Hello and welcome to SkyAndNatureClub! :iconskyandnatureclub:

:star: General Rules

:bulletblack: No foul language.
:bulletblack: If you are a member, please have :iconskyandnatureclub: somewhere on your user page. Installing the "Groups Widget" is an example. You can do this by going to "edit page" on your front page, and simply install the "groups" widget!
:bulletblack: We are against art theft. If we find out that you are participating in art theft, you will be removed from the group.

:star: How to Join

:bulletblack: Click on the "join group" icon jound on our front page.
Join requests are "subject to vote", so please wait till you are accepted.

Here is a useful tutorial:

How to Submit to a Group by Nessarie

:star: How to Leave (we hope you don't have to!)

:bulletblack: Near the group's avatar, you will find your avatar and beneath it "Member".
:bulletblack: Click it.
:bulletblack: Click on "Leave the group".

It doesn't hurt to tell us why you intend to leave the group. It helps us understand any problems and fix them :)

:star: How to Submit

:bulletblack: Go to our gallery ofArtworks.
:bulletblack: Choose the current Submissions Period folder.
:bulletblack: Click on "Submit to this folder".
:bulletblack: Click on "Contribute an existing deviation".
:bulletblack: Choose a nature-related deviation.
:bulletblack: Click OK.


:bulletblack: Go to our profile page.
:bulletblack: You will see "contribute art" at the top.
:bulletblack: Click it, and choose a nature-related deviation.
:bulletblack: Click OK.

:star: Rules of Submitting

:bulletblack: You must be a member of SkyAndNatureClub to be able to submit.
Check if you are a member from this me.deviantart.com/mygroups/

:bulletblack: Every member may submit ONLY 1 work per week.

:bulletblack: If you don't want to get the submissions in your message center, simply "unwatch deviations from Skyandnatureclub"
(its explained down in the "FAQs" section)

:bulletblack: The submissions will not directly be submitted to our gallery folder. One vote is required from the Administrators.
(The votes are only there to make sure your submissions qualify for the group.)

:bulletblack: All deviations must be nature-related, with minimum non-nature elements in them.
(eg: sunsets, flowers, animals, birds, landscapes, etc..)

:bulletblack: All Visual media are acceptable as long as they're realistic. dA related deviations (Stamps, avatars , etc ..) are not acceptable however.
(Fantasy is not acceptable)

:bulletblack: We have Minimal Quality Standards. We judge photos based on the photography basics and rules. For example: exposure, focus, lighting, composition, noisiness, colors, contrast, white balance, etc..

:bulletblack: We do NOT accept deviations with non-nature elements if they are clearly noticeable, or if the major focus was on them.
(Try not to include these elements in your photos.)

:bulletblack: We do NOT accept photographs taken from cars or windows for example, where they're noticeable. The same thing goes for drawings or paintings, in which the wall at the back can be seen when they're photographed.

:bulletblack: We do NOT accept Abstract Photos.

:bulletblack: We do NOT accept Highly manipulated works.

:bulletblack: We do NOT accept Portrait or City Scapes photographs.

If you have problems submitting, please contact us!

:star: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

:bulletblue: I can't stand the large number of submissions in my message center. What should I do?

:bulletyellow: :bulletred: If you want to remove all submissions of a group from your message center:

:bulletblack: Choose any submission.
:bulletblack: You will see an "arrow" and an "x".
:bulletblack: click the arrow, and click on "remove all deviations from #GROUPNAME".

:bulletred: If you don't want to receive any submission from the group, NO submission at all:

:bulletblack: Choose any submission.
:bulletblack: Click the arrow, and click on "Unwatch #GROUPNAME's deviations".

You won't get any submission. You can change this setting here.

:bulletblue: Why is my submission/join request still not accepted?

:bulletyellow: It is possible that we have a lot of submissions (or join requests) that are waiting to be accepted. Please be patient, we will get to your message as soon as we can. :aww:

:bulletblue: Will I be notified when you add something to your favorites?

:bulletyellow: No, you won't.

:bulletblue: How long does it take for a submission to be accepted?

:bulletyellow: It takes 2-4 days for a submission to be accepted. This is due to the large number of submissions, and because we don't want to accept them all in one day. Please be patient; there is no need to rush ;)

:bulletblue: There is something that I don't like in the group. Who should I contact?

:bulletyellow: Please send a note to the group, or contact the founder (uae4u) in a note. :)

:star: Members

Anyone may join the member group, as it is open to everyone!

:bulletblack: Members may submit up to 1 deviation per week.
:bulletblack: Members' deviations will be voted on by admins.
:bulletblack: Members can "suggest a favorite" to the group, and it has to be nature-related.

:star: Contributors

:police: Only active members selected by the Administrators will be allowed to join the Contributors sub-group.

Contributors are considered administrators, and they will help the Administrators with anything. For example: managing blogs, submissions, favorites, or anything the administrators ask them to do.

:bulletblack: Contributors may submit up to 1 deviation a week.
:bulletblack: Contributors can write blogs, but we will have to accept them first.
:bulletblack: Members can "suggest a favorite" to the group, and it has to be nature-related.
:bulletblack: Contributors must be active in the group.
:bulletblack: Contributors are expected to contribute to the group more so than members. If contributors fail to do so, they will be demoted and become members.

Note: Contributors can submit the work to the gallery directly as they submit it to their galleries. www.deviantart.com/submit/devi…

If you have any questions or suggestions, dont hesitate to contact us :w00t:

Group's Rules

:bulletgreen: Before going any further and submitting, we ask that you please read our rules.

:bulletgreen: If you don't want to be flooded with our submissions, please unwatch the deviations without unwatching the group; otherwise, you won't receive our blogs. :)

:bulletgreen: If you have any questions, suggestions, doubts, opinions, etc., contact us! We don't bite. :rose:

You could also have a look at the FAQs as they may contain answers to your questions. :aww:


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