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Caitlyn Gauss XL

A magnetism-themed LEGO Hero Factory MOC. I've been designing her (or at least, designing the MOC that eventually became her) since this spring, when I reverse-engineered this MOC by veteran constraction set designer Christoffer Raundahl (BIONICLE's lead set designer, who designed such models as the original Tahu and Kopaka sets, the Bahrag, and Toa Mahri Kongu and Matoro, and who was one of the inventors of the new Hero Factory building system). This MOC's skeleton is heavily inspired by the skeleton of that MOC, though there are some pretty substantial changes.

She stands 12 inches (30 centimeters) tall, uses 168 pieces, and boasts an impressive amount of articulation. Since building her, I've swapped the mask for Furno XL's based on feedback from other MOCists, but otherwise the MOC has stayed the same. There are no illegal or otherwise dubious connections in this MOC — it uses entirely the same sort of building techniques you might find in any LEGO Hero Factory set from 2011 or later, just on a larger scale.

You can see more photos, including some alternate poses and a five-view turnaround, in my Flickr gallery.

I hope to continue refining this model based on any feedback I receive! It's easily my largest humanoid MOC and one I hope to exhibit at Brickfair Virginia next year. But there's definitely room for further improvements in the months to come.
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That actually looks pretty cool!
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Thank you! I've actually made some changes since I posted this. You can see the updated version here (I probably ought to upload it to deviantART sometime, but *insert excuse for procrastination here*).
Shiisiln's avatar
She looks great! Especially like the look of the red peeking out from behind the grey armour; looks a bit like magma underneath rock.
Lightninging63's avatar
As I said on Eurobricks, I like the build but you must do something for the shoulders.
And I'm just now picking up on the smooth flow that the 'engine' cladding makes for the abdomen.. I like it!
skybard's avatar
I improved the shoulders since you last commented on them, and posted some photos of the updated design in this post! I'd definitely like to hear what you think of the changes I made!
Lightninging63's avatar
I've just seen it, and I like those new upgrades.
The extra bulk does not detract from the intended feminine build at all, and upon seeing her next to Evo.. all those other XLs better watch out!
skybard's avatar
Did you say...? =P

(I don't use that as a reaction image nearly as often as I should.)

She's definitely taller than any XL Hero sets, but she's about the same height as 2283 Witch Doctor (probably shorter if you count his spikes) and slightly shorter than 8699 Takanuva.

Hard to say how much she'd cost if she were a set... both of those sets are $30, and I feel like she's close to the same weight, so I guess she could maybe be $30 or $35. The typical XL Hero set is $20 or $25, so it's no wonder they tend to be smaller.
Lightninging63's avatar
I am very pleased with these new upgrades.
Yes :P

So she's around the same height as the tallest figure in the whole HF series thus far, and price-wise she wouldn't be too bad. 
You want XL? She has it.

Thanks for the info, it's very helpful :)
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Must resist magnet puns ...
skybard's avatar
In any case I hope you find her more attractive than repulsive! =P
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