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Our Mission

Our mission here at Mystic Seaside Stables is to breed, train, and show top-caliber Irish Sport Horses suitable for high level English eventing. Our main focus is showing and training both our younger and our more seasoned show horses. We also strive to offer quality stallions, available for public breeding.

The Stable Facilities

Each of the roomy stalls in our three barns is 14 x 14 feet, with two hinged stall doors: one facing the inside aisle, one facing the outside (either the stable yard, the pastures, or the forest), so horses can be taken out either way. Each stall is equipped with an automatic waterer, hay net, and comfortable bedding, either straw or shavings. The tack room is neat and organized, and each horse has its own saddle, bridle, saddle pads, blankets, and brushes. Surrounding the spacious pastures is a cross-country course, used both for training and competitions, which are sometimes held at MSS. On-site, we have a three barns: the main barn, the old barn (used primarily for lesson horses), and the stallion barn. The facilities also include a large outdoor arena, a dressage arena, a lesson arena, an indoor arena, and many pastures. The pasture fences are rustic, 3-rail wooden fences, while the arena fences are in white.
Mystic Seaside Stables is located right on the edge of over 2600 acres (or just over 3 square miles) of protected forests, streams, ponds, meadows, and mountains on the coast of Maine. Though this land is owned by the stables, we are not allowed to build on it or disturb the flora and fauna living there. It is, however, a fantastic place for trail riding, with over fourteen miles of trails. We often invite our staff and affiliates on camping trips here, for it's an excellent place for camping. Running along the edge of our land, behind the pastures is a long stretch of sandy beach, part of a sheltered Atlantic bay, which is perfect for relaxing and training. Approximately a half mile offshore is Chikawnee Island, approximately 6 acres in area. It has a few small beaches, as well as a small pond and some forest. This island is home to many species of birds and small animals, and is used for small camping trips, swimming, and sailing.

More information on the stable facilities can be found below:

The Staff

We are very lucky to have such wonderful trainers, stable hands, and riders working with us here. Some are new, some have been here for years, but they all share a deep love for horses.

Owner/Rider: Charlotte Marris
Co-Owner/Lesson Instructor: Gweneth Thompson

Sales Manager: Elizabeth Ross
Lesson Director/Lesson Instructor: Catherine Lieselle
Groundskeeper: Andrew Farrison
Head Stable Hand: Gregory Kerrwood

Horse Trainer: Lydia Hawthorne
Veterinarian: Penelope Westfield

Lesson Instructor: Alicia Meyers
Dressage Instructor: Courtney Anderson



Riverside Minuet
Aurora Nights
Casanova's Nosferatu Lily
Harmonic Era
Moment in Time
Cavetto (on the right)
Paradise Circle
London Eye


Mystic's Paloverde
Sunrise Tempest
Highwayman's Peril
Classic Champagne


Secret Frost
Blue Fiasco
Risk it All (on the left)


Seacrest Piper
Turquoise Cove
Whirlwind Lady

Other animals:

Barn cats

Sold Horses:

Après Vous
Escape by Dawn

Mystic Seaside Stables was founded in November of 2010 by Sky-of-Silver.

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