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League of Legends - Vel'Koz with the Ladies

i don't eve know why haha ==;; ... but imagine the use of Vel'Kozs tentacles hue hue hue :3 

Also, image now in a sensible resolution :) wallpaper goodness!16:9 1980x1080 hue hue

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In the end, all report Vel'Koz for ganking.
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I only thought one word: RAAAAAAAAPE!!!!!
XDDD Okay, this is hilarious! :)
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Wow... suddenly reminded of a match I played the other day where most the team helped Fiddlesticks snowball the golem at the start of the game... I was playing Vel'koz, and the rest of the team where various female champions (other then fiddlesticks...) The only one on the team not helping was someone playing Ashe, Fiddlesticks asked for Ashe 'to come join the party! We have two hot babes and a tentacle monster!' I literally hurt my face and sides having laughed at that and all most missed the golem spawning
Nidalee`s Soul is happy : )
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I know why he's such a ladies "man!" It's because he can always keep eye contact! Right? ...guys?
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"If you know what I mean" *Wink*
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"Ladies, please, I have -three- tentacles."
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I like this.  And you're not the only one who has thought of those tentacles up to mischief. xD
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i feel, hentai action incoming!
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XDDDDD I saw what you did there!

Things will be seen, places will be touched!

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It must be said....I've seen enough Hentai to know where this is going!!!!!!!!
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Aw Yeah Vel' Koz gettin the laaaaadiessss
Pocky-Strawberry-Ari's avatar
and Vel'koz brings all the hentai fantasy to the league world...

I blame the internet.
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I've know what, nevermind that joke has been done to death
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Just adding fuel to the fire haha :)
THEATOMBOMB035's avatar
lD maybe but I will not be the one to strike the match
and you and I both know that Rule 34 is already on this
THEATOMBOMB035's avatar
...rule 34..."if exists their is Porn of it"
SkyBlitzer's avatar
True true, lets not delve any further with this and just let the internet do its job :D
THEATOMBOMB035's avatar
XD is that out of kindness for Vol'Kog? or is it lazyness?
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