Name Change - Post Bronycon wrap up

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First off! We're no longer Breakfast Tee, and haven't been for some time now.    TLDR, I was getting correspondence for a dickwad who rebranded a name too close to it.    So we went full steam on the pun and chose Sky Railroad.      IT works,   waited doing it on DA for so long because........$$$

Bronycon was great, and exhausting.   I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by,  and apologize if we didn't get a chance to talk.    There was just no time.

Future is looking pretty ok.  We're working on a new set of prance,  fun fun,    and 2 other card projects.  So there's that to look forward too. 

Hopefully will see everone at Ciderfest!
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I was at bronycon 2019 and purchased one of the holographic 3d fans, I was given this website to contact regarding how to setup and use the software. Is there anyone that could message me? The software that came pre-loaded didn't work so I had to find software for another kind of fan online and make it work, it works but I don't know how to setup to where it will switch between the .bins in a slideshow or at will. The remote control only has on and off buttons, are there any other controllers I could buy online that give the option to switch between specific files?