wow this rocks!
Destiny3000's avatar
What an incredible photo that is! Lord Of The Rings style!

"One Ring to rule them all! MY PRECIOUS!"
bikerbuck's avatar
I really like the character in his face really is Odin like
HisWeskerness's avatar
"We only need to remove those who oppose us..... Star Wars fans"
XD pretty beast if I may say
Drimr's avatar
Wow. I immediately thought of Odin when looking at the picture and just then I saw the title... now, this is a very strinking portrayal of him :clap:
skydancer-stock's avatar
Thank you. I do not have the resources currently to try and do the missing eye, but then these are meant to be stock so the artist can take care of that detail. :)
Drimr's avatar
My pleasure! Well, it's still quite clear it's meant to be Odin, even without the missing eye. And, as you said, it's a stock, it doesn't have to be perfect :)
Kaboose92's avatar
except odin has an eye-patch over his left eye.great job,though!
skydancer-stock's avatar
This is true. The idea however being as it is stock is not to shoot a photograph of Odin, but rather a reference from which the artist might create Odin, or another character. For instance, this could be the basis of an elven warrior, an old viking king, a man of middle earth, and so on. :D
Kaboose92's avatar
True, I never thought of that.
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