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Blank Fictional Country Map

[For the REAL full view hit the download button]

Alright, let me explain.

This is a computer generated continental map of some fictional / fractal place that totally does not exist. It's fictional. It's totally made up by random variants and random factors which generate what you see.

So what is this thing?

Here's your answer:

The point of this thing is so you guys can fill in the blanks with names of places / things (whatever) and have fun with it. That's all.

Play risk? Sure, you probably can. Play other games? Make games? You totally can with this thing just by being a little bit creative.

Or you can be creative with it by planning your story based on the continents. Sure, you can totally make up countries and make a little path following the character's trail on his or her journey to find something. It's all up to you.

You have the freedom. I'm not going to yell at your for reusing it somewhere as long as you give me the credit back to me. (Just don't sell it.) Refer to Creative Commons license below for details.

Show me what you made!
Credit my by doing this. Give me a link to:

Or you can make an icon like this :iconskybase: (you type :iconskybase : <--- without the space)
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I'm proably gonna sound dumb when I say this but how do you use something?
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so it's ok to use this map?
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Great use of fractals to represent real-world situations. ;) What program(s) did you use?
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It's made using FilterForge :D
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umh,, i see some nations here ^^ and also 2 others ^^ maybe it samples the real map as in algorithm? ^^
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ah you thought lol the answer is no. It doesn't sample from anything. ;) Fractals indeed start looking like real things, just as this demonstrates.
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ooh,, so it's 100% pure fractal?
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HEY. I LIKE THE SECOND ONE BETTER. It has prettier colors. :>

these are neat though. man, i wanna play risk now.
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Nifty idea. Fractals, I'm guessing?
I would be interested in basing a story around a map, kinda, but most of the stories floating around in my head exist in a "2-3 countries" world. The lower left of this map intrigues me though. *scratches chin thoughtfully*
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Its really the basic Perlin noise (and indeed they are fractals) which I overlayed several other layers to make up that complex surface. ;)
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