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Together we can Raze this Barn...!

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I love AJ, and I loved this episode (and song... being a bit 'country' myself.)

But I couldn't resist the play-on-words with this homophone and the "history" of the Apple family's barn(s). Sing the song in your head while reading down the left column, then the right. =)

Used VLC + YouTube streams to get the screen caps, then Photoshop 7 to assemble it.

In retrospect, I should have included a fruit bat or three in that 4th row somewhere, but her looking from behind the tree going "uH-ohhhhh" was too priceless.

Parasprite = JayBeeBug
Dash = TheEarwig
Pinkies = MysteriousKaos
AJ = Anxet

And edit: I looked at the view counter and saw "wtf 5k", and realized it must have hit EQD, heh.
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ThePickleBlueberryStudent Digital Artist
Wow such logic
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and now its gunna be overtaken bye fruit bats lol
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iWantcoalHobbyist Digital Artist
"Together we can raise this barn!!!"
Trollestia: "Very well!"
*Barn flies up into the sky*
spartanguy88's avatar
Just like Red Team and the Warthog from Red vs Blue...
Froodals's avatar
FroodalsHobbyist Digital Artist
lololololl omg your right :XD: shes done this 4times now :XD: ahhahaa
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Studio384Hobbyist Interface Designer
Actualy not correct: Dash didn't destroy the barn itselfs. It was just a shed.
templar127's avatar
LOL! Razing is magic!
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rover4funHobbyist General Artist
Aaah... Now I hear what you sung there!
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mattwoHobbyist Digital Artist
The barn is officially a running gag. Not just it's destruction, everything that happens to it.
xXDustinxThexWiseXx's avatar
xXDustinxThexWiseXxHobbyist General Artist
Ahhh ^^ family tradition
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Dr-SirenStudent Writer
I knew somepony would notify, or make a joke about the fact the AJ's barn has been smashed down four times now.
Great job!
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Well I have to say that AJ episode was over the top I loved it. I'm not a country fan but I think her song was the best in this season thus far. Second best was Bad Seed. Well done with the comic though art wise though I believe that some of the comments down here held true for over doing the Raise barn song.
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ChrisTheBlueHobbyist Traditional Artist
I hated this song, the same way I hate Call Me Maybe. It's an alright song, but after the tenth time you replay it in your head, it get annoying.
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ChrisTheBlueHobbyist Traditional Artist
Raze... raise... puns.
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o/~ Ram it down, ram it down, razing this barn to the ground... o/~ [link] :)
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mirtar34Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hate to break it to you, but I think you were beaten to this. [link]
SkycatcherEquestria's avatar
SkycatcherEquestriaHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, sure enough, heh. =) My search for "raze" didn't catch this one. The difference I suppose, is the play-on-words here.
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May I use this pic to get Ashleigh's and Hey Ocean!'s autographs at Fiesta Equestria plz?
SkycatcherEquestria's avatar
SkycatcherEquestriaHobbyist Digital Artist
I responded to your note in my inbox, so see there. ;)
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Yours is more well done though. I really like the cause for the destruction being in the center of the panels. Adds a really funny dimension to it. It's original too!
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BB-KHobbyist Writer
Lol, the opposite of raising it, more like destroying it. :lol:

:iconthecountplz: : "1,2,3,4! Ah ah ah ah ah!" *thunder strikes*
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Actually the word is "raze" which means to destroy, a homophone for raise, which means to bring up (and can be used to mean build)

I apologize if my cold humorless attempts at spreading knowledge explained away the joke.
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