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Trying Joy Ang's Style, first time lol


My most faved piece of art :D

Art Trade with muffinberri! (Summer) by Skyify, visual art

K1tty5 Commissions (OPEN) by k1tty5, journal

this profile is a chickpea-free zone, please leave your chickpeas at the door
Artist // Student // Digital Art
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My Bio

Yes I appreciate all comments and favs! Spam me with them <3

(Not actual spam that I don’t care for)

Just a side note, if you’re one of those people who love to start drama about religion, politics, etc, kindly fuck off. I will delete all negative comments on my page. Block me, say you regret watching me, I really don’t care. I want to keep my page drama-free, I don’t want bullshit people like you on my profile who spam the comments and don’t know how to suck the fact that there are people who have different opinions/views than you. I mean, she’s speaking true facts 😩👌

Dont cry because she right

Poor Jinx’s face is covered by my subscription thing T-T

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If you’re only watching me for a watch back, I’m not watching back unless I like your art (MY preference! I’m sure your art is cool but to others!)

Personality Type: INTP-T, former INFP lmao

“You don’t need words to comfort someone, sometimes a hug is all you need.” -Me to my irl friend, 2022

Hullo! Before looking at my profile please keep these things in mind:

1) I will NOT tolerate art theft, art tracing, art recoloring, heavily referencing my designs, or design theft.

2) I'm a really sensitive person, both irl and online. I tend to read into things a lot and take everything personally. Please do not give advice/criticism on my art/designs unless I ask, and please use tone tags if possible.

3) NSFW such as fetish art, sexual themes, etc will not be allowed here. I'm a minor and get uncomfortable very easily.

4) I can curse pretty badly when I’m upset, so keep that in mind when interacting. I rarely do so when they’re public posts, only really in my bio :’3

5) No slurs. Ever. I don't care if you say "oh well I am whatever race/orientation so I'm allowed to say it." No slurs. They make me very uncomfortable and I don't appreciate them.

6) No homophobia/transphobia/queerphobia/aphobia, racism, sexism, etc.

7) DNI if you're one of those assholes who fakes disorders.


I know most people mean it with good intention but it makes me feel weirded out and super uncomfortable, so please, refrain from saying stuff like that to me.

I’m proudly queer :3 Pronouns and all that stuff:

Put this on your

---██--- DeviantArt page

█████ if you're

---██--- not embarrassed

---██--- to tell

---██--- others that

---██--- you're a Christian

Why should we be embarrassed to tell others about our true HERO?

Hello! I’m Skyify, but please call me Sky. Thank you for taking the time to read through my entire bio and finding this, it means a lot! I'm an intermediate Christian artist looking for improvement!

I use IbisPaint for most of my art (finger only ’cause I’m broke 💀)

⌘° ┄──────────╮

๑✦Name: Sky

๑✦Gender: ✨Genderfluid✨

๑✦Pronouns: He/They/She (in this order please!)

๑✦Sexuality: Alloromantic Asexual, Biromantic


๑✦Location: New York

๑✦DMs: Please don’t DM me randomly unless I known you for some time or a close friend, I don’t really like it when total strangers decide to DM me, unless it has to do with commissions, art trades, or anything of the sort, but even then, I prefer keeping it to the public comments.

๑✦Likes: God, Christianity, geography, history, cats, dragons, drawing, singing (not in front of someone lmao), donations (I appreciate the gesture itself, I don’t really care about the money ;w;)

๑✦Dislikes: Anti-Christians (not the people who are from different religions, but the ones who hate purely because of our religion), people who start drama, Satan, people who don't use proper grammar (honestly irritates me so much because I’m a grammar student lol) bullies (personal and throughout years, please don’t ask me about this because it’s kind of a trigger)

๑✦Fun Facts: I can use both hands (having more control over my left hand and training it with practices I would usually do with my right hand, like for art)

╰──────────┄ ° ⌘

Thanks for more than 14.5K views! Road to 1.6K watchers!

Some more stuff about me:

- I'm Catholic-Christian, but I’m not one of those people who will try to shove my religion into anything or to anyone. Believe whatever and/or whoever you want to believe, I‘m not going to force you to believe anything you don’t want/don’t believe in. If you don’t believe in anything, that’s completely fine, you’re welcome on my profile <3 (As you can tell, I’m not much of a religious person as the rest of them lol)

- I LOVE to draw, except I almost never let artistic freedom gain control since I am too afraid to mess anything up, so my art looks terrible at times ;w;

- I'm quite a book lover, and I really love mysteries

- I'm a friendly furry who tries to make a good first impression, I can’t say no to people ;-;

[Taken from @Strunahzoor] Things to know when dealing with me:

-My first language is Spanish, my second language is English and sarcasm (just know that I almost always say it in a joking way, please don't take it too seriously or to heart, I rarely mean anything by it, and I struggle to help it sometimes)

-I misunderstand during conversations sometimes, so if I ask, please just explain it politely and we’ll both be fine.

-Don't treat me like I'm stupid, it sends me into a rage because it’s literally just a simple mistake, yet it makes me doubt my entire life (because that’s what being a straight A perfectionist who’s pressured in both school/home, and scared of being a disappointment to everyone does to you)

-Keep swearing to a minimum, I get it if you're mad or something, I don't mind because it makes sense, but don't just swear to swear every time around me or on my profile, excessive swearing irritates me

-(FOR MY FRIENDS) Feel free to vent to me, I'll try my best to comfort you and give you advice, but I’m not a repair person no matter how hard I try-but nor am I a dumping ground, if you don’t want to listen to my advice, I would prefer that you don’t tell me at all.

-I’m very insecure, so if I vent to you about the same thing over and over again, I will get really stubborn when you try to help, but I’m working on it :/

Ok, if you’re here to start bullshit with me because of my public blacklist, hear me out for a sec. Did you ever think that there might be a reason I have people on here? I’m not the kind of person that likes to block people left and right for absolutely no reason. In fact, I like to stay harmonious with everyone, no beef whatsoever. But if you see people on here, they‘ve done pretty shitty things to me (or in some instances, to others as well) and I don’t want anyone else being treated the same way. If you absolutely need an explanation for why someone is on here, Note me and I’ll explain, just don’t be a jerk about it and we’ll both be fine. If you’re on the blacklist, do NOT interact with me and/or my art in any way, shape or form. If you’re on the greylist, I do not wish that you interact with me and/or my art in any shape or form unless absolutely necessary.


Quicksand124 xXStormy-DrawsXx (Please don’t mention her at all around me)



Orymizu shadowswithanxiety

F2U // Bigender Snake Pride
Central Network fan sticker (F2U)

Favourite Visual Artist
LampP0st (I absolutely love their art and I look up to them), Pyralis-Art
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Set It Off, CG5, GatoPaint, and more! :)
Favourite Books
Wings of Fire, The Hunger Games, Lord of The Flies, idk what else but I’m a book nerd
Favourite Games
You don’t get to know ;)
Tools of the Trade
IbisPaintX and my finger 💀
Other Interests
Being left alone when in a rage
Major Edit: I'm back doing PSDs again, but for the moment, I am just doing bases that I want to do since I have some art block. I’ll take the time that I need for your requests and remember, there are other people who also asked requests (a LONG time ago) so theirs will most likely be first to be finished! If you want a particular base as a PSD version, you've come to the right place! I will try my best to make it quick! :) Please read my rules below before requesting! Rules: Make sure that the content creator's description states that the lineart is F2U. Make sure it does not say P2U or anything else that isn’t related to F2U. Please be patient! There might be other people who are waiting before you! Please link to the lineart and make sure that it is downloadable! I can do WoF bases and furry linearts, but any NSFW-related content is a no. I hate to be honest, but I don't want to do them, and I'm a minor, so I couldn’t either way. If you are going to use the PSD version of
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Hunger Games inspired adopts-yay or nay?

37 votes
Yassss ✨ (check comments for a potential example!)
Nay man 🥸
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(CLOSED, thank you to all who donated!) I need 400 points, desperately; I have enough fragments to grant someone two Core memberships and even some art if desired (shaded halfbodies can be offered) Thank you so much to anyone who ends up donating!
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I'd really appreciate it if you donate points for breaking my hand after doing all of the PSDs, plus I'm kind of BrOkE ^^;

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thank you for the watch Heart bum

Thank you for the fave!

Thank you!

You have a chance to vote on my poll and determine who I will draw next!

Will you do more drinking jesus blood psds?

hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha you're PUNNY lol 😆.

Thank you so much for the fav, have a wonderful day or night :D

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