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Uriel - The corruption embraced

Lets start things off a little more lore heavy.     Background, not gonna spew a story at you...........yet.

Uriel is one of my older angels from,  several years ago,  and he was always a boring one to draw.    Unlike most fallen he just looked like a dude.   Every progressive time he's been drawn, tried to make him look slightly more doodish,  and in complete denial that he was corrupted.

What casues corruption?   Well...pretty much anything not predetermined to mesh with how he wants to live.  Murdering people.oh that's corrupt.    He committed the sin of teaching humans.    Nasty things humans are.   I'ma be throwing around "angel"  a lot and there's gonna be crosses, but I assure you, these aren't Christian angels,  just borrowing some iconography.   It's typically much easier to live corrupt,  once you've kinda got used too it.    After all you can't go back as is,  there's no system in place to help angels rehab (though there is one to allow them to accept)  And that's what Uriel did.   He went from just a dood looking dood to the guy you see before you, Only took about 2, going on 3 years of drawing and acceptance.   

He's still a nice guy,  mind you,  still very compassionate.    Don't know if he's done changing for now, but after literally starting as someone some embarassed to be called corrupt he'd wear way too many clothes to cover it all, and his body rebelling too many times,   he's finally a bit comfortable as is. 

mmm yeah, that's it.. We'll post some more ponies shortly.    

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