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:bulletyellow: 5 Days to goo ! Hurry up if you didnt submit any entry yet :dance:

:bulletyellow: CHECK OUT THE NEW PRIZES !! :w00t:

who doesnt want to win now :paranoid:


:bulletorange: :new: I am sure you are all eager to participate in a new contest ! :excited: Thats why SkyAndNatureClub is starting a new contest, its The Silhouettes Contest :dance: You must read the rules if you want your entry to be accepted :D More info. and details to be found down in this journal !

:bulletorange: :new: Its the beginning of the third week today :sun: You can now send  your third submission for this month ! :w00t: Kindly keep in mind that we will only accept ONE submission per WEEK ! from each member :nod:

Have a look at the "SitBack - slideshow" comments to know when each week starts and ends :)

:bulletgreen: Haven't you read about the "Link System" yet ?! Read all about it here ! :w00t: :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: :party: Do you want your birthday date to be marked in our calender? Click this link. :bulletgreen:

Newest Members

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The Silhouettes Contest

:bulletblue: About the Contest: (Please Read !)

:star: The Silhouettes Contest :star: A new theme and a new idea. "A silhouette is a view of an object or scene consisting of the outline and a featureless interior, with the silhouetted object usually being black. It describes the sight or image of a person, object or scene that is backlit, and appears dark against a lighter background." ~ Wikipedia

Silhouettes can be of anything, but since this is a nature club, we will only accept nature-related silhouettes. There are some techniques for shooting a silhouetted photo, you must use your creativity to shoot a nice one :w00t:

:star: Here are some examples: :star:

singing silhouette 2 by oetzy WintEr silhouettE by lostknightkg Silhouette by MartinAmm A butterfly silhouette by aronbrand Silhouette by jsablinskis

Thats All, I am sure this is easy for you guys ;) :boogie: Show us your best, Good Luck ! :w00t:

:bulletred: :star: Contest Deadline: August 4th :star: :bulletred:

:bulletblue: Rules:

:bulletgreen: You MUST be a joiner of SkyAndNatureClub
Wanna join us ?
:bulletgreen: It MUST be your work.
:bulletgreen: Photographs ONLY.
:bulletgreen: Only ONE entry per member.
:bulletgreen: Your entry can be old or new.
:bulletgreen: Send the entry in a NOTE. for example: "contest entry" or "silhouettes contest entry"
:bulletgreen: Send the thumb, not the link, in the body of the note.
:bulletgreen: We have the right to accept or reject any entry.
:bulletgreen: If the entry is not accepted, you can still send another entry before the contest ends, but please don't send us two entries asking us to choose one of them.
:new: :bulletgreen: The object of the silhouette MUST NOT be a portrait ! (meaning we wont accept silhouetted people)

FAQ: What is a thumbnail, and should i be a subscriber to add thumbnails in a note ?

- You don't have to be a subscriber to add thumbnails in notes. Simply type  :thumb00000000:

the zero'z must be replaced with the number that is written at the end of the entry's link , example: http:// skyandnatureclub. Cloudy-Sunrise- 66779128  <--- :thumb66779128 :

:bulletgreen: Entries:

The Entries are here. Click me !

:bulletorange: Judges:

:iconuae4u: :iconoctodogphotography: :iconmayoofka: :iconnunopires: :icon1510: :iconelectraextra: :iconaranwa-tari:

:bulletpurple: Prizes:

(Donating a prize would be very nice of you :aww:)

:bulletorange: First Winner:</u> :bulletorange:

:bulletgreen: 3 Month Subscription by mayoofka
:bulletgreen: 1 Month Subscription by PamLam
:bulletgreen: 40 Textures Pack by WingsOfAHero
:bulletgreen: An avatar or a stamp by Nameda
:bulletgreen: Drawings/Paintings Commissions by raindance168
:bulletgreen: Photo/Drawings Commissions by Kristoshi-Warrior
:bulletgreen: A photo edit on a given theme by AlkalineTrioGirl

:bulletorange: Second Winner:</u> :bulletorange:

:bulletgreen: 2 Month Subscription by mayoofka
:bulletgreen: a custom stamp with limited animation by alwaysmotivated
:bulletgreen: Drawings/Paintings Commissions by raindance168
:bulletgreen: Photo/Drawings Commissions by Kristoshi-Warrior
:bulletgreen: A photo edit on a given theme by AlkalineTrioGirl

:bulletorange: Third Winner:</u> :bulletorange:

:bulletgreen: 1 Month Subscription by mayoofka
:bulletgreen: Drawings/Paintings Commissions by raindance168
:bulletgreen: Photo/Drawings Commissions by Kristoshi-Warrior
:bulletgreen: A photo edit on a given theme by AlkalineTrioGirl

All Winners:
* Journal Feature by SkyAndNatureClub
* Journal Feature by uae4u
* Journal Feature by Acid-Burst-Love-Fed
* Journal Feature by FantasyArtsNetwork
* Journal Feature by Wonderful-World
* Journal Feature by Cityscapes-Club
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* Journal Feature by Anjellyjoy
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* Journal Feature by ba6ooy
* Journal Feature by Metal-Goddess
* Journal Feature by rdalpes
* Journal Feature by BillyTheKid-90
* Journal Feature by Arya-DragonQueen
* Journal Feature by Ana-D
* Journal Feature by eschlehahn
* Journal Feature by VictorianPrincess
* Journal Feature by lostknightkg
* Journal Feature by Nameda
* Journal Feature by katt-25
* Journal Feature by switch-sgfx
* Journal Feature by FlippinPhil
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* Journal Feature by GramMoo
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* News Article Feature by SkyAndNatureClub
* News Article Feature by apomaniac
* News Article Feature by ba6ooy

Page-Views Contest !

The mini-contest occurs every 1,000 Pageviews. Next is 101,000 pageviews , printscreen it and send us the picture in a note with the number of pageviews :)

Note: You get a double feature (10 of your works) when you print screen the club at pageviews that are divisible by 5,000!  For example: 45,000 - 50,000 - 55,000 and so on..

:bulletyellow: 100,000 Pageviews Winners Features here!!

Members Birthdays in July

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Check them out here !!

Don't Forget to visit their pages and wish them a Happy Birthday! :party:

Weekly Features

:thumb128285004: oh by cloftw Blackness Sunset by FlippinPhil sunset by the3godfathersteve Spider on Web by ironmanbr Nightfall of Autumn by xrust Beauty Behind Bars by mim304 Little Ladybug by NewMoon12 Sky II by Marieemx Trees on the river by flytiger In the clover by DivineInvention :thumb127053859: A World Apart by novelhill Like in heaven by KissOnTheRain Arthuan by BriceChallamel :thumb128770818: The Great Gig In The Sky by JoeBostonPhotography When day ends, and night comes by xMAXIx M U F F I N C U P S ? by Zanzak :thumb127402922: The Queen by SilivrenTinu Out by the Lake by Tribal8 Sweet Spring by DemonMathiel Fourth of July Sunset by wonenownlee yellow ladybug by riviera2008 The Sky is on Fire by F6ayem :thumb128351640: With Love by JLafleurArt :thumb128725272: M A J E S T I C by Theoneyedkitten Light Lines by WVUARTIST Beautiful Vineyards by ErwinStreit :thumb128745860: :thumb128771463: Lonely by andreiciungan Yellowstone by Hylinth Make me Smile by venaya Ja Wam pokaze by Soczi African Daisy by poetcrystaldawn Flow away by And-I-Walk-Alone Sunset by verrigo :thumb125100202: before you leave by nox-moonLover Hybrid Lily by sweetcivic Fire on a leaf by eyenoticed

:bulletblue: Note: You can view or fave any of the works above! </u>:dance:

( Chosen from Second Week of July 2009 by uae4u )

Stamps and Credits

SkyAndNatureClub_StampContest2 by NanaPHOTOGRAPHY Sky and Nature Club by Fyona
by NanaPHOTOGRAPHY  &  Fyona

clubSEARCH by parallellogic

* We appreciate it if anyone wanted to donate a subscription to the club :hug:

* If you have a suggestion or an idea for the club to become better, please please please tell us about it ^___^

Enjoy and Have Fun In This Club !! :D

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