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Material Study 01

I need to improve my use and painting ability with textures, so I'm doing as many texture/material studies as possible. :D Starting with some shiny materials, here is the first batch!
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Thank you for the use of your art.
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These are amazing!
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These came out great! 
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Hello! Hi!
As an admin of :iconthe-artosphere: I'd like to inform you that we believe that this artwork would fit with the subject and the quality to our 'digital' gallery.
Keep up good work and have a nice day w00t!
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I thought this was just a photograph, you did great on this! :D
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The last one is my favorite :D its so pwetty
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very usefull, do more <3
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Thank you! I will start a new batch of texture studies! :)
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I think you're really great capturing textures!!
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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You're welcome!! :D
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This is very cool. :)
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You captured the textures perfectly :)
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Looks awesome! If I may ask, what brush (or brushes) did you use for these? I'm interseted how you got the texture for these.
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Thank you so much! :) I mostly used a basic round brush with pen pressure, with "Transfer" settings on. I used a soft round brush occasionally for softer transitions. I did use a speckled brush to get a subtle effect on the eggshell and the very last texture, and then I painted in more tiny details on top when needed. For this, I really focused on figuring out how to paint the textures so I tried not to use too many custom brushes. But now I want to make my own brushes to make the process quicker. :) Hope this helped a little.
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Is transfer in photoshop or a tablet setting? Thankyou for the other info, sadly I cannot use custom brushes, I use Corelpaint.:(
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Transfer is a brush option in Photoshop. Basically though, it would just mean that the brush responds to tablet pressure, so if any brushes in Corel Paint are pressure sensitive, it would have the same effect. The brush becomes less opaque with less pressure. In reality, it's great to just use normal brushes and try to capture the look of the texture or material with what you have. I recommend it, it's a great challenge to try, and you can learn new techniques. I just used objects in front of me and a few photo references to study.
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I see, I think I've always had that on, but corel likes to give different names to the commands. Thankyou.:)
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Insanely cool.
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Thank you so much!
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These are great! Where did you get a reference for these?
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Thanks! :) For reference for the materials here, I used photos of various objects for some, while some were referenced from life from objects around my room. The dark glass and blue plastic, for example, were from a shiny dark brown ink bottle and a plastic spray bottle. For others, I browsed through the stock images here on deviantart for different interesting surfaces to study. [link]
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