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:bulletorange: :new: :meditation: :juggle: :floating: Its the moment you've been waiting for. It's finally out. We're finally done. The time has come. The winners have been chosen finally !!! :airborne:

and the winners are ..  No winners up here in the "announcements" section :threaten: scroll down and you will see them! :D

Old Announcements

:bulletorange: The OFFICIAL devainART Nature Photography Contest!</u> "This is an officially sponsored deviantART contest, with prizes of devcash and subscriptions, along with more than 100 journal features." ~ kkart

This is the APN Gallery's contest. This is a great contest, and it is a great opportunity for you guys to participate ! you are nature photographers ! :D You can find more information on the news article, but all i can say is "you gotta try this one !! :D "

PS: This is not skyandnatureclub's contest, but we are offering a prize for the winners :)

:bulletgreen: :party: Do you want your birthday date to be marked in our calender? Click this link. :bulletgreen:

Newest Members

:iconkarleth-harkereth: :iconbritt1913: :icon0-kelley-0: :iconkissontherain: :iconday-dreams-09: :iconthe3godfathersteve: :iconharlowphotography: :icontiagomelo: :iconredmancoco: :iconjlafleurart: :iconthemorris: :iconnearthepark: :iconshibby84: :iconbeka-san: :iconbricechallamel: :iconbillythekid-90: :iconrocamiadesign:

"Colored Clouds" Contest

:bulletblue: About the Contest:

:bulletblack: CONTEST CLOSED !</u> :bulletblack:

:bulletgreen: Entries:

The Entries are here. Click me !

:bulletblue: The Judges:

:iconuae4u: :iconoctodogphotography: :iconmayoofka: :iconanadeviant: :iconfireflyphotosaust: :iconmental3pal: :iconthe-unique: :iconcalibre-not-output:

THE  W I N N E R S !!

Congratulations to the winners !!! :party: :excited: :airborne: :party: I appreciate your participation. Thank you all, who didnt win, for trying with one of you entries. I am telling you, you all had chances of winning :nod: Every entry had a special thing in it :) But we, the judges, tried to do our best to choose the final winners, and be assured that we chose the winners carefully ;)

We received many entries this time which showed your encouragement and great care. We, staff, were SO happy this time with what we've seen and with what you've given to us ! :D not to mention the FUN in the judging rounds, it was a great experience :nod: dont be jealous now people, you will have a turn one day :D

anyways, go find out who won (i am sure you already did ;p) , and don't forget to congratulate them :clap: We hope to see such a big number of entries next time too. We will keep the information of the next contest secret, but you will know about it when the right time comes ! :D

:love: :star: :party: CONGRATULATIONS !! :party: :star: :love:

:bulletblue: The First Winner is :iconyungstar: :clap: with

* Features:

Dont Go... by yungstar Trail Mix by yungstar Phoenix by yungstar Excess Hight by yungstar Sabino Canyon by yungstar

:bulletred: The Second Winners are :iconoo-rein-oo: :clap: with

* Features:

Urban Silhouettes by oO-Rein-Oo Morning Glory by oO-Rein-Oo :thumb107569352:

and :iconastralilitu: :clap: with

* Features:

s u n w i t h i n g r a s p by aStRaLiLiTu Center Stage by aStRaLiLiTu a u t u m n d r o p by aStRaLiLiTu

:bulletblue: The Third Winner is :iconmarcoheisler: :clap: with

* Features:

In The Wood III by MarcoHeisler Mr. and Mrs. Duck by MarcoHeisler

:star: Honorable Mentions:</u> :star:

Winter sunset by Icklenavic b u r n i n g - s k y by Mr-Tobi Dangerous Clouds by RoSaVision Love Leaves It's Mark by GONE-EVERLONG Railay Sundown by trinkaus-cc

:bulletpurple: Prizes:

First Winner:
:new: * 6 Month Subscription by molehu

Second Winner:
:new: * 3 Month Subscription by mayoofka

Third Winner:
:new: * 1 Month Subscription by mayoofka

All Winners:
* Journal Feature by SkyAndNatureClub
* Journal Feature by Acid-Burst-Love-Fed
* Journal Feature by FantasyArtsNetwork
* Journal Feature by Wonderful-World
* Journal Feature by Cityscapes-Club
* Journal Feature by CallMeOriginal
* Journal Feature by Close-Ups
* Journal Feature by NaturPics-club
* Journal Feature by sunsets
* Journal Feature by Photo--Assignment
* Journal Feature by ProjectEarth
* Journal Feature by SnapShot-Club
* Journal Feature by Digital-Artisans
* Journal Feature by Scapes-club
* Journal Feature by Master-Artists
* Journal Feature by flower-lovers
* Journal Feature by Shutter-Vision
* Journal Feature by Shutter-Scene
* Journal Feature by Windowsity
* Journal Feature by ArtisanCraft
* Journal Feature by ClubPhoto
* Journal Feature by OrangeClub
* Journal Feature by ThematicArt
* Journal Feature by Cookiephotos
* Journal Feature by Ana-D
* Journal Feature by VictorianPrincess
* Journal Feature by MiMi-MosH
* Journal Feature by elolitta
* Journal Feature by AnaDeviant
* News Article Feature by SkyAndNatureClub
* News Article Feature by ThematicArt

Page-Views Contest !

The mini-contest occurs every 1,000 Pageviews. Next is 97,000 pageviews , printscreen it and send us the picture in a note with the number of pageviews :)

Note: You get a double feature (10 of your works) when you print screen the club at pageviews that are divisible by 5,000!  For example: 45,000 - 50,000 - 55,000 and so on..

95,000 Pageviews Winners

Members Birthdays in June

:bulletyellow: :party: :cake: :excited: :dance: :boogie: :w00t: :flowerpot: :bulletyellow:

:cake: Happy Birthday to :

June 2nd


The Last Flower of Summer by JeweledFaith Field Of Innocence by JeweledFaith
June 6th


Rise up by MimKa Red sunrise by MimKa
June 7th


Tagritte in the flowers by Cansounofargentina Sunset on the sea 1 by Cansounofargentina


Flowers 21 by dknuckles River Sunset 03 by dknuckles
June 8th


Spring Mornings by NanaPHOTOGRAPHY H O P E by NanaPHOTOGRAPHY
June 9th


Falling up by the-square-root-of-3 Ladybug walk by the-square-root-of-3
June 10th


Bonne by Blastoid Dahlia by Blastoid
June 11th


Ray of Hope by Sighz-no-name Bunch of Pale Lilies by Sighz-no-name
June 12th


Elvish Pride by CristaliaART Golden Whisper by CristaliaART
June 13th


nighttime by dreamcatchmex just another end of the day by dreamcatchmex


Buenos dias by InstantesEternos Sleepy by InstantesEternos
June 15th


August Is Over. by xXxRebelxXx Spikes by xXxRebelxXx
June 17th


:thumb96612319: :thumb97297994:
June 22nd


Blown Away by PatrickRuegheimer Save.Me by PatrickRuegheimer
June 23rd


The Power of thr Sky by lexxi-raven Beutiful and pure by lexxi-raven


sunrise by eviiita the second photo of the rose by eviiita
June 24th


Iti mai aduci aminte? by nox-moonLover Morning fog... by nox-moonLover
June 25th



:thumb123449568: :thumb123453229:
June 28th


Peace and Serenity 2 by Earthfeeler Light in the Dark by Earthfeeler

Don't Forget to visit their pages and wish them a Happy Birthday! :party:

:bulletyellow: :party: :cake: :excited: :dance: :boogie: :w00t: :flowerpot: :bulletyellow:

Weekly Features

wet by cloftw :thumb125954375: Fire IV by skinywitch Sky That Day 3 by Photoguy09 Rising Thru The Fog by mim304 :thumb124098680: A dream in a wheat field -Pano by vxside Majesty by WNG3000 EYES FOR YOU ONLY by Sandy33311 Gouldsboro Mountains Sunrise by BelaBoosMim :thumb126024949: 200 favs or I will shoot . . . by W0LLE Down the Valley by uae4u Water Cascade by dev1n :thumb125243468: Escape to the Clouds by dreaming-of-serenity US View by 777His Fishing for Angels by FireflyPhotosAust Hines by Al-Baum :thumb126164315: Look how they shine by Daywish An old summer in poppyland by LadyCarnal :thumb126490328: Purity by eschlehahn Peace by Marieemx Sunset Princess by SilivrenTinu :thumb125297779: Butterfly by kantzorf .: w i s h k e e p e r :. by Irena-N-Photography mirror of grace by GalahadduLac :thumb126099708: Bleeding Hearts by poetcrystaldawn keys sunset by molehu

:bulletblue: Note: You can view or fave any of the works above! </u>:dance:

( Chosen from Third Week of June 2009 by uae4u )

Stamps and Credits

SkyAndNatureClub_StampContest2 by NanaPHOTOGRAPHY Sky and Nature Club by Fyona
by NanaPHOTOGRAPHY  &  Fyona

clubSEARCH by parallellogic

* We appreciate it if anyone wanted to donate a subscription to the club :hug:

* If you have a suggestion or an idea for the club to become better, please please please tell us about it ^___^

Enjoy and Have Fun In This Club !! :D

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Daywish's avatar
Looks amazing :clap:
SkyAndNatureClub's avatar
thanks, they are amazing :D :w00t:

*uae4u Narmo
victory-a13's avatar
yay amazing photos, congrats to the winners!! :clap:
SkyAndNatureClub's avatar
congratz to them :party:

*uae4u Narmo
Ash-S's avatar
yaaay congrats to all winners :clap:
irgendeine's avatar
Congrats to the winners!
Really beautiful entries. :clap:
SkyAndNatureClub's avatar
yea they are, congratz to them :party:

*uae4u Narmo
Sandy33311's avatar
Congrats to the winners and to the judges. Wow! The entries were GREAT! :party:
SkyAndNatureClub's avatar
thanks, ya they are very lovely :D :dance:

*uae4u Narmo
happyhai's avatar
wow, these are all super duper fab, well all the entries were, must have been very tough choice for you judges.
SkyAndNatureClub's avatar
yea all of them were great ! :nod:

hmm yea it was at the end, but that was expected, so it was okay :D
boshimaro's avatar
Congrats. Amazing pictures.
Angie-AgnieszkaB's avatar
Congrats for All :dance::hug::dance:
Lovely works :meow:
SkyAndNatureClub's avatar
yeaa :iconjoyplz:

btw, your drawings are becoming better :nod: ;) :D

*uae4u Narmo
Angie-AgnieszkaB's avatar
You look for my draws? :> :blush:
SkyAndNatureClub's avatar
Angie-AgnieszkaB's avatar
:wow: Thanks xD
I'm suprised :)
Thank You very much Dear :hug: :)
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Inner-traffic's avatar
Congrats! :#1:. U N B E L I E V A B L E :gallery:! ! ! :jawdrop:
eschlehahn's avatar
Congratulations to all winners ! The winning entries are awesome (though all other were too) :clap: :clap: :clap:
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