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Create Your Own Vulpix +Meme+

Just a fun little meme if you've got a bit of time to kill. I thought it'd be fun. Not seen a Vulpix one before and I love Vulpix. (:

Never made a meme before so I thought I'd give it a go. (:
Here you can create your own Vulpix from Pokemon.
Have fun and remember to link back when you're finished if you use it!<3

Pokemon (C) Nintendo / Game Freak / Pokemon Company
Original Vulpix image - [link] ( I edited bits of it slightly )

Sorry for my British spelling of colour. C':

EDIT: Damn , I missed out the 'r' on 'your' D':
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Make your Vulpix MeMe (#BadMSPaintShading) by MangaMelly  Da i did the thing
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ultimate oc creator
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Here you go. <3
Vulpix meme by ElectroSpanz

Now lemme explain.

For 1, the shirt i'm wearing is black and white, but to be fair, most of the color on my shirt is white. For 2, it's self-explanatory. For 3, yellow is pretty common for happiness and a reference to joy. For 4, fruits is what i preferred. Especially apples. For 5, again, it's self-explanatory. For the 6th part, i decided to go for the end of autumn theme, since the white paws were meant to be the beginning of winter, hence the name "Snowshoe".
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