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Prance Cards - Singles

Alright, so.   

PRANCE,  Card game,  There was always expansions, Adding in sets of pones and such that could work in game,  but then we started doing singles. One off card's for Mascots. They alll shared the same symbol, but weren't in a set together.  Naturally as we did more and more,  started doing other symbols too. 

Now we're here, and jeeze are there a lot of singles in game.  -and there will be more-

Top row.

Bit Rate from Ponyfest Online
Britty from BUCK
Poniko from Japan Ponycon
Fizzy Glitch from Ciderfest Online

The rest are all canonical, except the pearl dragon OC on the bottom there.   That belongs to :iconbluekite-falls: who's done all the artwork as well.

Oh, and the Kirin/Nirik is Kno Change, he's not cannon.  but ya know.  Whatever    we....we should do another one of those comics. 
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Always approving of a bit of Kno Change