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Tree House

By skybolt
3rd in the series (to Subzero/Afterburn).........4th coming soon

This was a piece I started a few weeks back, but I wasn't happy with it, so chucked it in a folder with all my other unfinshed work. But today I had another go, and made some major changes. Pretty happy with it now. Shame the compression loses all the detail.

Canvas Prints of this, and more wil be avaliable VERY soon. So watch this space for more details.

Hope you like?

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© 2006 - 2021 skybolt
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I was not going to be able to stop. At least, I'd spotted their village. That's where the girl who had seen him was living.

The man had come to the Center as a pedlar and he knew − somehow - we had lost track of one of our GMBs.

With all these temporary agricultural workers infesting the surroundings of our underground bases, there was no doubt that this news had spread like wildfire among the locals. They, who did not have TV nor network access, only the radio for the most tech-savvy of villages, relied on word of mouth to peddle news which, of course, became exaggerated rumors and often fantastic stories.

It was not surprising, therefore, they would entirely believe such information when it had a fantastic side to them that left so many of ours troubled by their own genetic origins…

I opened the flaps and calculated my trajectory with the intention of encircling the habitat, but it quickly appeared it wouldn't be possible. Instead, I would have to walk back. A quick look at my position, and I evaluated the journey at 3 days of walking through the woods, after nearly a week of aerostat. It wouldn't come all the way up here: the density of the forest was far too important for it to maneuver and wiring me down through the canopy, too risky.

No, I would have to walk back to interview the girl. Apparently, our individual had been seen nearby and if the natives did not attach any importance to what a 12-year old girl could claim to have seen, a peddler had understood the benefit of the information.…

Apologies for not asking your permission beforehand…


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This is really great.  What kind of tutorials should I look for to start learning how to create this style digital art? I am using GIMP.
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beautiful, love the colors! <3
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фантастически красиво!
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Elves in the future, cool.
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Wonderful work. The colors are amazing, very warming and the details are incredible well done. Very calm piece! :clap:
love the palete and the perspective
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Awesome, really reminds me of somthing i've been writing about recently. Nice work.
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Wow, i really love the lightning in here.. good job dude.. this piece of art is awesome :D
Hi, I'm kind of new at this but I have to say this is a serious piece of work! I love the prehistoric/futuristic feel. How do I get a poster?
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i allways love tree houses and this one is just superb
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Amazing!!!! congratulations:clap:
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oh ma gawd..... although i'm not too big on the ship to be honest this picture is teh shit.... i absolutely love the idea of living in and on trees. this turned out quite awesome! :)
Still one of my favorites of yours. When are you going to get off that fantasy rap you've been on lately and get back to your inspired sci-fi? :D
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Wow.. thats great!! :D :+fav:
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:wow: ure work is totally awesome im :love:
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cool, thanks :)
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Powerful striking image.
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What a wonderful view! It looks so majestic.
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First I'd like to say I find this piece of artwork absolutely beautiful. However, I think there are some areas which could be improved. As a few others have said before, I also think this scene could benefit if there was not so much darkness on the left side. Also I would of like to see the amount of detail put in to the tree village in the foreground as in the background one. I know the idea is for second village is to be behind fog/atmosphere, but I think to much detail is not present. The second thing I noticed is on the plane I can see sketch lines, It bothers me to see dark lines around a plane that should be being illuminated in the scene. I'm very please with the tree and lighting in the dawn/dusk background. Here you did an excellent job with creating an almost surreal moment.

My expertise is in photography, therefore lack the ability to critique any technical aspects on this type of artwork. Thought, once again I want to say; overall it’s an amazing piece of work. I've noticed this type of work becoming more prevalent on DA. This is absolutely excellent; I find artwork outside my genera usually more fascinating anyway.

Keep up the great work.

*2envision - Your art through our eyes
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